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How New Bettors Can Approach College Football Betting For Awesome Results



Betting has become an industry that is attracting virtually everyone to try their luck. There are more companies today than there were 10 year ago that support betting and college football betting is one of the areas where most of these companies have invested. People who understand how to pursue college football betting are able to reap great benefits because the industry offers many opportunities for those who are informed on how to make useful analyses.

Before you invest your money in betting you need to understand how the industry works by for example going online to leading sites like to source for information that will allow you to make the right decisions on football odds. is a highly recommended site for odds and all the information about betting and the latest news that you should understand about teams and the results they post.

Once you get to the site, you can view the performance teams of your interest have recorded in the past and their statistics are posted on daily basis. With this information, you can calculate the chances of the team winning certain matches and therefore you are able to decide how to bet.

Beware of misleading information
When you go online to social sites, you will come across all sorts of information from fans and people who purport to offer reviews about the game and teams. Such information is raw and unverified, so using it to make decisions affecting your bets may lead to losses. Unless you first verify with sites that are run by experts, you should not just pick any gossip to make decisions when betting. Sieve the details you use to decide the way your betting proceeds.

Think about what you invest
Investing in betting takes money so you can earn money, so the amount you set aside for the industry is a vital consideration depending on different factors. Don’t rush to invest heavily when you are not certain about the possible outcomes of the teams playing.

About is the best site where you can get facts about teams and matches. The site offers information about the performance of teams as well as odds that are posted by experts in betting. There are statistical details that allow you to gain further understanding of how to place your bets and all the details you find on the site are verified to ensure people get only facts.

Mike Baur: The co-Founder of the Swiss Startup Factory



For more than 20 years, Mike has spent a good amount of is a time in the Swiss Private Banking Industry. He has also made his way through the commercial UBS apprentice. Mike Baur is an Executive Board member of one of the largest Swiss Private Banks. The 39-year-old individual, in 2014, started his journey in entrepreneurship and founded the Swiss Startup Factory together with his business partner. This is one of the largest-privately financed ICT startup in the country. He spends much of his time investing in the Swiss youth support and entrepreneurship events in various startups in the country. He is a financial mentor. He holds an MBA from the New York-based Rochester University and an Executive MBA from the Berne University of Business.


In 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory was launched and based in Zurich. This is an accelerator program that is looking for digital entrepreneurs who are passionate about their investors. For all, the company provides exciting opportunities to find a prospective sponsor for your ideas. The company has developed a robust network of investors from around the world and in the country. According to the CEO and Founder of the company, they always run a three-month accelerator program for ideas and startups in the country. This is a non-biased program that seeks to educate and mentor the young business leaders towards the development of their world-wide corporations.


This program provides opportunities for coaching, services, mentoring, and office space in Zurich. For the young companies to achieve their professional goals, they must extend their entrepreneurship networks. Mike Baur is strongly connected to his home in Friborg region. While he still a teenager, he was fascinated bout the topic of accounting and finance. For this reason, his interest grew further to make him pursue a career in accounting and finance. For the many years of experience in the industry, he has gained much through his anticipated passion in everything he does.

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Mike Baur spends much of his leisure time generating ideas to develop his company. His vision is to mentor young startups to become world-class innovative and corporations. He has invested much if his time in the Swiss young support and entrepreneurship campaigns that support the startups mentally and financially. For more information, feel free to contact their office. Mike always has an open ear in financing, consultation, and experience exchange. Mike Baur has served as the Chief Executive Officer of ScanSource, Inc.

Jason Hope Believes in Giving Back



Entrepreneur Jason HopeJason Hope is a visionary who believes that helping others propels society in a productive direction. Sending positive energy out into the world finds its way back to the original source. Many people with the resources and income to help someone else prefers to keep those assets to themselves. It is human nature for people to preserve their own status. A conscious effort must be made to look outside the box and see how life is affecting the community at large.

Jason Hope’s philanthropic philosophy provides him with the motivation to inspire as many individuals as possible. His creativity within the field of technology has rendered tremendous success. Jason now has the means to share his wealth with those who wish to learn from him. He takes every opportunity to pass on knowledge.

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Technology continues to evolve and have a greater effect on everyday human life. Jason Hope has developed several innovative concepts such as desktop software, gaming software, and apps. A simple adjustment to a common philosophy can make an old idea new again. Jason looks to work with individuals and businesses who see themselves as futurist the way that he does. The next great creation is usually a step away. Not taking action is the primary reason a terrific concept will not be successful. Reaching out to others creates a teen work environment that let’s creative minds explore endless possibilities. Jason is committed to investing in the future of tomorrow’s technology.

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Launching a new company is extremely difficult. The learning curve for this type of process is expensive. Even a well-planned evolution can fall short of capital due to unforeseen cost and obstacles. Jason supports startup businesses and entrepreneurs through this trial period. He provides grants to college students and seniors in high school. The funding is needed to support the next generation of bold ideas.

True learning begins once action is taken to make a dream concept into a reality. Through the support of Jason Hope and his philanthropic efforts talented young minds will be able to cultivate their philosophies and watch them develop into their final stages. This is where life-changing innovation will reach society.

Technological advances happen so fast that most people take them for granted. However, there are many intelligent technicians who are coming up with great ideas on a daily basis.

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