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Bilking The Disenfranchised At The Taxpayers Expense



Incarceration is likely a horrible situation for anyone to endure. One of the only things most inmates likely look forward to is visits and phone calls. When a carrier is allowed to service an industry, near exclusively, it is an absolute travesty that they would take advantage of such exclusivity, and take advantage of their customers by abusing their position of power. This, however, is exactly what Securus Technologies has revealed about Global Tel Link (GTL) has done. Watch this video on Youtube.

Securus ( is one of the premiere providers of oversight and monitoring, including investigations, into civil technology solutions in the criminal justice system. Recently according to PR Newswire’s article, they concluded their findings on purported wrongdoings by GTL, and the findings were startling. They found numerous incidents of what appear to be contrived wrongdoings, and unethical practices, on the part of GTL. The first of their reports include an investigation into GTL’s actions when they were providing outbound telecommunication services to inmates throughout the Louisiana prison system.

The report by Securus reveals that GTL was adding time to inmates outbound calls, and in some cases that add-on was over 1/2 a minute. This, of course, would cause the inmate less talk time, and would artificially inseminate the bottom-line of GTL, which of course is an unlawful practice. It appears GTL also programmed their phones to charge the highest rate at all times, regardless of rate-caps that were in place. This unauthorized practice was discovered by Securus and was reported in their findings.

Inflating charges by adding money to the cost of calls, after the calls were rated, is completely without merit, and an unauthorized practice that it has been discovered Securus was involved in doing. Securus states that there is virtually no chance these actions were the result of happenstance, but were rather quite deliberate, and lacking in any intent other than that of bilking customers of money they were absolutely not entitled to. The costs of these overcharges amounted to nearly one and a quarter million dollars that the Louisiana taxpayers suffered the loss on.

Visit Securus’ Crunchbase page for more information.

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George Soros Supports Financial Aid for Ukraine



George Soros, a multi-billionaire investor, likes to give advice about foreign policy. In a recent article posted by The New York Review of Books, Soros talks about Ukraine. First, he states that sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine are a necessary evil. According to him, Russia already suffers from decline in oil prices, and sanctions bite even more.

In addition to sanctions, the Western countries should provide aid to Ukraine. Financial assistance would stabilize Ukrainian economy. The country already had a weak economy, even prior to Russian mingling in eastern Ukraine that has led to a war in that part of the country.

George Soros Ukraine also states that helping Ukraine defend itself from the aggression would help the European Union countries, as that effectively would increase their own security from Russian assertiveness. Such countries as Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have sizeable Russian minorities, just like eastern Ukraine does. This could lead to Russian sponsorship of separatist movements and potential new wars.

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A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

As a successful investor, Soros understands the economy well. He believes that Ukraine would be able to repay financial aid once its economy stabilized. He thinks the current problems are only temporary.

What has happened in Ukraine is of historic proportions, Soros writes. And “the European Union is confronted by a resurgent Russia that has turned from strategic partner into strategic rival,” according to him.

In addition to financial aid, the European Union should also provide technical assistance, so Ukraine can reform itself. And the reforms need to be radical, he states.

George Soros Ukraine made billions as a financial markets speculator. With his vast wealth, this 86-years-old financier likes to support liberal causes, and is among those who support millions of migrants flowing into Europe. Soros himself was born in Hungary to a Jewish family, and then got educated in Britain.

As a young man he moved to the United States and founded his hedge fund. Over the decades, he has proven to be among the top investors in the world.

Learn more about George Soros Ukraine:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true

Fine-Haired Beauty Blogger Decides: Why Not Try WEN System



Whenever we’re having a good hair day, it helps our self-esteem and general outlook on life. However, toss in a few bad hair days with limp, unmanageable locks, and it’s easy to become frustrated.
Emily McClure was tired of battling her fine, frizzy, do nothing type of hair, so she decided to try the famous WEN no-shampoo hair care system to see if the brand could transform her sorry strands.

She began a 7-day WEN hair challenge for Bustle by writing a daily hair log and posting hair selfies for her readers.

Chaz Dean invented the WEN system, so people could have a choice over regular shampoos that featured sulfate formulas. His cleansing conditioners were designed to “take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner.”

Chaz Dean and his celebrity clientele love his gentle formula so much, that he and his clients haven’t used a lather shampoo since 1993. Fans around the world enjoy the WEN system, because it delivers shine, strength and manageability.

Emily McClure loved Sephora hair care products when she hopped into the shower, noticing the thick conditioner created strands with extreme volume. When she blow-dried and styled her hair, she was impressed, and her selfies showed the proof. Even her close friends noticed the shiny difference in Emily’s mane.

Emily got lazy and began going off the WEN routine, so her hair became limp and greasy quickly. She either skipped the morning Wen cleanse or tried to use the system at night, and her tresses did not like the disruption.

When Emily returned to her daily AM WEN washes in the shower and took the time to blow-dry and style her hair, the result were gorgeous. Emily admits to being lazy, and for WEN to work well, a routine must be followed.

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