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Sanjay Shah’s Career and Philanthropy



Sanjay Shah Denmark was originally from Africa, Kenya specifically. However, he moved to London with his family. While there, he got his start in the financial sector working as an account. However, after he did this for a while, he decided that he wanted to go into business for himself. When he did, he started a very successful financial institution, called Solo Capital. This company served a variety of different types of clients. They have helped investors to use various strategies to grow their wealth. He truly started this company from scratch in the late 2000s, during one of the worst recessions. This company was very profitable for him, but the company is currently in the process of closing down.

In addition to successfully running Solo Capital, he has also been a very well known philanthropist. He has started a major philanthropic organization, called Autism Rocks. He set up this organization in response to a child of his suffering from the condition. Autism Rocks is an organization that is set up to help kids that suffer from the condition, by raising awareness. In addition to helping promote autism awareness, the organization also raises funds for research into the condition. The organization raises funds by having fundraising concerts. There have been many successful fundraising events held by this organization, and they have had well known music artists play at their events. Autism Rocks has also been quite successful. In fact, it has raised several hundred thousand Euros of funding for the purpose of autism awareness and research. Furthermore, the events hosted by the organization have greatly helped to raise awareness of the condition. Their events tend to be quite well attended.

There was an event to start Autism Awareness month that was conducted by Sanjay Shah’s organization. This event was held on April 1st, and it was quite successful. There were two very well known music artists at the event, FloRida and Tyga. In addition to having excellent music artists at the event, there also were other things to do at the event. For the kids, there was a bouncy house and other activities well suited for kids, such as laser tag, a petting zoo, face painting, a zip line, and crazy golf. The event was quite affordable, it attracted a sizable crowd. Many tickets were sold, which resulted in a lot of funds being raised for the organization.


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Dallas-Based Securus Technologies Is Offers New Concepts In Inmate Communication



Securus CEO Rick Smith had a lot to say about the inmate communications when he was interviewed about the alleged wrongdoings of Globe Tel Link, a service provider that handles calls to and from prisoners. Smith said on a PR Newswire post that Globe Tel Link was crossing the line of integrity if the company was padding the time inmate spent on phone calls. In Smith’s words that alleged practice is purely an act of greed. Smith also said Securus is dedicated to providing inmates with real-time communications, and the company is also an agent for exposing companies that use technology to fleece inmates, their friends, and loved ones. Smith said Securus will report its findings in a series of press releases. Watch more on

Globe Tel Link is accused of advancing the time on prison calls by at least 15 seconds. But Smith also said GTL could be manipulating the clock by 36 seconds, so the calls are shorter. The friends and loved ones still pay for the time advertised by GTL. Smith calls that practice an updated version of the old bait and switch game that has been used by con artists for decades. And to make matters worse, Globe Tel Link is also adding fees to calls that have been completed and rated. But those allegations are just two in a series of allegations that include billing the same call twice, and artificially inflated rates for inmate calls. According to Louisiana PSC investigation, Globe Tel Link is costing Louisiana taxpayers more than $1, 243,000 a year.

Mr. Smith said Securus America uses a special prison telephone number that saves customers money when calls are made to and from a Securus facility. Securus offers unlimited calls, no hidden fees, and no extra charges. When inmates use the special Securus programmed telephone number everybody involved in the prison communication system saves money.

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