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Securus Technologies Communication Products



Securus Technologies is going through a lot of changes right now. The company has grown rapidly over the years, and many people are excited about the future. The company concentrates on providing communications technology to prisons across the country. This is a great industry to concentrate on because there is little competition for the biggest customers.


Securus Technologies spends time and money every year innovating new products. Many prisons have old equipment that is no longer usable. This is the perfect opportunity for the company to increase market share.





Securus Technologies was started several years ago. During the time it has been in business, the company has grown rapidly. Many people are excited about the growth so far. Securus Technologies always concentrates on providing value to clients in any way possible.


Customer service is key to Securus Technologies. Many prisons do not have adequate equipment, and they have to ask for help once it is installed. This is one of the reasons that Securus Technologies does so well with customers. The company has a track record of providing quality customer service and support after a sale is made. This is in stark contrast to many companies in the industry.

George Soros Contributions in Politico



George Soros is a self-proclaimed philanthropist billionaire known for his investment savvy. Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, August 12, 1930. Soros later on migrated to London in 1940 after the communist rule in Hungary. Soros career was natured at London school of economics where he attained a degree in economics. He began his famous philanthropic efforts and by the year 2012 he had progressed to up to $7 billion in open society foundations. George is rated the 19th richest person in the world. His net worth is about $25 billion dollars excluding assets. His enormous wealth is as a result of businesses and companies he runs across the world.

As a major Democratic donor, he committed more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton. George vowed to unseat George W. Bush and spent big in Hillary to make sure he was no longer in power. From an article in the Washington Times, the big-time investor in politics seeks to retain control of the white house and gain a majority in the Senate position. George withdrew from politics for a while to focus on his business but he later emerged when Hillary Clinton was running for president. Soros reappearance was a big concern to aspirants such as Trump. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros Rises Again

Soros re-emerged on a higher tone to support Hillary Clinton by donating over $25million to boost her campaigns. As if it wasn’t enough, he promised to donate even more and fund more upcoming candidates. Those closest to him said he appeared to be more politically engaged than before. He appeared to be more psyched up due to the combination of the faith he had in Clinton and the urge to overcome his rival Donald Trump. Soros. Other donors such as Tom Steyer, the New York hedge funder and Media Moguls Haim Fred Eychaner. Soros and his counterparts induced a bigger force behind Clinton’s compared to Trump. News from an article in the Politico magazine points out that, their group had the richest benefactors and donors than any other aspirants.

In the month of June alone, Soros had donated over $7 million supporting committee in Clinton’s team. There were rumors he was planning on adding more funding to the group, thus making Hillary the biggest recipient of his donations in his political experience. George Soros efforts did not end after funding almost 70% of the donations, he continued supporting even more political aspirants until Trump surprisingly won the elections. Nevertheless, his loss did not affect him and his efforts towards his political influence. Soros is still an active member in politics and will perhaps support another member viewing to unsit trump in the next elections. Read more about George’s life story at