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Dr. Rod Rohrich Regarded As The Best Plastic Surgeon In Dallas, Texas



Rod Rohrich is recognized as the best plastic surgeons in Dallas and is also the Professor of Plastic Surgery at the South-western Medical Center. Over the years, he has been featured in many popular news channels and broadcasts, where he has shared his knowledge as well as experience with the others and has tried to create awareness about how the world of expert cosmetic surgery has advanced in the past couple of decades. Few of the favorite shows where Dr. Rod Rohrich has been featured are The View, Good Morning America, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. He has served as the President of The Rhinoplasty Society and American Society of Plastic surgeons.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a board-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has completed his graduation and post graduation in medical studies from the University of North Dakota. Currently, Dr. Rod Rohrich now practices at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, where he provides clients with a wide range of plastic surgical procedures, including Rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction, Botox, lip augmentation, secondary Rhinoplasty, laser resurfacing, and more. Over the years, Dr, Rod Rohrich has performed some of the most challenging plastic surgeries that seemed impossible. The miraculous results that Dr. Rod Rohrich as provided to many of his clients has helped him be renowned internationally.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is visited by not only the patients in the United States but from across the globe. He is the member of the many leading plastic surgical organizations, including American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Plastic Surgery Research Council, and many more. He is not only a brilliant plastic surgeon, but he is also renowned for his ability to comfort his patients. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a friendly and sensitive plastic surgeon who ensures that the patients are comfortable and are going ahead with the procedure with clarity.

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Having graduated from Cairo, Dr. Saad specialized in pediatric surgery and thoracic surgery. His skills have allowed him to work with different medical centres and have been able to work for more than three decades now. This proves that Dr. Saad is a skilled and knowledgeable doctor. He has the passion for service and growth especially considering the fact that he came from a poor background.

He has been hard working ever since his childhood as he got a lot of motivation from the surrounding environment. His father was one of the people in the surrounding environment that added a great and positive impact to Dr. Saad. He gave advice to his son reminding him that they are Palestinians with nothing and that the only way he can change his life is through being educated. The words opened his mind and he decided to focus on what he loves leading to his decision to be a pediatric surgeon.

Over the years, he has risen to be one of the most innovative, experienced and passionate pediatric surgeons to ever exist. He has the opportunity to operate thousands of surgeries. Dr. Saad has been able to develop several inventions that improve pediatric surgery procedures such as the ways to reduce pain using aesthetic.

He got the inspiration to enter the medical profession by his experience during summer in Kuwait, he decide to work in a conditioned environment so as to avoid extreme reaction to the weather. He succeeded in his dreams and became a surgeon working with many medical institutes and therefore in his career has been able to give hope to make people even the other doctors.

He later got the chance to work with many people and travel many places in order to share knowledge. One of the places he was able to go to is Saudi Arabia where he worked together with other investors and caring persons to improve the medical services available. At this place, he was able to secure a job and stayed there for a while. Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy hence, when free, he traveled in many countries located in different continents to visit friends and get new adventures.

He has had the privilege to treat one of the youngest children admitted making him to gain more respect as he saved his life. He is known as a doctor with a caring heart as he works to serve all classes of people. He serves the rich and the poor equally understanding what it means to be poor. Dr. Saad has also helped the community in many areas especially to ensure they get good services in his services, he was able to create surgical residency for the Arabian students to get certification locally without having to go abroad for training. Learn more:

Dr. David Samadi is Moving up in the Career World



Dr. David Samadi is known to many as being an amazing doctor, however, what everyone may not know is exactly all the hard work he has put into his career and all of the amazing achievements he has been able to make to this day. A few of his most recent accomplishments happens to include being a celebrity doctor, holding the position of being the chairman of Urology and also proudly being able to be the Chief of Robotico Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. All of these positions he is extremely proud to be able to hold and has worked extremely hard to be able to obtain. Iran happens to be where Dr. David Samadi was born at. It was at 15 years old that he decided that he wanted to leave Iran, accompanied by his younger brother. This was a decision that the two of them decided to make shortly after the Iranian Revolution.

After leaving, the two of them knew that they wanted to continue their education and decided that they wanted to go to London and Belgium to do just that. Once Samadi had achieved a little more of his education he decided that he wanted to move to Roslyn, New York so that he could finish his high school education there. Once he had completed high school he knew that he wanted to further his education even more so that he could eventually get a job as being a doctor. After making this decision he decided to attend Stony Brook University, where he obtained his degree within the field of biochemistry. This happened to also be a university that he was able to attend with having a full scholarship, an achievement that he is very proud of to this day.

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital is where Dr. David Samadi was happily able to first start practicing at. Once he had worked there a while he knew that it was time for his next career move and decided to start working at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. While working there he was able to achieve the position of being the Chief of both Robotics Surgery and also the Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery. Both of these positions helped him to be able to advance his skills even more in the doctor world. Another position that he proudly held was being the Vice Chair for none other than, the Department of Urology. Dr. David Samadi knows that his career journey has not been easy but he plans on continuing to learn as much as he possibly can in his field.