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A Simple Explanation of Class Dojo



Class Dojo is the number educator app in America. This mobile based software program is used in thousands of schools all over the U.S. Teachers in elementary, middle and high schools all enjoy using Class Dojo and they really love what this great piece of technology offers.

In case you are not aware, Class Dojo was created in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. These two men were involved in the field of education before they decided to create a useful app that would help teachers, parents and students.

Did you know that Don and Chaudhary created Class Dojo to create incredible classrooms? These two former teachers understood that the education process is dependent on parents, students and teachers working together in harmony. This is the real purpose for this app and why so many teachers, parents and students have gravitated toward it.

Class Dojo is primarily a communications app. It uses common mobile communication activities to allow parents and teachers to communicate. Throughout the day teachers can send parents text messages that highlights the progress of their child. If a child is doing something exceptionally well, their parents can receive a phone call or a picture of their child’s actions or progress. Class Dojo is simply a practical way for teachers and students to improve the learning environment and to get parents involved.

Another great benefit of this education app is that it allows parents and teachers to build a great relationship. Parents and teachers can use Class Dojo as a substitute for teacher/parent meetings when it is not convenient for parents to arrive. This app also gives users access to great content and other educational material. Parents, teachers, students and even administrators all find Class Dojo to be a compelling application that delivers. You can find out more about this magnificent app by checking out the Class Dojo website.

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