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Graham Edwards CEO Telereal Trillium Leading in Property Management



The story of Telereal and Trillium, two outsourcing powerhouses and how they came together in 2009 to form Telereal Trillium is fascinating. The intertwined fate of Telereal and Trillium is accredited to Graham Edwards, CEO of Telereal Trillium ( As chief executive of Telereal, Edwards reached out to Ian Ellis, chief executive for Trillium and led negotiations with Land Securities Group for the procurement of Trillium. The initiation of Telereal Trillium gave this new company significant leverage in the real-estate market.

The union between Ellis and Edwards, that formed Telereal Trillium made it possible to reach their mutual goals. Graham Edwards has taken a balanced approach to his business, and has leveraged his education taking on high profile positions with prominent organizations that have helped him draw from those experiences and apply them to the integration of Telereal Trillium. Edwards focused on his long-term relationships with his clients, facilities management contracts and pursuing major capital transactions, to develop business transactions with far reaching implications.

Telereal Trillium is a real estate management company and is one of the largest property companies in the U.K., with a portfolio of over 8000 properties, operating in development and strategic land as well as partnerships and investments. Edwards has developed an enviable and desirable track record in capital release, business transformation, risk management and cost reduction.

Telereal Trillium seeks investments in asset backed companies and direct real estate as well as alternative asset classes. They have equity funds available to invest and experience in raising funds in the bond and loan markets. In addition, they have exceptional experience in securing planning consents and promoting land development. These promotions and plans include a wide-range of schemes including small sites for single family homes to major projects that involve thousands of units as well as being active in residential development.