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Chainsmokers or Plaintokers?



As the social waves generated from Millennials and Generation Z seem to affect real-time global structure and economy, we see its influence span across almost all medias. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, better known as their duo stage persona: The Chainsmokers- is no stranger to the Top-pop and DJ mag charts. Their singles “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down feat. Daya” have peaked at #1 and #3 respectively in Top 100 Charts. Their latest single release “Sick Boy”, has resonated popularly among teens and younger adults.

These dark themes played within the song seem familiar to punk rock bands who were popular with Millennials in the early to mid 2000’s. Has The Chainsmokers been able to incorporate a number of popular themes such as EDM, “emo”, and even some hip-hop renditions of their music. With the existence of social media, millions of individuals with the talent are able to attempt and expose themselves. However, the sheer popularity of those that are already mainstream may take most of the time and attention away from those who have yet to be discovered.

Chester Bennington’s suicide, which garnered a lot of mixed attention and attitudes, is almost like the ultimate portrayal of what he had tried to express in his music to his fans. So as a casual fan who has enjoyed The Chainsmokers from the start with their original, pop-sounding track, “Selfie” and its contrast to “Sick Boy” is truly shifting. One of rapper Logic’s most popular singles of last year, “1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid”, plays a similar dark theme to “Sick Boy” and encourages a reform on our current culture’s views of mental illness and depression.

Were The Chainsmokers originally using its social media platform to garner attention, and are they now able to express the music and themes they truly want to? Or are they merely keeping up with the constantly changing trends. Both sides seem like necessary plays with the competitive industry that exists today, yet how much of it is real will always be in question.

The Life Of Cassio Audi Is Marked By Two Distinct Careers



cassioaudiCassio Audi is a name known to two very different groups of people in Brazil and across the world. For those with an interest in the financial industry, Audi is known for the impressive work he has completed as one of the leading investment specialists in Brazil; for fans of heavy metal, Cassio Audi will always have a special place in their hearts as the former drummer for the cult Brazilian band, Viper. Read more about Cassio Audi at

As a founding member of Viper, Cassio Audi is seen as much more than simply a former drummer who left behind the fame and acclaim of the music scene in order to become a financial expert and teacher at Sao Paulo University. Instead, his work as a drummer on the two demo recordings Viper created in 1985 sold through bootleg markets as “The Kilera Sword” is seen as the high point in creativity for the early years of Brazilian heavy metal. An entire genre grew up around the work of many of the early drummers working with some of the top bands of early Brazilian rock music including Cassio Audi’s move to become a legendary figure in Brazilian music despite beginning his career as a teenager. Follow Cassio Audi on

Viper recorded a number of albums over the years and saw a reunion pay off with the return of legendary founding singer, Andre Matos in 2012. Cassio Audi has so far failed to return to the heavy metal scene of his youth as he has become one of the top financial experts in Brazil owing to his dedication to remaining an important part of the capitalist community. For many heavy metal fans, Cassio Audi will always remain an important member of Viper tasked with building the basis for which the band has continued to find success long into the 21st-century.



CCMP Loses One of Its Founders, Mr. Stephen Murray



On March 12, 2015 CCMP capital advisors lost one of it best employees, Mr. Stephen Murray to an illness, according to a Wikipedia article. Mr. Murray was the former chief executive officer and president, of the New York based investment firm. He had resigned a month earlier due to health reasons, leaving the company in the capable hands of Mr. Greg Brenneman. The news of his passing was confirmed by Alexandra LaManna, a company spokesman, thorough an email.

Stephen Murray was born in 1962 and was raised in the suburbs of Westchester county New York. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in economics. He later pursued a Master’s degree in business administration, from Columbia business school.

His career

Crunchbase reports that in 1984, Mr. Stephen Murray was part of the credit analyst training programme at Manufacturers Hanover Cooperation. In 1989 he went on to join Manufactures Hanover cooperation’s private equity group. Here he rose to the post of vice president of middle-market lending. After a number of buy outs and mergers involving various firms JP Morgan was established in 2000.

Stephen Murray stayed on thorough the changes and was appointed the head of the buyout business at JP Morgan, in 2005. The firm successfully bid for the publicly traded drug company Warner Chilcott, beating TPG, KKR and Blackstone.

This irritated TPG which finally led to the split that left CCMP capital, as an independent company. Mr. Murray was appointed CEO in 2007, and helped the firm navigate through the storm.

The firm specializes in middle-market buy outs and growth equity investments. CCMP normally invests up to $500 million, focusing on companies in consumer, healthcare and the energy sectors.

The 52 year old had been with the company for over two decades, and has been described as ‘terrific deal maker and a terrific investor’, by the current CEO Greg Brenneman. With him as the head of the company, they have managed to raise two multibillion dollar funds, with the latest closing at $3.6 billion.

His good deeds

Despite being a financial advisor, Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist. He supported various causes among them the Boston College, Columbia business school, the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York and the Stamford museum.

Stephen Murray was also the vice chair of the board of trustees at Boston college, as well as on the council for the Make a Wish Foundation. He is survived by his wife Tammy Murray and four sons.

Fabletics Has A Big Announcement For Customers




Fabletics, the Kate Hudson inspired line, has just come out with a big announcement and it is surely turning a lot of heads. They have announced that Fabletics is expanding into brick and mortar stores! This is a huge announcement for everyone out there who loves fashionable workout clothes but don’t want to pay those high prices that can be found in other places. Fabletics offers everything a person would need to hit the gym, the outdoors, a class, and so much more all in style. Kate Hudson, the designer, has made a chic and affordable line of clothes that are sure to please many.

Fabletics operates off a subscription-based model. That means members sign up online and receive outfits each month. Of course, they can still shop around and decide which ones they want. It’s a great business idea that has gathered a lot of support behind it. Not everyone, however, feels comfortable shopping online or using a subscription-based model. Sometimes, customers have questions and Fabletics has come up with a way to help everyone while growing their customer base,

They are expanding into brick and mortar stores. Right now, Fabletics currently owns and operates 7 stores but that could soon turn into 100! That’s because Fabletics has just released the fact that they are going to be opening 75 to 100 new stores over the course of the next several years. They are hoping that by expanding into stores, they can gain more customers and explain lots of customers that some people seem to have.

According to Racked, opening the stores will be good for everyone. People will be able to come in and try on clothes. They’ll be able to see what fits and what doesn’t. They’ll also get a feel for the design and make of each and every item. After that, they can shop online because they know exactly what they like. It’s super convenient. Fabletics will also be able to answer a lot of questions that customers have had. Fabletics uses a subscription based business operation where customers sign up and receive outfits each month. It’s a new concept to some and that leads to confusion. Therefore, the staff at Fabletics will be able to answer questions and help sign people up!

Fabletics has people hooked after the first outfit. That is because the clothes are all stylish and designed by Kate Hudson. Hudson understands just what a lady wants to wear to be the most stylish gal at the gym or in a workout class. Of course, the clothes are also expertly made which makes them very supportive no matter what the gym activity. Overall, Fabletics offers style, structure, and ease for customers.