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Bilking The Disenfranchised At The Taxpayers Expense



Incarceration is likely a horrible situation for anyone to endure. One of the only things most inmates likely look forward to is visits and phone calls. When a carrier is allowed to service an industry, near exclusively, it is an absolute travesty that they would take advantage of such exclusivity, and take advantage of their customers by abusing their position of power. This, however, is exactly what Securus Technologies has revealed about Global Tel Link (GTL) has done. Watch this video on Youtube.

Securus ( is one of the premiere providers of oversight and monitoring, including investigations, into civil technology solutions in the criminal justice system. Recently according to PR Newswire’s article, they concluded their findings on purported wrongdoings by GTL, and the findings were startling. They found numerous incidents of what appear to be contrived wrongdoings, and unethical practices, on the part of GTL. The first of their reports include an investigation into GTL’s actions when they were providing outbound telecommunication services to inmates throughout the Louisiana prison system.

The report by Securus reveals that GTL was adding time to inmates outbound calls, and in some cases that add-on was over 1/2 a minute. This, of course, would cause the inmate less talk time, and would artificially inseminate the bottom-line of GTL, which of course is an unlawful practice. It appears GTL also programmed their phones to charge the highest rate at all times, regardless of rate-caps that were in place. This unauthorized practice was discovered by Securus and was reported in their findings.

Inflating charges by adding money to the cost of calls, after the calls were rated, is completely without merit, and an unauthorized practice that it has been discovered Securus was involved in doing. Securus states that there is virtually no chance these actions were the result of happenstance, but were rather quite deliberate, and lacking in any intent other than that of bilking customers of money they were absolutely not entitled to. The costs of these overcharges amounted to nearly one and a quarter million dollars that the Louisiana taxpayers suffered the loss on.

Visit Securus’ Crunchbase page for more information.

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