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A Busy Beaver: Ryan Seacrest



Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest people in the entertainment world. He was born in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. Even at a young age, Ryan knew that he wanted to make a difference. As a teen, he focused his attention at a local radio station and he was hooked. As an adult, he has become synonymous with top of the line television shows and radio programs. He has also devoted time to helping those in need. Here are just a few of the things that Ryan Seacrest has on his plate at the moment.

According to the New York Times, one of the biggest projects that Ryan has at the moment is being one of the hosts and co-producer of Live With Kelly and Ryan. He interviews celebrities and chats it up with fellow co-host Kelly Ripa. He is also back to work on American Idol as well. He is the host and co-producer of that show. It is a show that is near and dear to Ryan’s heart and helped launch his television career when the show originally began in 2002. On top of his television duties, Ryan hosts a radio show called On Air with Ryan. He talks about the latest news from Hollywood and plays the latest hits for listeners. See Ryan’s profile on Forbes.

In addition to all of that Ryan also has time to give back. He began the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in conjunction with his family. Through the foundation and the Ryan Seacrest Studios, he is able to help kids battle disease by exposing them to what life is like in a radio station. It helps the kids have fun while being in the hospital and takes their minds off their problems. he also has a men’s clothing line called Ryan Secrest Distinction/Polish. It gives men the chance to look good in the latest suits and styles from his specific line.

That is one of the many reasons that Ryan Seacrest is a busy beaver these days. He knows how important it is to keep busy but also give back to people and kids who need it.

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Ryan Seacrest, One Man Doing It All



The NY Times used Ryan Seacrest’s quote, “I’m only working to eat well and drink wine,” as a teaser to its article but that quote truly sums up why and how Seacrest is able to do all he does and do it well. From American Idol to On Air with Ryan to Live with Kelly to a skin care and fashion line, Ryan is one man doing it all.

How is he able to juggle it all? Two words. Self care. Ryan’s self-care routine is what puts him over the top. Seacrest is mostly vegan and begins his day with matcha tea and working out. Ryan also is known to lock his phone in a safe when he is out on a trip. Doing so allows him to have the down time that his mind needs. Taking care of his physical and mental well-being, allows him to work hard and affords him the opportunity to experience magnificent food and great wine with friends and family on the weekends that this self-proclaimed “foodie” needs. This is what gives him joy and is the catalyst for his continued success.

Ryan Seacrest is probably best-known for hosting and producing American Idol and producing Keeping Up with the Kardasians. But Ryan also has a nationally syndicated radio broadcast On Air with Ryan and co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. So whether you just want to hear his voice or see his on-air shenanigans and amazing physique, there are many ways to get your Ryan Seacrest fix.

Ryan owes handling it all, being successful at it all, making it all seem effortless to one of his mentors, Dick Clark. Seacrest was able to work with Clark a few years before Clark passed. Ryan recalls thinking how easy Dick Clark made his television and radio appearances seem, and he voiced this to Clark. Clark explained that you are doing your job well when others have to perception of seamlessness.

Ryan Seacrest is just one man, but he is surely doing much with his life.

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Turning Back the Clock on Aging



Chances are that if you’ve ever heard the buzz about age-reversing regimens, you’ve probably seen a lot of backlash and skepticism in response. You may have contributed to that as well, having seen a fair share of it in your time. The good news is, there’s a functional science behind reversing the toll that the years have taken on the body. The first step is arming the body’s nutrient stores with the necessary ingredients to build up a defense while purging toxins and getting your system back on track.

This is exactly what Jeunesse aims to do with the Youth Enhancement System, which was designed from the ground up by researchers who developed a proprietary formula for each of nine aspects to the human body. Jeunesse was originally formed by Randy and Wendy on September 9, 2009 with intent to open up a world of possibility for those who sought a truly functional anti-aging regimen to solve their ills. The enterprising twosome erupted from the safety of their well-funded retirement to jointly create a new way to protect your youth in the coming years while reclaiming what’s been lost.

The Ethos of the Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse’s success as a multi-level marketing company in the alternative medicine field owes to their grip on reality when it comes to reversing the damages of free radicals, sedentary lifestyles and abysmal dietary patterns. This reality is that no technology of human creation is as powerful as the human itself — that is, the power of the body to correct course and return to a healthy state of being. This is achieved by purging toxins, fortifying immune functions and opening up the hidden potential that you never knew you had.

The nine-step Youth Enhancement System achieves this by addressing multiple focused areas inside your biology with varying mediums of nutrient administration. Though pills, drinks, powders and more, you can restore wellness to your sleep schedule, daytime energy, fitness routines and more. There are also a collection of skin creams that help revitalize that youthful spark and smooth out blemishes to have you feeling and looking young once more.

The Stunning Gregory Aziz



National Steel Car is perceived worldwide for its original outlines and assembling of railroad cargo and tank autos. It is a benefit to have had the chance to work with an extraordinary group of technologists and architects. Together we have taken a shot at a wide range of and testing ventures over my 25 years vocation in this organization. Gregory James Aziz Chairman, CEO and President of National Steel Car, one of the world’s driving assembling organizations, railroad cargo auto building and situated in Ontario, Hamilton. As indicated by Gregory J. Aziz The foundation of this extraordinary organization is our kin. We are enormously glad for what we have accomplished together. National Steel Car today is unique, assorted, inventive and values-driven than at any other time.


Greg Aziz joined his family’s sustenance business in 1971 known as Affiliated Foods. More than two decades, the organization developed to end up the leading shipper of new nourishments from European, South and Central American markets, with its dispersion arrange extending the United States and crosswise over eastern Canada. We are continually testing ourselves. We are relentlessly increasing present expectations. We know how to center our qualities with productivity unmatched in the rail business.


We have a profound feeling of reason and are consistent with our center qualities. For this, we are known and trusted by our clients to manufacture the most noteworthy quality railcars with reliably high on-time conveyance execution. Greg offered appreciation to providers who remained with them since their establishment. Ultimately, he recognized that the vision of magnificence saturates his 2000-part workforce and through their work.


James Aziz is living in Toronto along with their little girls Karina and Natalie and with his significant other Irene. They are effectively engaged with the game and plainly understood for their help of the equestrian network. Throughout the years, they have supported a few distinct classes at the Royal Winter Fair Horseshow. Since he is such an insightful pioneer, National Steel Car as of late praised its 100th birthday celebration in business.


The reason this happened is a direct result of a few shrewd practices. Understanding that National Steel Car couldn’t keep becoming in light of its past accomplishments. He started ingraining a dream of advancement inside the organization and test them to continue developing. This vision of greatness enabled National Steel Car to make a procedure of productivity that is unparalleled in some other rail organization. This tenacious quest for advancement has ensured that National Steel Car will stay as North America’s best decision in railroad transport. Visit This Page to learn more.


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Gregory Aziz Took Innovation To The Next Level At National Steel Car



New strategies have been put in place by Gregory Aziz for National Steel Car to ensure its operations are running smoothing and maintaining the right standards to be lawful. Gregory James Aziz maintains a position as CEO and chairman of the board at National Steel Car and has been implementing new procedures from the get-go to expand the corporation’s boundaries. Starting up more than 100 years ago, National Steel Car is a very old company that was born in North America that manufacturers and designs freight cars as well as railways.


Before Gregory Aziz gets his hands on National Steel, it was owned by DOFASCO, which bought the company more than 50 years ago. Gregory did this because he wants to bring National Steel Car back up to the top of the industry with his new ideas and innovations. Through Gregory Aziz’s hard work and the help of his team, he has been able to become a leader in the North American market over the past two decades. As president of the company, Gregory James Aziz has a lot of responsibilities to attend to in order to ensure the company continues to run smoothly, but he is always looking to expand at the same time.

All areas of National Steel Car have been improved under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, and the employees are on a better standing than ever before. Every staff member at National Steel is experienced and can handle operations in an efficient manner for the company. Gregory has set up different sectors of the company for various different approaches to marketing their products all over the world for their clients. The company relies heavily on the feedback of their customers and the demand that is currently in place. According to Gregory, it was the push to try innovative ideas that have allowed the company to regain its former title in the industry and he will continue to act on innovative ideas to form the company’s future. See Related Link to learn more.

Before Gregory Aziz took up his position at National Steel, he was acting as a service provider for Affiliate Foods, which was his family business. Practically all things related to fresh food is what the company shipped and supplied around the world. He gained the management skills he needed there to direct National Steel Car towards the right course and he even implemented some of the same ideas from his previous company.

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Obsidian Energy Observes Thrives On Fair Play



Obsidian Energy is an emerging Success in the Canadian oil and gas industry with a production capacity of 30 000 barrels every day. The company has an impressive financial portfolio and assets of high value. Indeed, judging from the combination of the quality of the assets, coupled with the impressive financial portfolio, the company has the requisite ingredients for quick growth. Obsidian Energy points to its commitment to discipline and passion for what they do. It offers a strong promise to its current and future shareholders of an organization that seeks nothing short of excellence in its business operations. It also assures the stakeholders of absolute accountability.



The Evolution of Obsidian Energy



The company was rebranded from its old name Penn West Petroleum. The rebranding was meant to signal a new set of objectives and focus on the company. It is also a signal of the evolution that the organization has gone through over the years. The company is now a much steadier entity in the oil and gas industry. That is why; the management and shareholders have agreed to play a more active role in the growth of the communities in which it operates. Indeed, one cannot ignore the role of CSR in a world that has come to judge the corporate sector by its commitment to the development of the communities from which it harnesses its resources, profits, and manpower. Obsidian Energy launched its Community Matters Program as its carrier channel for responding to the needs of the community and a vessel for the pursuit of community development. The program included structures that allow for free an exchange of information between the company and the residents of the areas where it operates. There is an elaborate mechanism to address any issues that might arise in the said communications. Primarily, the company seeks to proactively deal with problems that might arise from the gas and oil exploration activities by the organization. See Related Link to learn more.



Reassurance from Obsidian



Obsidian Energy is committed to making sure that there is as little negative impact as possible that can emanate from their oil and gas exploration. Indeed, the company has a program aimed at exceeding the existing standards for environmental conservation and safety regulations. Obsidian Energy believes that such a feat is only possible if stakeholders and communities within the areas that it operates are brought on board for an open conversation and sharing of ideas. That is also why it has set up the Community Matters Program.



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O2Pur is a great investment



When you are looking at places to put your money, the stock market is always going to come calling. The real question, once you have decided to invest your money, is trying to decide just where that investment will go. Here’s the name of a company you need to keep an eye on, O2Pur. O2Pur is one of the leaders in the ever-growing eCigs market.

The market is only getting bigger, even as more and more companies jump into it and make it that much more competitive. The problem for these firms is that it can be hard for one firm to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to consumers and investors, O2Pur has managed to stand out because they offer flavors that people really, really want and they offer the kinds of prices that will draw people back again and again.

Anyone who has been paying attention to smoking products and tobacco companies knows that the more traditional tobacco companies are seeing some real problems in the 21st century. That’s because the industry as a whole has had problems convincing people they are not out to hurt them. This is bad news for people who have been investing in those traditional companies. It’s very good news for those who are looking to invest in eCigs and make some serious cash.

Because eCigs are still relatively young, people are able to invest in firms like O2Pur without having to spend an arm and a leg. The return on that investment has been one that will make people smile from ear to ear, as more customers find the company among the best in the sector. There is a real draw to these kinds of firms because it combines an alternative to cigarettes with a futuristic look and feel of the rigs themselves.

Eric Lefkofsky Brings Tempus To The Medical Field To Help Doctors Treating Patients Diagnosed With Cancer



Even though it has only been three years since Tempus made its big break into the scene, the company has grown to be one of the essential techs based health companies in the country and has managed to gain a brilliant reputation for itself. The company was founded by Eric Lefkofsky, who was already proficient in tech sector having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry. Because of his experience, he was able to establish partnerships with several well-known names to give Tempus the push that it needed to be able to do what it was established to do.

One of the collaborations that Tempus was able to acquire was when it was working for the National Cancer Institute. The company worked with the organization’s centers to be able to get patient data to correctly understand the conditions that people have to face when they are diagnosed with cancer. It helped give them a better group to analyze and study so that they could better develop the solutions to be able to make the solutions that they provide a lot easier.

Lefkofsky decided to start up Tempus when he was overseeing the cancer treatment of loved one. During this time, he realized that a lot of the administrative and data tracking solutions that the hospitals used were outdated, and were not in keeping with the current times. These sometimes posed a number of problems in the systems and sometimes even caused hurdles in the proper treatment of conditions that people were diagnosed with. Having experience in the world of technology and in dealing with online marketplaces, he decided to start up a company that would be able to provide data solutions to medical institutions and hospitals to give them an excellent alternative to the tools that they were previously using.

The services that Lefkofsky offers work in a way in which doctors are given a highly specialized machine learning platform that works to analyze the patient that the doctor is treating to be able to provide the patients with a better course of treatment depending on a number of characteristics.

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GoBuyside: An Innovative Employment Platform Serving The Finacial Services Industry



GoBuyside is a recruitment platform founded by Arjun Kapur. The platform works with Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, private equity firms and other investment managers all over the world to connect them to well-trained and highly qualified employment candidates. The GoBuyside platform has a competitive advantage in that it uses proprietary technology combined with a diligent approach to identify, recruit and screen top candidates. The company has a talent network of over 10,000 that they can draw on to meet the needs of their clients in more than 500 cities worldwide for human capital. Read this article at Nasdaq.

Arjun Kapur and his team have the educational background and professional experiences that enables them to be capable of connecting ideally qualified candidates with the companies and employment situation for which they are best suited. This helps both the job candidate and the company to which they are connected to excel and prosper. Each year the staff of GoBuyside team recruits hundreds of new candidates for the consulting and investment banking industries using a variety of specific criteria. These candidates are identified well before they are needed to fill the positions.

After graduating from Johns Hopkins University Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in economics and earning an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Anjur Kapur began working in finance. He noticed the hedge fund and private equity industries had shortened hiring cycles and increased competition for talent. That gave him the idea to create a tech-enabled platform that would be a new hiring model for those industries. That is the origin of It is now the investment industry’s largest and most effective talent platform for finding excellent investment professionals. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

The network community that was created has been of great benefit to both investment companies and financial services professionals. For Anjur Kapur, exceptional client service is the key to the success and growth of GoBuyside. The company is continually innovating internally to better position itself to make the most of potential opportunities in the marketplace and provide improved services for their clients. They continue to do research, get feedback from customers, invest time and capital and improve the execution process to develop an employment platform that’s better able to meet the needs of businesses and financial serves professionals all around the world.

For the GoBuyside ream, each day is fun and challenging as they plan strategy and work to update their employment platform.

Malcolm CasSelle and his Path to WAX Leadership



Malcolm CasSelle is known for his role as Chief Information Officer of the global corporation OPSkins that is leading the sales market of in-game virtual assets. The company is also the top merchant of bitcoin in the world.


One of latest directions of OPSkins is to ignite the industry of cryptocurrency through their new project called WAX. It is a platform that will bring a lot of change to the virtual assets trading market. Over the years, there has been a strong fragmentation between players on the market. The WAX platform aims to bridge that gap through a blockchain modeled after eSports. It will allow buyers and sellers to come together and tokenize their assets and sell them in a setting that is proofed against fraud and establishes a frictionless and smooth operating market.


WAX will be headed by CIO Malcolm CasSelle who is going to be serving as the President of the platform. Malcolm CasSelle firmly believes that WAX has the power to change the gaming industry and the way virtual assets are traded among players. Brining cryptocurrency into the gaming asset market might seem daunting to some, but in reality, it is not far off from what gamers are able to do in trading skins already. WAX is going to make it more structured and make sure that gamers have a safe space to do that trading.


CIO and President Malcolm CasSelle has a degree from the Stanford University in Computer Science. He is also a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2016, Malcolm CasSellestarted operating as the President and CTO of the Tribune Publishing where he is responsible for the investment strategy and the digital P & L of the corporation.


Previously, Malcolm CasSellewas, a mentor at Plug and Pay Bitcoin and Advisor at the company of Sensey. Other advisory positions Malcolm CasSelle has had at companies such as Directech Labs, Votocast, Timeline Labs, Bringhub, Pretty Quick, as well as several other businesses.


Malcolm CasSelle has also worked at highly established corporations such as Groupon. In 1998, he established the PCCW where he worked until 2002, as Senior VP.

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