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Ryan Seacrest: What He’s Done



Though probably best known as the co-host of the long-running ABC reality singing show “American Idol”, Ryan Seacrest is involved with many other broadcasts and ventures. Also well-known for co-hosting the ABC morning show “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” and his syndicated morning radio showOn Air With Ryan Seacrest“, he also runs a production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions, has a menswear line called Distinction and a men’s skincare line called Polish and runs his own charity, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

His production company produces such shows as the reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its various spin-offs, the “E! Live from the Red Carpet” awards show specials and the NBC police show “Shades of Blue” with Jennifer Lopez. According to the NY Times, Ryan Seacrest Productions also produce programming for Bravo, YouTube, Netflix, ABC and more.

Ryan Seacrest can also be recognized from hist hosting and producing duties on the annually broadcast, seminal “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” every New Year’s Eve. Seacrest had a chance to work with Clark before his passing and says he greatly admired the man and learned much from him.

Other Ryan Seacrest productions include “Food Revolution”, “Bromance”, “Shahs of Sunset”, “Mixology” and “the Million Second Quiz” in addition to many others. He got his start as a reporter on “E! News Live” in 1996.

Though many of Ryan Seacrest Productions’ shows are in reality television the company has experience with scripted television as well. There are upcoming projects such as “Life with Kylie” and an untitled comedy show starring comedian Gabriel Iglesias coming out as well.

His menswear line Distinction can be found exclusively at Macy’s, and his Polish line of men’s skincare products was developed in collaboration with dermatologists. Polish is designed to meet the unique needs of men’s skin, as most skincare products and lotions are geared more toward women. Skincare is an important part of Ryan Seacrest’s routine, which includes daily workouts. He can be seen each morning with co-host Kelly Ripa on ABC and on the upcoming season of “American Idol” next fall, also on ABC.

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A Busy Beaver: Ryan Seacrest



Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest people in the entertainment world. He was born in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. Even at a young age, Ryan knew that he wanted to make a difference. As a teen, he focused his attention at a local radio station and he was hooked. As an adult, he has become synonymous with top of the line television shows and radio programs. He has also devoted time to helping those in need. Here are just a few of the things that Ryan Seacrest has on his plate at the moment.

According to the New York Times, one of the biggest projects that Ryan has at the moment is being one of the hosts and co-producer of Live With Kelly and Ryan. He interviews celebrities and chats it up with fellow co-host Kelly Ripa. He is also back to work on American Idol as well. He is the host and co-producer of that show. It is a show that is near and dear to Ryan’s heart and helped launch his television career when the show originally began in 2002. On top of his television duties, Ryan hosts a radio show called On Air with Ryan. He talks about the latest news from Hollywood and plays the latest hits for listeners. See Ryan’s profile on Forbes.

In addition to all of that Ryan also has time to give back. He began the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in conjunction with his family. Through the foundation and the Ryan Seacrest Studios, he is able to help kids battle disease by exposing them to what life is like in a radio station. It helps the kids have fun while being in the hospital and takes their minds off their problems. he also has a men’s clothing line called Ryan Secrest Distinction/Polish. It gives men the chance to look good in the latest suits and styles from his specific line.

That is one of the many reasons that Ryan Seacrest is a busy beaver these days. He knows how important it is to keep busy but also give back to people and kids who need it.

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Virtual Reality Pioneer and Tsunami VR CEO, Alex Hern



Alex Hern, CEO of VR company, Tsunami, is a pioneer in an industry that is ever evolving, changing, and shaping the way we view the world. Whether through virtual reality concepts for gaming, or in other sectors such as healthcare, construction, and manufacturing, various industries have benefited from his contributions to VR technology. Tsunami has leaped into the fray of virtual reality with development of various business communication components featuring virtual reality concepts hardware and software.

As a member of the Board of Directors for the Silicon Valley Internet Capital, Alex has worked in ventures and capital all his career redefining what it means to be a silicon valley leader. Hern is a pioneer in business communications hardware and software and Tsunami VR will be no exception to continuing that standard of exploration, development, and deployment of strategic devices that enhance our loves throughout various private and public sectors. Tsunami is looking to occupy a strategic location to enhance its footprint and in turn attract some high quality talent. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Aside from Tsunami VR, Mr. Hern has been involved in various tech industry success stories including co-founding and serving on the board of Arcsight which eventually was sold for $1.5 billion to Hewlett Packard as well as CloudShield which was sold to SAIC. Follow Alex Hern on

While an obvious industry pillar and pioneer, Alex Hern has a solid and reputable history in a variety of industries that affect our everyday lives. His expertise and experience of crafting some of the most exciting technologies of our time will always make him an important element of silicon valley and the future of virtual reality. Tsunami is helping to shape how the industry applies virtual reality. It certainly isn’t just a game application anymore. It is importance in a variety of aspects from saving lives, to improving the quality of our lives.


Shafik Sachedina Serves As A Staunch Leader At Sussex Healthcare And Also Within The Ismaili Community



Healthcare provision is of great importance. Since people succumb to various ailments day in day out, healthcare facilities are always there to provide their services wherever and whenever they are needed. Besides having healthcare systems present, there are also the healthcare practitioners who always tend to the patients who have sought medical attention in the various healthcare facilities. With that said, the context in this article will be geared towards Sussex Healthcare. As for Sussex Healthcare, they provide medical attention for the seniors in the society. The healthcare facility is located in England.

Background Data

By gearing attention towards the various medical practitioners who offer their services at this healthcare facilities, specific emphasis will be placed upon Shafik Sachedina and his role at Sussex Healthcare. To start with, Shafik Sachedina serves as a chairman at Sussex Healthcare. When it comes to healthcare practices, Sachedina’s medical background speaks volumes. He is a professional dental surgeon, and he has been a practicing medic for over two decades. Within his years as a medical practitioner, Sachedina has also been able to win various awards accruing from the fact that he passionately practices medicine.

As for Sussex Healthcare, the facility came to life in 1985 with only one facility, to begin with. Over the years, the healthcare facility has been growing, and they currently have 20 operational facilities. With the aid of the 20 facilities, Sussex Healthcare is able to provide exemplary healthcare services to the older adults. The quality of service offered by Sussex Healthcare makes the older adults feel like they have come across their second home. Sussex Healthcare makes the seniors feel like it is their home away from home.

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Additional Information

Since various ailments lead to people seeking specialized medical treatment, Sussex Healthcare is always there to assist. The healthcare facility focuses on helping the older adults who have succumbed to ailments such as Alzheimer and dementia. The younger people are also not left out.


Shafik Sachedina originated from Dar-se-Salaam, Tanzania. As a skilled Dental Surgeon, he undertook his studies at the University of London in the Guy’s Hospital Dental School. Far from that, Shafik Sachedina is also very active within the Ismaili community. He also holds the position of the president of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom.

Read more: Ismaili Imamat’s Diplomatic Corps: Senior Officials of the Seat of Ismaili Imamat, Personal Representatives of the Imam & AKDN Resident Representatives

Ryan Seacrest, One Man Doing It All



The NY Times used Ryan Seacrest’s quote, “I’m only working to eat well and drink wine,” as a teaser to its article but that quote truly sums up why and how Seacrest is able to do all he does and do it well. From American Idol to On Air with Ryan to Live with Kelly to a skin care and fashion line, Ryan is one man doing it all.

How is he able to juggle it all? Two words. Self care. Ryan’s self-care routine is what puts him over the top. Seacrest is mostly vegan and begins his day with matcha tea and working out. Ryan also is known to lock his phone in a safe when he is out on a trip. Doing so allows him to have the down time that his mind needs. Taking care of his physical and mental well-being, allows him to work hard and affords him the opportunity to experience magnificent food and great wine with friends and family on the weekends that this self-proclaimed “foodie” needs. This is what gives him joy and is the catalyst for his continued success.

Ryan Seacrest is probably best-known for hosting and producing American Idol and producing Keeping Up with the Kardasians. But Ryan also has a nationally syndicated radio broadcast On Air with Ryan and co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. So whether you just want to hear his voice or see his on-air shenanigans and amazing physique, there are many ways to get your Ryan Seacrest fix.

Ryan owes handling it all, being successful at it all, making it all seem effortless to one of his mentors, Dick Clark. Seacrest was able to work with Clark a few years before Clark passed. Ryan recalls thinking how easy Dick Clark made his television and radio appearances seem, and he voiced this to Clark. Clark explained that you are doing your job well when others have to perception of seamlessness.

Ryan Seacrest is just one man, but he is surely doing much with his life.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Weight Loss Process



Ryan Seacrest from Dunwoody is rarely known as the hard worker, who was once huge but committed himself to keeping fit which resulted in him being slim. Though currently a producer in American television and radio shows and hosts the American Idol, Ryan Seacrest as included fitness in his life as a strategy to relieve stress. He achieves to exercise daily through schedules of his activities and ensures not to miss any of the events since through exercise he feels most productive.

Ryan Seacrest during his television and radio shows utilizes the commercial breaks to do some exercise like push-ups and weightlifting. To ensure efficient utilization of all free time he has got some lockers in his two hotel rooms nearby his working premises where he puts his clothes for a change and work out gears. Ryan aims at utilizing five hours in the gym but if not possible to access the gym Ryan uses his hotel rooms. At the gym, he uses different trainers and likes circuit and core workouts which help in breaking the sweat. During the week Ryan performs different exercises which include sit-ups, sprints on and pushups. Ryan Seacrest also uses swimming as an exercise activity which he believes apart from keeping the body fit helps to relax.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has the love for crunch snacks which he likes using together with vegetable juice either pulpy or not depending on days. Almonds and cashews are his preferable as well, especially during journeys. Allowed to change the meal he would, however, love to use Tacos and penne pasta. When he went swimming during his young age, Ryan Seacrest could get off his shirts after he was in the pool. People could tease him about his overweight especially if they were meeting for the first time at school or shopping. He did not forget the encounters, and that pushed him to not only sharing his story but also drives him to work hard not to go back to the same experiences.

Getting fit has enabled Ryan Seacrest to gain more confidence and satisfaction, for now, he feels comfortable in his clothes. He encourages people to balance their lives. The body responds to change and to maintain all he has to do is getting dedicated. Though he is keeping fit, he also has some time for fun which he utilizes by playing Ping-Pong. Host Ryan Seacrest is the accurate illustration of the magic determination, dedication and focus can achieve. To work and exercise at the same time is not easily practical unless with the characteristics mentioned above.


Sahm Adrangi Believes Kodak A Poor Buy



The market offers a great deal of opportunity. People who are able to see such opportunity are often vastly rewarded for their insights. Part of being able to harness the power of the market is being able to avoid companies that may not be doing so well. Investor Sahm Adrangi knows this principle well. His insights have been valued by those who appreciate those with a full understanding of the market. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Institutional Investor. As a Canadian originally born in Iran with a degree from prestigious Yale University, Sahm Adrangi knows well the world of international business first hand. He knows how international markets are capable of reacting to news. He also knows that is important to look closely at a company’s many business interests and see the overall picture. This is why and his staffers at Kerrisdale Capital watch the markets very closely in order to see where they are heading at any time. Even small developments can change the path of a company. It is that is leading them to suggest that it may not be a good idea to invest in Kodak stock right now. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

Not Recommended

Under Sahm Adrangi’s supervision, Kerrisdale Capital has vastly increased in value. What began as a small venture in the world of finance has quickly turned into a passion and a Wall Street player. It is, therefore, understandable that the markets are inclined to pay attention to Sahm Adrangi’s thoughts. People who know his track record in picking winners are not surprised to learn that he is of the opinion that it might be better to consider shorting Kodak stock. Sahm Adrangi and his staffers of the opinion that the company is not doing a good job in planning for the future. They believe that the company’s plans that include a partnership that is going to launch a technology that is known as a blockchain-enabled image licensing platform as well as a technology that is known as the photo-centric cryptocurrency is not a good idea. This is why officials at the company do not believe that investing in it is good in the long-term.


Perry Mandera Is A Nationally-Recognized Businessman



Barry Mandera is the original founder of the Custom Cares Charities. He launched the organization as a method to show his commitment to helping others see opportunities for success. Perry dedicates the efforts of the charity to his family and the people of his church. Mandera joined the Marine Corps after graduating high school in 1975. He was assigned to a trucking motor pool unit. Mandera learned a great deal from other servicemen in the Marine Corps and received an honorable discharge a few years later. He settled into civilian life and sought out a career in transportation at the age of 23. Mandera did well in the industry and decided to start his own business. Perry Mandera was able to launch that company by 1980 and went on to sell it in 1985. Visit Blogwebpedia website to know more about Perry Mandera.

He then launched Custom Companies Inc in 1986. Customs Companies Inc has seen a great deal of success since the company started. It has many clients around the world which include large Fortune 500 organizations and small businesses. Custom Companies Inc has an annual sales rate of over 200 million dollars and supports several hundred personnel. It operates out of the Northlake Illinois area. Yet the organization does business with affiliates throughout the entirety of the United States. The organization is a all-in-one transportation business that offers a variety of logistic services and products.

Perry Mandera was selected as one of the top Transportation Executives of the year in 2000 by the Illinois Transportation Association. He currently acts as a member of the board of directors on the association.

Perry takes great pride in community activism. He is extremely charitable with his time and is excited about being a part of causes that help others. Perry has a strong dedication to children and Veterans programs. He is a member of the Jesse White Tumblers Foundation as well as the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. Mandera and his organization assisted other foundations by lending there statistical expertise and resources. This enables them to deliver winter coats and other supplies to needy families around the country.

Custom Companies Inc played an active role in the relief efforts after a tornado crippled the city of Washington Illinois in 2013. The organization provided the transportation that was needed to get supplies and equipment to the storm victims. Perry Mandera and Custom Companies Inc was responsible for delivering 40 truck loads of donated items to Hurricane Katrina victims in Mississippi and Louisiana as well. View Perry Mandera at

Why should you contact Barbara Stokes for your steel home and wood frames?



Barbara Stokes is the current Chief Executive Officer of the world’s number one Design and Construction Company, the Green Structure Homes LLC. Alabama, North America. Since she joined Green Structure Homes, LLC. in 2008 as the first leader, Barbara Stokes has made great progress both in her role and in the function that GSH performs in the daily lives of the Americans. Read more at Business Insider.

The Alabama based Green Structure Homes LLC is a state-of-art design and construction company that serves both the government and private customers. The firm specializes in utilizing the wood and steel in making homes and beautiful frames both to the national and international clients. Based in Alabama, North America, GSH has witnessed a change in its structure and operation due to the influence of the CEO Barbara Stokes, and her assistant who is also the Chief Operations Officer, Scott Stokes. Originally Huntsville based Disaster Relief Construction company changed its name to Green Structure Homes of Alabama under the leadership of Barbara Stokes. It currently designs, constructs, delivers and even offers on-site construction of modular and mobile structures both for commercial and residential purposes. Barbara Stokes has also ensured that the company meets the international standards through service delivery and availability in the world’s market. It has an online platform where the clients can leave feedback on the quality of services they receive from GSH for improvement. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Before joining Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC, Barbara Stokes worked at Pisces Corporation and Boeing where she gained skills in management and construction. Her passion for design and construction began before she received her primary education and upon getting to the university, she perfected on it. Barbara Stokes graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science (Medical Engineering) from Mercer University in 2001. Besides the bachelor’s course, Barbara Stokes studied management and manufacturing skills, technical communication, thermodynamics and the properties of materials at the same time. Apart from her educational and job experience, Barbara Stokes believes in the uplifting of the less fortunate in the society.  Most great leaders tend to have very little, or no time for their families due to commitments, however, Barbara Stokes is different; she is a responsible mother with three children.


Louis Chênervert’s Legacy and Success



Mr Louis Chênevert was born in Quebec who has achieved apt accomplishments over the past years of his life. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in production management from HEC Montreal. He has also contributed o the impressive financial results of various companies that he has managed to work with.

Career Path

His career life has been quite successful and he started with working for General Motors for about 14 years. Mr. Louis was elected as a President to UTC as well as the Chief Operating Officer but before then, he had been the President of Pratt and Whiney since 1999. He has also served as a Vice-Chairman of the executive committee of The Business Council. He was then elected president and CEO at UTC. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Chênevert’s Contributions and Journey to UTC

An admirable and unique quality of Louis Chênevert’s style of leadership was that he always adopted a forward-thinking ability to select projects that have the greatest potential of furthering the organisation’s set goals.

He always ensured that t was his personal mission to use his vast experience and knowledge to achieve huge achievements so that he could leave it better than he found it. The Forbes magazine reported that since the time he got signed up to Pratt & Whitney engine business, he was always at the front line in the championing for improvements that have since then led to the consistency in growth of UTC. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

Under his reign, the company was able to achieve success even through the treacherous economic times. He is further described by Forbes as a subtle thinker who is always steeped in the dynamics of his business.

Without his efforts, United Technologies Corporation would not be wherever it is currently. He however left UTC in 2014 after he opted to resign as CEO and Chairman of the company. He was however later appointed an Exclusive Advisor at the Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Chêneverts success and legacy left an indelible land mark and will continue to drive UTC towards more success. His foundation has also made the company to continue dominating the market in this highly competitive environment. His efforts were not futile and will always be recognised and appreciated by many.