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Dr. David Samadi is Moving up in the Career World



Dr. David Samadi is known to many as being an amazing doctor, however, what everyone may not know is exactly all the hard work he has put into his career and all of the amazing achievements he has been able to make to this day. A few of his most recent accomplishments happens to include being a celebrity doctor, holding the position of being the chairman of Urology and also proudly being able to be the Chief of Robotico Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. All of these positions he is extremely proud to be able to hold and has worked extremely hard to be able to obtain. Iran happens to be where Dr. David Samadi was born at. It was at 15 years old that he decided that he wanted to leave Iran, accompanied by his younger brother. This was a decision that the two of them decided to make shortly after the Iranian Revolution.

After leaving, the two of them knew that they wanted to continue their education and decided that they wanted to go to London and Belgium to do just that. Once Samadi had achieved a little more of his education he decided that he wanted to move to Roslyn, New York so that he could finish his high school education there. Once he had completed high school he knew that he wanted to further his education even more so that he could eventually get a job as being a doctor. After making this decision he decided to attend Stony Brook University, where he obtained his degree within the field of biochemistry. This happened to also be a university that he was able to attend with having a full scholarship, an achievement that he is very proud of to this day.

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital is where Dr. David Samadi was happily able to first start practicing at. Once he had worked there a while he knew that it was time for his next career move and decided to start working at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. While working there he was able to achieve the position of being the Chief of both Robotics Surgery and also the Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery. Both of these positions helped him to be able to advance his skills even more in the doctor world. Another position that he proudly held was being the Vice Chair for none other than, the Department of Urology. Dr. David Samadi knows that his career journey has not been easy but he plans on continuing to learn as much as he possibly can in his field.

Obsidian Energy Observes Thrives On Fair Play



Obsidian Energy is an emerging Success in the Canadian oil and gas industry with a production capacity of 30 000 barrels every day. The company has an impressive financial portfolio and assets of high value. Indeed, judging from the combination of the quality of the assets, coupled with the impressive financial portfolio, the company has the requisite ingredients for quick growth. Obsidian Energy points to its commitment to discipline and passion for what they do. It offers a strong promise to its current and future shareholders of an organization that seeks nothing short of excellence in its business operations. It also assures the stakeholders of absolute accountability.



The Evolution of Obsidian Energy



The company was rebranded from its old name Penn West Petroleum. The rebranding was meant to signal a new set of objectives and focus on the company. It is also a signal of the evolution that the organization has gone through over the years. The company is now a much steadier entity in the oil and gas industry. That is why; the management and shareholders have agreed to play a more active role in the growth of the communities in which it operates. Indeed, one cannot ignore the role of CSR in a world that has come to judge the corporate sector by its commitment to the development of the communities from which it harnesses its resources, profits, and manpower. Obsidian Energy launched its Community Matters Program as its carrier channel for responding to the needs of the community and a vessel for the pursuit of community development. The program included structures that allow for free an exchange of information between the company and the residents of the areas where it operates. There is an elaborate mechanism to address any issues that might arise in the said communications. Primarily, the company seeks to proactively deal with problems that might arise from the gas and oil exploration activities by the organization. See Related Link to learn more.



Reassurance from Obsidian



Obsidian Energy is committed to making sure that there is as little negative impact as possible that can emanate from their oil and gas exploration. Indeed, the company has a program aimed at exceeding the existing standards for environmental conservation and safety regulations. Obsidian Energy believes that such a feat is only possible if stakeholders and communities within the areas that it operates are brought on board for an open conversation and sharing of ideas. That is also why it has set up the Community Matters Program.



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Cassio Audi Recalls the Glory Days



Fans of 1980s heavy metal music surely remember the Brazilian band, Viper. Formed in 1985, the band had massive success all around the world and is still recording and performing to this day. One of the founders, Cassio Audi, no longer performs with the band but hardcore fans remember him fondly as one of Brazil’s heavy metal pioneers. Now a successful entrepreneur in Brazil, Audi’s fans remember him most for his intense focus and putting on a show for his fans.Cassio helped form the original band in 1985 when him and a group of teenage classmates decided to informally start a band.

Cassio Audi

What started as random jam sessions in a garage soon became an actually band that began to perform to packed houses in Brazil. The group had a distinct sound that combined 70s and 80s music with the heavy metal sound. They also decided in the beginning to perform with English lyrics which was a rarity in their country. They surprisingly sounded like they were native English speakers and their sound was unlike any in Brazil. After recording their demo album, The Killera Sword, in 1985 the band began to play shows all throughout South America.

By the time they recorded their first studio album, Soldiers of Sunrise, in 1987 the group had secured a deal to tour Europe. The tour was a massive success and the boys, still in high school, had launched a heavy metal fan base that spread across all continents. Cassio Audi left the band to attend college in 1989 but his four years as a rock star are still remembered fondly by him and fans all across the globe. Still an avid musician, Cassio has no plans to return to performing given his busy career as an entrepreneur.

O2Pur is a great investment



When you are looking at places to put your money, the stock market is always going to come calling. The real question, once you have decided to invest your money, is trying to decide just where that investment will go. Here’s the name of a company you need to keep an eye on, O2Pur. O2Pur is one of the leaders in the ever-growing eCigs market.

The market is only getting bigger, even as more and more companies jump into it and make it that much more competitive. The problem for these firms is that it can be hard for one firm to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to consumers and investors, O2Pur has managed to stand out because they offer flavors that people really, really want and they offer the kinds of prices that will draw people back again and again.

Anyone who has been paying attention to smoking products and tobacco companies knows that the more traditional tobacco companies are seeing some real problems in the 21st century. That’s because the industry as a whole has had problems convincing people they are not out to hurt them. This is bad news for people who have been investing in those traditional companies. It’s very good news for those who are looking to invest in eCigs and make some serious cash.

Because eCigs are still relatively young, people are able to invest in firms like O2Pur without having to spend an arm and a leg. The return on that investment has been one that will make people smile from ear to ear, as more customers find the company among the best in the sector. There is a real draw to these kinds of firms because it combines an alternative to cigarettes with a futuristic look and feel of the rigs themselves.

How NewsWatch helps small tech companies reach their target audience



When it comes to getting your product recognized on television, traditional ad campaigns have been the way to go for most companies. These campaigns while effective for some products and companies have not always been so kind to others. Most notably, tech and entertainment have struggled to get a foothold advertising on television.

Most of the time the advertising and marketing potential or television is either too short or too long for these industries. A short 30-second commercial advertisement it’s not enough time to show up at features of a tech product, while a long-form infomercial fails to hit many target demographics, specifically in the 18-34 age range.

This gap is where NewsWatch TV Reviews have shown to be highly effective. By bridging the gap between short-form commercials and long-form infomercials, NewsWatch has been able to create effective PR segments for smaller, niche technology companies.

Most notably, they helped Avanca achieve incredible success with their indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The company initially had a goal of only $10,000 over a 30 day period, but with the additional awareness and information shared by NewsWatch they were able to raise $456,551, a tremendous success compared to their expectations. This segment was viewed in over 200 segments and reached over one million impressions before it ended.

What stands out most of all is the level of commitment to the clients that NewsWatch has. Unlike most traditional marketing, NewsWatch is interested in a quality broadcast as well as advertising their client’s offerings. In many cases, the team at NewsWatch has been able to help their clients not only market themselves, but also better understand what parts of their product should be highlighted and featured.

It’s been interesting to see how the company has evolved over time, but they really seem to have settled well into tech reporting and news, and as a result have become a leader in the promotion of smaller, lesser-known tech products and services.

Eric Lefkofsky Brings Tempus To The Medical Field To Help Doctors Treating Patients Diagnosed With Cancer



Even though it has only been three years since Tempus made its big break into the scene, the company has grown to be one of the essential techs based health companies in the country and has managed to gain a brilliant reputation for itself. The company was founded by Eric Lefkofsky, who was already proficient in tech sector having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry. Because of his experience, he was able to establish partnerships with several well-known names to give Tempus the push that it needed to be able to do what it was established to do.

One of the collaborations that Tempus was able to acquire was when it was working for the National Cancer Institute. The company worked with the organization’s centers to be able to get patient data to correctly understand the conditions that people have to face when they are diagnosed with cancer. It helped give them a better group to analyze and study so that they could better develop the solutions to be able to make the solutions that they provide a lot easier.

Lefkofsky decided to start up Tempus when he was overseeing the cancer treatment of loved one. During this time, he realized that a lot of the administrative and data tracking solutions that the hospitals used were outdated, and were not in keeping with the current times. These sometimes posed a number of problems in the systems and sometimes even caused hurdles in the proper treatment of conditions that people were diagnosed with. Having experience in the world of technology and in dealing with online marketplaces, he decided to start up a company that would be able to provide data solutions to medical institutions and hospitals to give them an excellent alternative to the tools that they were previously using.

The services that Lefkofsky offers work in a way in which doctors are given a highly specialized machine learning platform that works to analyze the patient that the doctor is treating to be able to provide the patients with a better course of treatment depending on a number of characteristics.

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Chainsmokers or Plaintokers?



As the social waves generated from Millennials and Generation Z seem to affect real-time global structure and economy, we see its influence span across almost all medias. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, better known as their duo stage persona: The Chainsmokers- is no stranger to the Top-pop and DJ mag charts. Their singles “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down feat. Daya” have peaked at #1 and #3 respectively in Top 100 Charts. Their latest single release “Sick Boy”, has resonated popularly among teens and younger adults.

These dark themes played within the song seem familiar to punk rock bands who were popular with Millennials in the early to mid 2000’s. Has The Chainsmokers been able to incorporate a number of popular themes such as EDM, “emo”, and even some hip-hop renditions of their music. With the existence of social media, millions of individuals with the talent are able to attempt and expose themselves. However, the sheer popularity of those that are already mainstream may take most of the time and attention away from those who have yet to be discovered.

Chester Bennington’s suicide, which garnered a lot of mixed attention and attitudes, is almost like the ultimate portrayal of what he had tried to express in his music to his fans. So as a casual fan who has enjoyed The Chainsmokers from the start with their original, pop-sounding track, “Selfie” and its contrast to “Sick Boy” is truly shifting. One of rapper Logic’s most popular singles of last year, “1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid”, plays a similar dark theme to “Sick Boy” and encourages a reform on our current culture’s views of mental illness and depression.

Were The Chainsmokers originally using its social media platform to garner attention, and are they now able to express the music and themes they truly want to? Or are they merely keeping up with the constantly changing trends. Both sides seem like necessary plays with the competitive industry that exists today, yet how much of it is real will always be in question.

Academy of Art University



Primary known as Academy of Art College and located in the City of San Francisco, California is one of the largest school in San Francisco and the main campus located on New Montgomery Street. Initially founded in 1929 it becomes recognized by its participation that takes place annually since 2005. The most recent Fashion that took place on September nine (2017) of the last year and claiming its twenty-one runway showcase where outstanding designers impressed the audience and essential characters like the well known Ms. J Alexander from the recognized program “America’s Next Top Model” and other recognized designers.

On September nine the impotent beauty of the designers was shown to the audience starting with Hailun Zhou, from China whose inspiration came from creative concept, Unique style. While Eden Slezin whose motivation was the “Life and Loves”showed his organic and unique material style; undoubtedly beautiful and striking. But not only the men got the audience attention: Dina Marie Lam who came with a luxury and comfort style and inspired by personal emotions also took a prominent place in the fashion event. The Future of Fashion as named came with great designers from different countries; Carlos Rodriguez originally from Mexico showed a great talent using a mixture of traditional hand and machine embroidery technique. Bringing a bright and digital style reflecting the nature was Saya She’s talent, revealing her beautiful style and design with the pictures that she took. The Academy of Art has shown us an incredible ability among all the students, and Joanna Jadallah was not an exception; born in Chicago, Joanna was inspired by her ancestors and her unique styles captures the beauty of her culture, and many exceptional designers like; Canal Klebanoff, Ryan Yu, and Jelly Shan made this fashion showcase one of the best events.

The Academy  which offer associate , bachelor’s and master degrees gives the best learning opportunity for future designers, students may also apply for online courses depending the student situation,it also has its own Academy Art University Automobile Museum, and the Urban Knights as it representative sport team.

Malcolm CasSelle Blockchain Technologist



Malcolm CasSelle one of the leaders in game virtual assets sales and also the most significant the bitcoin merchant on the planet has recently stated that the gaming industry will add fuel to the flames of the world of cryptocurrency. They have recently announced the launch of a new virtual asset trading platform henceforth known as WAX or global asset exchange. This is a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables the trading of virtual assets, the underlying technology which allows this marketplace to exist is blockchain and smart contracts.

The new company WAX was initially launched with hopes of addressing two of the most significant issues in virtual asset markets, Those of fragmentation and fraud. It has tackled these dilemmas with a combined technology of blockchain and smart contract widgets that allow users the instantaneous ability to purchase and sell assets without ever leaving their virtual gaming world.

Malcolm CasSelle American entrepreneur and president of the company worldwide asset exchange has been an early stage investor in numerous companies such as Facebook and Zynga and a number of cryptocurrency related startups. He graduated with a bachelors degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and went on to obtain a Masters degree in Stanford and computer science. He is fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin as well as English.

Currently is the active president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins which is the number one marketplace for the trading of digital assets and online video games. Over the course of his career, he has enabled the raising of billions of dollars for Hong Kong-based telecom company PCCW among hunters and millions of other dollars raised in various private transactions. He displays an interest in the world of concurrency with a particular emphasis on the coin and the ability for blockchain technologies to change the way that current industries are operating in hopes to apply these new technologies to existing industries.

With vast experience in various media companies as well as digital asset management companies he has up the number of startups gain their foothold in the world of digital finance and is a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrency technology.


The Public Private Partnership Plan With Felipe Montoro Jens



When it is all said and done, this project that is underway for Rio’s Child Education Network is no small one by any means. It takes groups of all different kinds of individuals to ensure the process is completed in a timely, safe, prosperous fashion.

The Public-Private Partnerships were created by Law No. 11,079 in the year 2004 and was signed in 2004. It established many guidelines for the Public Private Partnership within this public administration and in regard to the Child Education Network. Felipe Monotoro Jens explains this and more with regard to the parties involved and the development of the public administration as well as the private partners.

The IFC is paid to the tune of R $2.3 million and as explained by Felipe Montoro Jens,is working closely to ensure every level of construction is done in accordance to set goals. The International Finance Corporation, is in charge of the services through a Public-Private Partnership.

A partnership between the IFC and Public-Private partnerships in Rio de Janeiro is very important to the current administration. Child care, construction workers, as well as children, would benefit greatly from a successful partnership such as this. Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in this field and has closely monitored the current developments.

A study was created for Rio de Janeiro. In thought a way to fulfill needs in the current setup was to construct, maintain, and provide services to increase each particular child care network development. Step two to this expansive network was the 20,000 new places in day-care centers and 40,000 new places in pre-schools.

The capital of Minas Gerais was even supported by the current mayor of Rio de Janeior Marcelo Crivella. The private sector created a project that involved the upgrading of the quality and quantity of child care places, and was completed in July 2012.