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Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Leading an Empire, Serving his Community



The man behind Bradesco..

Who is Bradesco?

Bradesco is one of the biggest, if not the biggest banking and financial services company in Brazil. It wasn’t until Banco Itau, a Brazilian bank that ended up merging with another Brazilian bank called Unibanco in November of 2008, to form Itau Unibanco, merged with Bradesco to from Banco Bradesco in 2009. Just to give an idea of Bradesco’s reach and how large and massive of a bank that they are, they have over 10,000 different types of branch locations and almost 39,000 express units. There are over 207 million people that live in Brazil, so to find a bank that could possibly begin to serve their demands, you would find yourself at the doorstep of Bradesco Banco. Visit to know more.

Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently the President of Bradesco Banco. His employment history with Bradesco goes all the way back to 1984 and is truly a story of successfully climbing up the ladder. In 1984 he became an Officer, in 2009 he became a Chief Executive Officer looking over all of Bradesco’s subsidiaries. His leadership skills and strong desire to lead Bradesco to the forefront of the banking industry in Brazil was a desire that couldn’t be stopped. In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named entrepreneur of the year for finance. His desire to work more for the municipalities than for the corporate side of Bradesco created a work ethic that demanded an audience. He soon would make a rival bank and partner by merging with Itaú Unibanco, which to some would have been considered an option that wasn’t even on the table.


In the world of finance, it can be very cutthroat and demanding. Sometimes it can be hard to remember where you came from and what your reasons for getting into the industry were in the first place. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has put Bradesco on his back since the first day he joined the company. He brought his college education and his dynamic goals and wouldn’t negotiate for anything less the success. He is a true testament to where you can go with a platform built from hard work and a dream. Visit to know more about Luis Carlos Trabuco.

A Guide on David Giertz’s Career and Insightful Retirement Planning Tips



David Giertz is a well-known financial advisor who has been in the same field for over thirty years. He has been in this career leading the financial services industry. This has rendered him a lot of experience in management of wealth making him go global in his inspirational leadership through the top companies. David Giertz has a commendable record in ensuring that all his clients make sober decisions in financial matters, which in turn affects the revenues greatly. Due to this experience, he has been able to offer guidance on the tips that one should carefully consider when saving and planning for their retirement.

He says that for many people, retirement seems quite far, but it crops up too soon than one expects. That is why his emphasis is on considering a financially free life when retirement comes in. He insists that planning for retirement is very crucial and allows you to have an enjoyable retirement time due to financial freedom. His major concern is that the act of saving for retirement should be among an individual’s priorities. The best way is to begin it when you launch into your career, and his approach is that the earlier you start, the better it will be for you. David Giertz says that most people do not realize when retirement clocks in and most people wait until it’s too late for them to start saving, which makes it miserable for them. To avoid this tragedy, David Giertz shares out his advice to lead you into a safe way of saving for retirement.

David Giertz says that embracing investment is one of the best ways to earn an extra coin. By this, he elaborates that you should not wait for the monthly paycheck so that you can decide what amount will go into your savings. David says that saving is never easy and can be challenging to know the estimated amount of money that you will require for the retirement package. Moreover, he insists that you should consider the retirement’s needs that you have so that you can determine what amount you will need to save. An individual also needs to set a target of the amount they wish to save and the timeline on when to accomplish it.

José Auriemo Neto Knows the Commercial Real Estate Market



Jose Auriemo Neto serves as CEO of JHSF Participacoes, SA. This company develops commercial and residential properties within Brazil. He oversees development of hotels, retail, office buildings, and public development.

Jose manages the large shopping center portfolio for JHSF. These shopping centers are Cidade Jardim located in San Paulo, Metro Tucuruv, Bela Vista in Salvador, and Ponta Negra in Manaus.

In 2009, managed the first retail development of a mall for JHSF. The Ciade Jardim shopping center brought several exclusive stores to Brazil. These stores were Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmi Choo. These store brought luxury brands to the Brazilian market. In 2012, the company formed a partnership with Valentino. This brought the first retail R.E.D. Valentino Stores to Brazil.

The Ciade Jarmin shopping center is a scenic upscale shopping mall with rooftop restaurants that overlook the city at night. Outside there are trees and gardens, and inside high end retail stores. Jose and his brother began their real estate company in 1972. They expected it to become one of the biggest real estate developers in Brazil.

Their company was responsible for bringing the mall revolution to Brazil. The first mall they developed was the Metro Santa Cruz Mall in Sao Paulo. This was one of the first malls connected to the local subway station. This provided transportation to many local customers.

Jose took over the company when he was 27 years old. He focused on the high end retail market that lead to the development of many shopping centers in Brazil. Currently, the Brazilian developer plans to build seven duplex apartments in New York City.

They will be a contemporary limestone and brick building with apartments that span 3,700 square feet each. These art deco buildings will be 14 stories in height. One building faces Central Park.

Malcolm CasSelle and his Path to WAX Leadership



Malcolm CasSelle is known for his role as Chief Information Officer of the global corporation OPSkins that is leading the sales market of in-game virtual assets. The company is also the top merchant of bitcoin in the world.


One of latest directions of OPSkins is to ignite the industry of cryptocurrency through their new project called WAX. It is a platform that will bring a lot of change to the virtual assets trading market. Over the years, there has been a strong fragmentation between players on the market. The WAX platform aims to bridge that gap through a blockchain modeled after eSports. It will allow buyers and sellers to come together and tokenize their assets and sell them in a setting that is proofed against fraud and establishes a frictionless and smooth operating market.


WAX will be headed by CIO Malcolm CasSelle who is going to be serving as the President of the platform. Malcolm CasSelle firmly believes that WAX has the power to change the gaming industry and the way virtual assets are traded among players. Brining cryptocurrency into the gaming asset market might seem daunting to some, but in reality, it is not far off from what gamers are able to do in trading skins already. WAX is going to make it more structured and make sure that gamers have a safe space to do that trading.


CIO and President Malcolm CasSelle has a degree from the Stanford University in Computer Science. He is also a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2016, Malcolm CasSellestarted operating as the President and CTO of the Tribune Publishing where he is responsible for the investment strategy and the digital P & L of the corporation.


Previously, Malcolm CasSellewas, a mentor at Plug and Pay Bitcoin and Advisor at the company of Sensey. Other advisory positions Malcolm CasSelle has had at companies such as Directech Labs, Votocast, Timeline Labs, Bringhub, Pretty Quick, as well as several other businesses.


Malcolm CasSelle has also worked at highly established corporations such as Groupon. In 1998, he established the PCCW where he worked until 2002, as Senior VP.

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Vijay Eswaran: Tips To Success In Life



Two Minutes from the Abyss is among the many inspirational publications by Vijay Eswaran. In the book, Vijay highlights pillars to self-development and living a purposeful life. He uses personal life experiences and philosophies that attribute to his success and prominence. Eswaran uses writing to reach out to the community. He is also a motivational speaker. According to the renowned motivational speaker and writer, minutes from the abyss means living in the present. Every second an opportunity goes by and life chances decrease. There is no promise of tomorrow hence the need to utilize the present fully. Vijay identifies this principle as the biggest lesson in his life.

Eswaran believes in a life of constant change. According to the author, the primary cause of failures in life is failing to recognize the need for change. Any kind of change, no matter how small is way better than redundancy. However, Vijay warns against losing values in the name of change. He refers to this as regression, a downfall. He believes somethings should never change. Values instilled in childhood should not be replaced by compromising habits. Additionally, Vijay despises comfort zone in life. He believes sacrifice whether in the form of time or money is vital in self-development. According to him, sense of security is an illusion that attributes to the downfall of human beings. Vijay believes in, no pain no gain. Acceptance and interest in learning are critical to growth. However, knowledge without application is useless because it only leaves one as an academic.

Besides, Vijay Eswaran believes in purpose finding a person rather than working towards a purpose in life. He explains that the sense of urgency that makes one wake up early to achieve daily goals place them in line with people with similar ambitions, for instance, a mentor that guides an individual in the journey. According to Vijay, nothing happens by mistake. No one encounters a wrong person at any point. Everything in life happens at the designated time, neither late nor early.

Vijay believes trying and failing is much better than not trying at all. He defines success from a missionary-mercenary perspective where one believes in the end justifies the means while the other focuses on the journey rather than the destination. According to Vijay, willingness to sacrifice for success defines the capability of a person.