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Primary known as Academy of Art College and located in the City of San Francisco, California is one of the largest school in San Francisco and the main campus located on New Montgomery Street. Initially founded in 1929 it becomes recognized by its participation that takes place annually since 2005. The most recent Fashion that took place on September nine (2017) of the last year and claiming its twenty-one runway showcase where outstanding designers impressed the audience and essential characters like the well known Ms. J Alexander from the recognized program “America’s Next Top Model” and other recognized designers.

On September nine the impotent beauty of the designers was shown to the audience starting with Hailun Zhou, from China whose inspiration came from creative concept, Unique style. While Eden Slezin whose motivation was the “Life and Loves”showed his organic and unique material style; undoubtedly beautiful and striking. But not only the men got the audience attention: Dina Marie Lam who came with a luxury and comfort style and inspired by personal emotions also took a prominent place in the fashion event. The Future of Fashion as named came with great designers from different countries; Carlos Rodriguez originally from Mexico showed a great talent using a mixture of traditional hand and machine embroidery technique. Bringing a bright and digital style reflecting the nature was Saya She’s talent, revealing her beautiful style and design with the pictures that she took. The Academy of Art has shown us an incredible ability among all the students, and Joanna Jadallah was not an exception; born in Chicago, Joanna was inspired by her ancestors and her unique styles captures the beauty of her culture, and many exceptional designers like; Canal Klebanoff, Ryan Yu, and Jelly Shan made this fashion showcase one of the best events.

The Academy ¬†which offer associate , bachelor’s and master degrees gives the best learning opportunity for future designers, students may also apply for online courses depending the student situation,it also has its own Academy Art University Automobile Museum, and the Urban Knights as it representative sport team.