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Talk Fusion, a World giant Video Marketing Solution Company



Talk Fusion is a world leading video marketing solution company. Bob Reina who is also the current CEO of the company today established the company in 2007. The company services target to help the business people to get ahead of the competition, increase profits and sales. It does so by maintaining and making more customers. Talk Fusion uses videos to make marketing activity more engaging persuasive and effective.

The Talk Fusion company products are marketed in over 140 countries around the world. The marketing channel is the person to person-through Independent Associates. For business people who want to expand their market and make more profits, Talk Fusion offers a 30-day free trial of their service. The applicant does not have to use a credit card to access the service.

Talk Fusion uses WebRTC Technology for video chats. The WebRTC technology allows users to video chat with anyone in the world using any device provided it has a web camera and internet connection. The application can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store. The Talk, Fusion Video Chat product, has won two Communications Solutions Products of the Year Awards from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC).

In a press release, the TMC CEO, Rich Tehrani said that Talk Fusion Video Chat product is the best of the best Video Chat application used for marketing in the world today. He also termed Talk Fusion as true leaders of video marketing solution. The company has great products that have been tested and proven effective in transforming business. They also help business people to map the network of their clients across the globe. Visit to know more about Talk Fusion.

After receiving the Award of the year 2016 for Communications Solutions Products of the Year, the CEO of the Talk Fusion said that this was just the beginning. He also said that the company’s team of experts are working and planning for an all in one product that will revolutionize the Video marketing solutions. The Chief Technical Officer of the company, Ryan Page, also confirmed that there are bigger plans for the company.

Being the best for the year 2016 was just a confirmation of how efficient and innovative the company is.

How Handy Has Been Handy To Home Cleaning Customers



Handy is a cleaning company founded on the precepts that home cleaning should be an easy task and not a headache. Founded with two guys with a dream to make home cleaning one of the less stressful activities, Handy allows a homeowner to easily request for plumbing, handyman or home cleaning services with just a tap on the iPhone. In fact, many people describe it as the Uber of home cleaning only different in the sense that it does not offer any transportation services and that it is cheap.

Similar to Uber, Handy is a phenomenal marketplace that can handle payments and also schedule both the demand and supply ends of the home cleaning market. After being on the industry for over two years, the company has been able to hit the $1 million bookings per week milestone. The company has also been able to go from about $3 million in run rate to over $52 million. The company’s directors are hopeful that even in times to come, the company will continue offering on demand service that will save time for both customers and professionals. With the company’s mobile app, customers, as well as professionals, can plan their most convenient cleaning time.

Handy pays its cleaning professionals handsomely. Typically, the hourly wage is somewhere between $15 and $22, and it gives them the rare opportunity to pick their own working hours. Looking into the future, the company is very confident that it even make better sales owing to the fact that customers have become much comfortable when booking services through their mobile phones. Many customers relate the app as similar to the remote control of the home, and the company is looking into ways it can roll out different categories into one single way.

Currently in not less than twenty-five cities in the US and two in Canada, the company has also started offering the services in London. So far, it has received more than 200,000 applications for potential handymen and cleaners on the site and it has not less than 5,000 who are active and complete at least one job monthly. To get accepted into Handy is not an easy thing and one has to go through rigorous vetting. Professional, who have already got accepted, are happy that the company provides them with a legitimate and easy way to make good money.

With Handy, customers get refunds in the rare event that they are not satisfied with the cleaning done. However, the refund is minus a small fee that is taken for the trouble the company has taken to offer the service. When breakages are experienced, the company refunds in full. Different with other companies offering similar services, Handy has managed to maintain professionalism while keeping its charges low. The company’s management firmly believes that by keeping its prices affordable, it will be able to offer its services to a bigger number of people, provide employment to all people and have the ability to expand as well.