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How Did Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Gain Ground on Amazon?



To better understand how anyone could possible gain ground or even catch Amazon, we have to look at how far ahead this retail giant is from the rest of the pack. With so many hundreds of clothing retailers fighting for the same customer, Amazon has little to worry about as they continue gobbling up 20 percent of all the online clothing sales. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics must have not gotten that memo, because in the last three years they have made a huge charge for the top spot by pulling down $250 million in sales of active-wear and workout apparel for women.


To hear Hudson speak about the success behind her athleisure brand, two things keep standing out. Hudson gives credit to the sales process of reverse showrooming and the unique membership plan she provides her customers. These aren’t new or unique techniques, but when you see how they work at Fabletics, it might appear on the surface like a shopping experience like no other. Look a little more closely at those women shopping at the Fabletics stores in the local malls. These women are grabbing memberships, window-shopping, enhancing the membership by taking the lifestyle quiz, and trying on everything inside the store.


Part of the reason these women are trying on the yoga pants, tank tops, and leggings, those items will be moved to the member online profile page so they can shop more easily online. Imagine knowing exactly how any pair of leggings or active-wear fits you. By eliminating that concern about sizes at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you simply visit the larger inventory at the e-commerce site and you buy on impulse. Knowing the clothing is going to arrive in days and fit perfectly just adds to the excitement of ordering. Now you really can be the first one at the gym with that color workout apparel.


Take that shopping experience and compare it to the one when you are shopping at Amazon. When you don’t know how you look in that piece of workout apparel from a strange maker, you guess and hope for the best. If the clothing arrives and it doesn’t fit, back to Amazon it goes. Now you order again, and hope this time you got the size you needed. When you look back and wonder why several weeks have passed and you still have nothing to show for it, you realize this is not the right way to be shopping for clothing online.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics also rewards customers with free shipping on online orders, discounted pricing, and the help of your own Fabletics shopping assistant. Your assistant looks at your quiz answers, looks at your buying history, then picks one item each month and places it in your cart to consider. Having your own assistant is only more of the pampering taking place at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and women are responding by stuffing their carts with a record number of apparel pieces this year. Amazon is certainly losing ground each day that Fabletics finds another unhappy Amazon customer.