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Sergio Cortes Makes Wise Choices for MJ Impersonation Songs



Since Michael Jackson started his career as a child he was part of hits that span several decades. People can see him in old footage as the young voice of Jackson 5 hits like “ABC” and “The Love You Save.” As he got older he would lend his teenage voice to other Jackson family hits like “Blame on the Boogie,” “Enjoy Yourself,” and “Heartbreak Hotel.” These were all songs that managed to take Jackson to a new platform, but it was still only the beginning of this career. At this time he was still a part of a group. It is when it decided to venture out with the “Off the Wall” album that he really started to define himself. Even then there were a string of hits that would make it difficult for any impersonator to accurately pull off a Michael Jackson impression because the hits just kept coming.

Sergio Cortes appears to have studied Jackson as a solo artist, but he also seems to know the moves of Jackson as the leader of the Jackson 5. When it comes to song selection, however, Sergio has made wise choices for what he plans to bring to the stage. He has done some lesser known Michael Jackson songs like “Ghost” for Halloween themes just to change things up a little, but most of his MJ tribute songs are classics. He performs “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Remember the Time” with dancers. He performs “Billie Jean,” as Jackson always did, on the stage alone. His show stopper is the climatic “Smooth Criminal” performance. He has a nice arrangement of hits that people can look at and identify as signature Jackson songs. This is what makes the fans rally around his shows.

Cortes has been on lots of talk shows as he amazes audiences and talk show hosts with such a perfected performance of Michael Jackson. When people look at Sergio Cortes they are also able to see what appears to be a mirror image of Jackson on the stage. This is what seals the deal for most of the fans out there. It is very enlightening to have someone like this that can perform at such a high level. He is the assurance that this legacy that Jackson left will not be forgotten. What Sergio Cortes has done with the Jackson catalog for tributes is nothing short of amazing.

Sergio Cortes, Because He’s “Bad”


An impersonator pays tribute to the individual they are impersonating. Sergio Cortes is paying an incredible tribute to a man who is a legendary icon. To hear him sing, if you close your eyes, you can envision it being Micheal Jackson himself. To then recognize that this man, whose native tongue is Spanish, has created the sounds that is so distinct to an artist that is known through out the world, is to recognize Sergio’s true genius. He looks almost exactly like Micheal Jackson, reportedly from his own interview, that he has had no facial reconstructive surgery. He sounds like MJ and even moves like him. You would think Micheal Jackson had a reincarnate.

When asked about his connection to the artist and his reaction to MJ’s untimely passing, Sergio Cortes teared up as he spoke of cutting his hair and declaring that he would no longer perform as Micheal. Fortunately for Sergio’s fans, after his mourning, he has dawned the stage again. His performance keeps the memory and spirit of Micheal Jackson alive.

Born on July 30, 1971 in Spain, this 44 year old has no plans to stop awing us with his amazing talent. He is always available to do shows anywhere around the world. His agent keeps him busy and he is currently performing in Italy. Sergio is blessed with a huge fan base with over 20,000 followers on Facebook.

Sergio grew up listening to Micheal Jackson as part of the Jackson 5 but it wasn’t until he became a teenager and Micheal had created a new look, for his Bad albumin that Sergio was approached to characterize Micheal Jackson. With the success of that photo shoot, Sergio began his career as an impersonator. Performing for over the last 20 years, Sergio Cortes has had the great opportunity to excite crowds and honor a legend.

If you want to see this amazing performer in person contact him on Facebook to bring a show here to America. It is something so special to experience this great talent live and in person. His gentle, timid nature also emanates the spirit of Micheal Jackson so that you feel the presence of the great soul that Sergio Cortes is.

Update to the Dancing Man Story



Back in March photos of the “dancing man” were blasted around the internet. The images were taken by people who used them to body shame the man who was just trying to have a good time. Instead, the attempt to humiliate and body shame the man backfired. Thousands of people rallied around the “dancing man”, Sean O’Brien, and supported his right to dance as he pleases. One woman who commented on the photo offered to throw Sean a dance party if he could ever make it from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, California according to Susan McGalla. It looks as though Sean was finally able to and he got his dance party as promised.

According to the story on The Good News Network, the money raised through the GoFundMe campaign allowed Sean to make the trip. He, along with hundreds of others, danced the night away at the Avalon Nightclub over the weekend. There were even some celebrities in attendance. Moby performed a DJ set at the Hollywood club and stars such as Whitney Thore, Andrew W.K., Tatyana Ali, and Monika Lewinsky all came out to support the event.

The money raised through the GoFundMe campaign was more than enough for Sean to travel to the United States. The remainder of the funds were donated to anti-bullying organizations in the US.