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Be a Hero!! Like Sawyer Howitt



At the Meriwether Group they believe that you can be a hero. They help entrepreneurs bring something new to the world. The Meriwether Group help mentor young entrepreneurs, like Sawyer Howitt, to be the hero in their own life and business.

Founded by David Howitt, the Meriwether Group believes in looking at what you want in your professional life. What are your thoughts and vision? Are you looking for professional fullfilment or personal gain? Do you want to impact the world or just make money? The Meriwether Group will ask these questions and help guide you to do the best in your chosen path.


They believe in “Whole Brain Thinking”. If you use your whole brain for both personal and professional success then you will succeed. By using this method of thinking you can build build your brand stronger.

Sawyer Howitt, project manager, is a high school senior and plans to attend Columbia University, class of 2022. He is already interested in business and finance. Even at a young age Sawyer Howitt had an understanding of the needs of a business without losing the soul of the business. According to Pinterest, Sawyer Howitt is sure to continue to be a wonderful asset to the Meriwether Group.

Entrepreneurs should believe in yourself because the Meriwether Group does.

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