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Biometric verses Password Authentication



Passwords were considered as the most secure way of protecting precious information from getting into the wrong hands. Things have significantly changed in the IT sectors, and cases of hackers getting into the computer systems have become common in the recent past. The use of multi-factor authentication has been compromised; this gives an opportunity for biometric technologies.

Biometric authentication is something ‘that you are’ such as behavioral and physical attributes. Physiological biometric is easy and quick to use compared to behavioral biometric that need to be used with other data like device hardware attributes or device IP.

Google is working with both physiological and behavioral biometric to minimize the use of a password to enhance the security of a computer system.

The overdependence on biometric authentication can be dangerous at some point. Hackers can hack anything including fingerprints; devices that use print can be compromised by oil, dirt or smudges. The biometric mechanism is also sensitive, and things like burns, blisters, and cuts can prevent one from accessing the information. The other challenge that companies face is making biometric readers available in all their tablets, mobiles and desktops.

Biometric is not like passwords that you can change whenever you feel that it has been compromised. Biometric is what ‘you are’ if your navigation dynamics is compromised you are left with nearly no way out. Companies will also need to come up with a way of verifying that whoever is using information is the right person, and this is because many companies allow their workers to work from wherever they are provided that they have the internet connection.

Which way for Biometric

Many companies are moving towards using biometric as the method of authentication, but they will have to find a way of making it easy to use. They can come up with a combination of the biometric process and password to avoid conflict of identity access.

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