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A Sneak Peek into Clayton Huston Entertainment Business



Entrepreneurship is not as easy as it is often thought especially in the fast emerging and strong music industry. It is more challenging when one decided to build his own brand and music enterprise.


Clayton Huston was born in Nashville, Tennessee and studied in central Michigan University graduating with a bachelor’s degree in theatre design and technical production. He also pursued a postgraduate degree in Business Administration and thereafter worked as a designer and rigging consultant in Chicago.


He has since been involved in a series of roles including being a production manager, stage manager, sound engineer and the vice president of production. These roles were his stepping stones to venturing into his own business in live music that has been successful.


With the vast experience he gained from working with different people, Clayton saw an opportunity when the company he was working for faced problems. It is at this time that he decided to dare and start his own business which fortunately took root.


His day to day job includes live event production, sound engineering, and rigging. His company also provides logistics services and stage management. He acquires his clients mainly from recommendations from friends. He also sells himself out through his social media platforms ensuring that he has been heard of in all corners.


All the success has however not been handed on a silver platter. There are a lot of challenges that he has come across in his journey to success. When he was venturing in his own business, he was sued for poaching clients which cost him a huge chunk of money. Finding clients was also a problem, but his consistency and hard work eventually paid.


His stage management duties require instant tough decisions to be made as one wrong move could mess up the whole event. Fortunately, his attention to detail serves him right. He thinks through every situation, carefully analyzing the options to stay ahead of every situation. He usually lists the expected activities of the day and assigns them out to improve efficiency.


These challenges have built him up and taught him to be more resilient and hardworking. He associates himself with like-minded people. His future plans are to build and maintain a good reputation and to invest more in the emerging technology to enhance creativity.


His best advice to everyone is, be honest with yourself, never to give up and always put your family first.

Learn more : https://about.me/claytonhutson

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