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Dave Chappelle Is Back



There have been many rumors about his return since super star comedian, Dave Chappelle left behind his popular Comedy Central show in 2005. The funny man basically disappeared from human existence. People were questioning his sanity and if he would ever return to the limelight. Then the rumors started. A television show was in the works, and a comedy tour backed by Slow Ventures, but at the time none of these insights were deemed true.

According to ABC News, Chappelle never intended to leave the business forever. He went on a two week vacation to Africa and then certain unnamed events occurred and ten years later he reemerges a happier man. He began his revisited career back on the stage doing what he loves, comedy. In the last twelve months he’s been on the road touring. He sold out ten shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York City proving that his audience is ready for his long awaited return. Although no one knows what the future may hold, it sounds as if Dave Chappelle is ready for his comeback.