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Talos Energy: The Search for Oil



The Gulf of Mexico is believed to be rich in oil and other petroleum resources, however, players from foreign countries have limitations when exploring the country’s water bodies. However, it all changed in 2017 when the government of Mexico finally allowed foreign companies to explore their waters, after 80 years. A group of three foreign oil companies decided to team up and explore the Gulf of Mexico to search for oil. They are trying to search for the location deep within the waters of the gulf that is believed to contain hundreds of millions of oil barrels. Premier Oil PLC, Talos Energy LLC and Sierra Oil & Gas decided to commence the search for oil as soon as possible. They stated that the search will last for more than 90 days, and they are hoping that the search will be successful. The search will take place several kilometers off the coast of the city of Tabasco and the team will have a number of equipment on board that will help them with the exploration. Talos Energy LLC is an American Oil Company which specializes in oil exploration and research. They have been in the business for so many years, and they have a high success rate because of their experiences. Talos Energy LLC agreed that they will be given a 35% participation interest to hold up, and if there will be any oil found, the company will also be given a share for the revenue that will be made.

To help them with the oil exploration, Talos Energy LLC created a well called the Zama-1 Exploration Well. This well is crucial in locating the oil deep within the Gulf of Mexico, and in a matter of weeks, they managed to locate the oil. The team successfully found the oil on July 12, 2017, and contrary to earlier beliefs, the resource down under can create billions of oil barrels. This is another triumph for Talos Energy LLC, and this success will surely be added to their portfolio. The team behind the exploration will drill the well as soon as possible, and they thanked Talos Energy LLC for their expertise in the field of oil exploration.

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Talos Energy, Harnessing True “Potential Energy” With Resources and Employees



Since 1938 only the Mexican government allowed public sectors access to drill wells in Mexican waters. But in 2015, the Mexican government opened up it’s water to the private energy investment field. With this opening, competition flooded in, but a joint effort of three split won the contract. The three companies combining resources to execute this project are Premier Oil Plc, Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas, and Talos Energy LLC. Analysts from companies such as Edison Investment Research Ltd. and Canaccord Genuity Ltd. view this drilling as a thrilling and profitable opportunity. Talos energy holds 35% in the venture and is primarily responsible for operating the well. This company, Talos Energy LLC, is small in numbers, but making a big name for itself in many ways.

Talos Energy LLC is a small energy startup company originating back to 2012. Originating with only 15 initial employees at the startup, now in 2013 employed 120 people. Talos energy is known as a company that is quick to listen. They actively seek to hear the thoughts and opinions of all their employees. Whether through a meeting or late night emails at 10 pm to the leaders of Talos, the holes and much-needed patchwork through the eyes of each and every employee are seen. Employees at Talos not only feel heard by leaders in communicating problems but visibly see change take place within their company because of the management seeing the value of employee concerns of the addressed issues. This led to employees consistently motivated to work for a boss that desires not just their time and obedience, but opinion and expertise. Talos does well by its employees, but not at the expense of business ventures.

Talos has acquired an asset of Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc. for $620 million dollars. Successfully completed two drill projects Tornado I and Tornado II with an estimated gross of 1.4 to 2 billion barrels of oil.

Talos Energy LLC is truly an energy force to be reckoned with. Amassing not just resources, but a work culture attracting most employees and potential clients.

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