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IC Systems, most secure collections in the industry.



Nominated for the Better Business Bureau torch award for ethics in 2013, 2014 and 2015 IC Systems is based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. IC System is a family-owned accounts receivable company that was founded in 1938, and ever since they have been a top collections company and considered one of the most secure collection agencies in the industry (Glassdoor).

IC System takes their core values extremely seriously. Taking care to make sure that every employee agrees and stands by treating people with Integrity, respect and dignity. As well as always making sure they do the right thing, being proud of what they do, and encouraging employees to find better ways to get the things done that need to be done.

IC Systems is also licensed to collect debt in not only all 50 states but also Guam and Puerto Rico ( Making it possible and safe to collect debt from those 15% of consumers that live either hundreds of miles or in a completely different state from where the original service occurred.

As well as collecting debts IC System is conscious about conservation of energy and renewable sources. Always taking into consideration the maintenance and management of our infrastructure and lands.

IC Systems also contributes to many charities including Toys for Tots, arming Heroes, st. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Relay For life and the Ronald McDonald House as well as many many more. And not to forget ECHO. The in house charity for IC System, we’re both employees and IC system themselves contribute to their community and fellow employees who are facing difficulties in both their health and personal life.

Indeed has given IC System of 3.6 stars out of five with six reviews out of 16 being a five-star ratings and three out of 16 a four-star rating from current and previous employees. With several of the comments stating that IC Systems is a productive place to work and a great company to work for.


Meet Jeff Aronin and the Paragon Biosciences Company



Paragon Biosciences Company is one of the highly ranked entrepreneurs in healthcare and biotech. The company plays a great role in incubating innovative startup biotech companies. At Paragon Biosciences, there are three main principles that run the company. It all begins by knowing what the patients need, then carries out research to understand the science behind the unmet needs of the patients, and finally builds up companies that basically deal with the unmet requirements of the patients.


Non-Stop Research

According to a research done by the company, there are over six thousand diseases that currently do not have any kind of treatment. Paragon Biosciences has a target to reduce this number for patients to have a better life. They develop companies that have attained various qualifications, that is, companies with discipline and particular strategies that look into specific clinical areas.

The company has continuously grown since its establishment by its founder and also Chief executive officer Jeff Aronin. This has been fueled up by the company sticking to its core targets and values and also proper execution of its goals through manipulation of newly innovated treatments.


Constantly Learning

Jeff Aronin, the company’s CEO, has been practicing this role since 2010. He has also been the chairman of Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, which are both Paragon portfolio companies. Prior to working at Paragon, Mr. Jeff served as the president and Chief executive Officer at Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. from 2000 to 2009 ( He has a wide experience when it comes to leadership due to his long term service as a CEO in several international biopharmaceutical companies.

Several organizations have recognized Jeff Aronin for his good job. He has received the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award and “Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award” all due to his dedication towards the bioscience industry. In 2007, Aronin received “Rovner Award” from the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago. In 2010 he was also awarded the “2010 Humanitarian Award” by Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. According to Jeff, education is the pillar of almost everything in life and he actually proves that by contributing and funding education-related charities.






Having graduated from Cairo, Dr. Saad specialized in pediatric surgery and thoracic surgery. His skills have allowed him to work with different medical centres and have been able to work for more than three decades now. This proves that Dr. Saad is a skilled and knowledgeable doctor. He has the passion for service and growth especially considering the fact that he came from a poor background.

He has been hard working ever since his childhood as he got a lot of motivation from the surrounding environment. His father was one of the people in the surrounding environment that added a great and positive impact to Dr. Saad. He gave advice to his son reminding him that they are Palestinians with nothing and that the only way he can change his life is through being educated. The words opened his mind and he decided to focus on what he loves leading to his decision to be a pediatric surgeon.

Over the years, he has risen to be one of the most innovative, experienced and passionate pediatric surgeons to ever exist. He has the opportunity to operate thousands of surgeries. Dr. Saad has been able to develop several inventions that improve pediatric surgery procedures such as the ways to reduce pain using aesthetic.

He got the inspiration to enter the medical profession by his experience during summer in Kuwait, he decide to work in a conditioned environment so as to avoid extreme reaction to the weather. He succeeded in his dreams and became a surgeon working with many medical institutes and therefore in his career has been able to give hope to make people even the other doctors.

He later got the chance to work with many people and travel many places in order to share knowledge. One of the places he was able to go to is Saudi Arabia where he worked together with other investors and caring persons to improve the medical services available. At this place, he was able to secure a job and stayed there for a while. Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy hence, when free, he traveled in many countries located in different continents to visit friends and get new adventures.

He has had the privilege to treat one of the youngest children admitted making him to gain more respect as he saved his life. He is known as a doctor with a caring heart as he works to serve all classes of people. He serves the rich and the poor equally understanding what it means to be poor. Dr. Saad has also helped the community in many areas especially to ensure they get good services in his services, he was able to create surgical residency for the Arabian students to get certification locally without having to go abroad for training. Learn more:

The many sides of Vijay Eswaran



With a socio-economics degree from the School of Economics in London, a degree in binary marketing from the UK CIMA, as well as an MBA from the University of Southern Illinois, Vijay Eswaran has lived up to his full potential. Vijay has ventured in more than one career path after spending his first year from the University wondering in different cities of the UK and taking on a series of random jobs for upkeep. His relocation to the US was followed by his working for a company called Synaptics. Later on, he relocated regularly between North America and South East parts of Asia working as an engineer for information systems.

Vijay as an author and public speaker

Vijay Eswaran took to writing from a young age but published his first book officially in 2005. The book is titled “in the sphere of silence.” In this book, he gives his readers a look into the management philosophy of his personal life. In one of the chapters, he reveals that he starts his day with one whole hour of silence to reflect and recollect himself.

The second book he released is titled” in the thinking zone.” This one came out in mid-2008 and contained a series of life reflections and thoughts by Vijay. The other book written by Vijay is called “18 stepping stones”. It was published and released in 2010. There is also the book “on the wings of thought” that came out in 2011.

Vijay is an active speaker who speaks on matters of business and management. He has been invited to talk on several forums including the sixth edition of the Indian Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.

Vijay as a multilevel marketing expert

After the constant relocation and diverse job positions, the 57-year-old decided to settle and focus entirely on MMM (multilevel marketing). He partnered with a fellow marketer and co-founded an MMM company called QI Group in Asia. The company now owns several businesses in media, communication and telecommunication, wellness and training, travel industry and investment market.

Eswaran as a humanitarian

Eswaran Vijay is the founder of the Rhythm Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation in Asia and Malaysia.

Reasons why O2pur recommends eCigs over traditional cigarettes



O2pur is a company that produces electronic cigarettes. It was started to meet clients needs, and provide a variety for smokers. This company has provided new users with a new and better options since traditional cigarettes have several flaws compared to this new technique.

 When using eCigs, you do not have to search for smoking zones since it has no restrictions on where it should be smoked therefore one can use it anywhere for example in an office, parks, hotel just to mention.

 Traditional cigarettes may be uncomfortable for users as well as people living around, since they cause unpleasant smell on your clothes, hands and your body in general. When using eCigs, you do not have to worry about all this. You have all the confidence to smoke it anytime you want without worrying about the bad sensation that a regular cigarette would leave you.

 The regular cigarettes are expensive than eCigs produced by O2pur since they have to be purchased on a daily basis. The total cost of buying regular cigarettes in a year is thrice the cost of purchasing one electronic cigarette.

 Another advantage of electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes is that e-cigs do not pollute the environment in terms of excess smoke released to the atmosphere and in terms of fire outbreaks. Most fire outbreaks in the parks and the forests are caused by traditional cigarettes where throw left over cigarette in the bush.

O2pur designs electronic cigarettes differently, and they contain different flavors such as orange flavor, strawberry, apple, among others. In this case it gives you some added pleasure than the traditional cigarettes and this added benefit in eCigs comes with just minimal costs.

In general, eCigs have a lot of added benefits to the smokers and also to the nonsmokers in terms of convenience, cost reduction and effects to the environment.

Glen Wakeman Is Launching Businesses Into Success



Few business professionals can say they’ve accomplished as much in their professions as Glen Wakeman, much less in the two decades that Wakeman himself did. Educated at The University of Scranton and then The University of Chicago, Glen spent the next twenty years of his life building an empire that’s not only a culmination of hard work and dedication, but that is a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs world-wide.

Wakeman began his GE Capital career helping companies transform their business strategies. The millionaire-minded businessman was soon overseeing companies with as many as 17 thousand employees and $10 billion in assets. Over 20 years Glen Wakeman lived in six different countries and traveled to over 30 while holding multiple positions with GE. While acting as General Director for GE Capital, Global Insurance Ventures, he created sales strategies for several businesses, increasing their annual income from $2 million to just over $3 billion, progressing to Director of Business Development for GE Money and COO for Consolidated Financial Insurance Group (GE). Later he would help create a nine-country operation for GE Money Latin America, securing over $12 billion in assets and bringing in over $100 million annually.

Like all good things, Glen Wakeman’s tenure with GE Capital came to an end, but the leading business financial strategist wasn’t ready to stop there. After watching several business ideas fail that he felt were workable but that lacked strategy and a sound business plan, Glen Wakeman knew that his experience and expertise could be of some help. He would soon found LaunchPad Holdings, an SAAS firm that is now known for its ability to help entrepreneurs and start-ups of all sizes create a solid business strategy by building off the ideas of the client. The services, which cost $100, typically only take 30 minutes to an hour and help clients take their idea for a business and turn it into a viable, working plan. In addition to LaunchPad Wakeman is a regular and well-known blogger on topics like angel investing and business strategies and mentors several C-level executives on an ongoing basis.


Neuroscientist Jorge Moll’s Plan For Success



Brazilian native and neurobiological specialist Jorge Moll has had many successes. As president and board member of two major medical facilities in Rio De Janeiro, this brilliant scientist has some unique viewpoints and advice on personal and business success. During a web interview, Moll shared his advice.


“I believe it is fundamental to have a free exchange of ideas and collaboration.”

In his role as an executive for research and treatment companies, Jorge Moll speaks to a bevy of professionals every day from all walks of life and all sorts of educational backgrounds. Jorge Moll credits this process of listening to a wide range of diverse viewpoints for keeping his ideas fresh and relevant. Indeed, because of the nature of his work this open-mindedness and willingness to listen have proven to be a life-saving skill for many patients.


“I have always had a dream and passion to cultivate world-class research, education, and healthcare in my home country.”

A strong sense of vision has been at the core of everything Jorge Moll has achieved in his community. His foundations work with local universities, hospitals, and physicians to ensure that Brazil can stay on the cutting edge of medical science. His vision is not just for quality healthcare for his fellow Brazilians, but universal and unfettered access for any sick person to a skilled and qualified physician.


“Usually, ideas are plentiful. The hardest part is choosing the best ones and dropping the others.”

In the midst of the flood of ideas that comes from a policy of open listening, Jorge Moll advises employing a filter to weed through the plans thrown his way. According to Moll, the best options to choose are those that lead to a concrete plan of action and allow open channels of collaboration. He also recommends moving on the ideas you choose or laying them aside.




Securus Technologies Stopping Criminals from Using Drones to Supply Contraband With Drone Detection Technology



The increasing use of drones by the criminals to carry the contraband items inside the prison has been worrying the correctional agencies. They have tried many different ways to stop the new supply routes started by the use of drones, but have failed miserably. The drones are being used by the criminals because it is fast and safe, and in most cases, it is hard to catch who is controlling it from far away.


Even if the law enforcement officers catch the drone, the criminals who are controlling it will get away without getting arrested or charged. It is the safest way to transport contraband inside the prison. Securus Technologies understood that it is a threat to the safety of the inmates and the officers as well as the peace in the community as well as in prison. It is for this reason; the company has been trying for some months now to develop a technology that would put an end to the misuse of drones to supply contraband, once and for all. The drone detection technology is still being tested and improved, but so far the test results have been impeccable and just as expected. Soon, Securus Technologies hope to install the drone detection technology to all the prison facilities it serves, so that the criminals don’t make the correctional authorities feel helpless by the use of drones.


Once the drone detection technology is installed, the criminals can be sure that their hope of supplying contraband using drones would end forever. The drone detection technology would easily detect the drones, and it would be neutralized immediately by the corrections officers. There would be a unique strategy that would be developed to contain the drones once the drone detection technology is installed. The flow of contraband goods is expected to reduce drastically with the installation of drone detection technology by Securus Technologies.



How Trabuco Came To Rule The Field Of Battle



While many people believe the medieval age was one of technological design and learning that really actually wasn’t the case. Culture still advanced and new things were discovered or improved upon. One example of this is the Trabuco. It was a siege engine of awesome power that was steadily improved upon making it a weapon of awesome power.

The Trabuco came to Europe from China, where it was invented. Byzantine was the first culture to incorporate these into their military operations. The advantages were readily apparent. It could fling massive rocks a long distance which could be used to kill swathes of enemy soldiers, take down structures, destroy defensive walls, and reduce a castle to rubble.

A Trabuco os basically a device that uses a counterweight and lever to throw a projectile. The first of these devices were powered by men. Originally a team of men would pull on a rope and once they released it the arm it would attached to would come crashing down sending the payload in a sling at the other side of the arm shooting forward. Later this was upgraded to using a staff sling. The final version of this weapon made use of a counterweight which delivered far more power than any team of men could deliver.


While stones were the usual thing a Trabuco would toss at an enemy fortress or army they were also loaded with other projectiles. Early versions of a Trabuco could cast at stone weighing up to 800 kg while later versions with a counterweight could cast stones weighing up to 1500 kg. Sometimes they would be loaded with either human or animal corpses on rare occasion. This occurred in 1422, for example, when Prince Korybut of the Hussite army sieged Karlstejn Castle according to He ordered that dead people and manure were to flung among the defenders of the castle.

Eventually, the Trabuco was replaced by gunpowder. Today they are still used but just for recreational or educational reasons. Sometimes new ones are built or older ones restored by people who used them in historical re-enactments of long ago battles, for example. How to build them had become a lost art near the end of the 16th century. It was in 1984 that a French engineer by the name of Renaud Beffeyte was able to design a modern-day one. He had found plans for them in a document he found that had been printed in 1324.

Find more about Trabuco:

Jed McCaleb Predicts a Better Future for Blockchain Technology



One of the leading cryptocurrency developers in the world has predicted the advent of the use of blockchain technology to improve global payment systems and security trading systems in future.




Background Data




Mr Jed McCaleb is an active enthusiast of digital connections. His journey in the business dates to when he founded Mt. Gox, a notorious crypto exchange. Aside from that, he is a senior director at the famous Stellar Organization that focuses on the creation of an emerging crypto-exchange system. In his current interview with CNBC, Jed McCaleb has given his opinion regarding the future of cryptocurrencies and how they will impact on future financial industries in the coming few years.




The Interview




In the interview, Jed McCaleb noted that there is a foreseeable future encompassing universal systems that will dominate online payments including one that will enter our lives as Euros and dollars. This is surprising, right? Well, apparently, Jed McDonald already owns a company that is working on these logistics by finding viable solutions for the future of facilitating global payments through blockchain technology.




Finding Solutions




Stellar, as it is called, is just looking to see viable ways around the recently discussed problems that surround a blockade as well as the distribution of fraud content within the blockchain platform. According to McCaleb, Stellar will also handle considerable transactions in ways that no other company can manage these businesses. This will be possible given the fact that it will be involving national currencies and running the entire transaction in less than five seconds. Moreover, IBM, a leading computer company that deals with international banks are already using Stellar to its advantage.


In the words of McCaleb, the continuous growth of ICOs is a clear demonstration of how the world is interested in cryptocurrency.




Personal Profile




Jed McCaleb is a revered programmer and entrepreneur hailing from America. The founder of eDonkey has recognized the breakdown in the world’s financial structure and is using his resources to educate investors on the different market shifts since 2014. As the co-founder of Stellar Organization, he believes that he can assist many investors to make sound decisions.