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Dallas-Based Securus Technologies Is Offers New Concepts In Inmate Communication



Securus CEO Rick Smith had a lot to say about the inmate communications when he was interviewed about the alleged wrongdoings of Globe Tel Link, a service provider that handles calls to and from prisoners. Smith said on a PR Newswire post that Globe Tel Link was crossing the line of integrity if the company was padding the time inmate spent on phone calls. In Smith’s words that alleged practice is purely an act of greed. Smith also said Securus is dedicated to providing inmates with real-time communications, and the company is also an agent for exposing companies that use technology to fleece inmates, their friends, and loved ones. Smith said Securus will report its findings in a series of press releases. Watch more on

Globe Tel Link is accused of advancing the time on prison calls by at least 15 seconds. But Smith also said GTL could be manipulating the clock by 36 seconds, so the calls are shorter. The friends and loved ones still pay for the time advertised by GTL. Smith calls that practice an updated version of the old bait and switch game that has been used by con artists for decades. And to make matters worse, Globe Tel Link is also adding fees to calls that have been completed and rated. But those allegations are just two in a series of allegations that include billing the same call twice, and artificially inflated rates for inmate calls. According to Louisiana PSC investigation, Globe Tel Link is costing Louisiana taxpayers more than $1, 243,000 a year.

Mr. Smith said Securus America uses a special prison telephone number that saves customers money when calls are made to and from a Securus facility. Securus offers unlimited calls, no hidden fees, and no extra charges. When inmates use the special Securus programmed telephone number everybody involved in the prison communication system saves money.

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Jeb Bush In Hot Water Over Economy Comments



The presidential elections are right around the corner. The economy is in a rut. The people are not making ends meet and they want to know, what it is that each candidate plans to do about it. After the candidates announce their ideas they find that not everyone is receptive to them.

Jeb Bush has found himself in hot water after a comment in which he stated, that people need to work more hours and be more productive in order to stimulate the economy. The people responded rather quickly to Lime Crime idea. Many of them say they are working two jobs already. People are finding it harder and harder to get full time work that pays well. So instead they take on two part time jobs that pay as minimal as possible. Or one full time job at minimum wage. The problem, they say is simple; they need better wages, and not longer hours.

Many people believe that Jeb Bush is out of touch with the average person. He has lived his life in the top one percent. He has never known what it means to struggle to put food on the table for his family.

It is hard to tell yet how this will affect Bush on the campaign trail, but the prognosis is so far is not good.

Bill Cosby Speaks Out



Bill Cosby was one of the most respected comedians in his time. Cosby was known for his hilarious stand-up comedy routine. Bill Cosby was thought of as a hero among comedians, and he made millions of people laugh without using foul language. Cosby starred in one of the most successful sitcom television shows of all time. However, Jason Halpern tells of a different Bill Cosby who has gone through a tremendous amount of controversy in the last few years.

Over thirty women have come forward and claimed that Bill Cosby has either raped them or drugged them. These allegations come as chilling and haunting news to Bill Cosby supporters. Some people refuse to believe these reports, but how can all of these different women be lying? Bill Cosby rarely speaks about the allegations, but he was recently interviewed on ABC News. Bill Cosby was asked several questions about the allegations, and he did not avoid answering them.

Bill Cosby said that he has never seen anything like this in his life, and he feels that someone is out to destroy him. However, many people think that Bill Cosby is guilty, but Cosby has never been arrested for any of these alleged criminal acts. Nonetheless, Bill Cosby is currently speaking to children in underprivileged cities across America, and he hopes to not be discriminated against for his recent public controversies. For more information on this story, and to see the full interview, visit TMZ.