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Fabletics Has A Big Announcement For Customers




Fabletics, the Kate Hudson inspired line, has just come out with a big announcement and it is surely turning a lot of heads. They have announced that Fabletics is expanding into brick and mortar stores! This is a huge announcement for everyone out there who loves fashionable workout clothes but don’t want to pay those high prices that can be found in other places. Fabletics offers everything a person would need to hit the gym, the outdoors, a class, and so much more all in style. Kate Hudson, the designer, has made a chic and affordable line of clothes that are sure to please many.

Fabletics operates off a subscription-based model. That means members sign up online and receive outfits each month. Of course, they can still shop around and decide which ones they want. It’s a great business idea that has gathered a lot of support behind it. Not everyone, however, feels comfortable shopping online or using a subscription-based model. Sometimes, customers have questions and Fabletics has come up with a way to help everyone while growing their customer base,

They are expanding into brick and mortar stores. Right now, Fabletics currently owns and operates 7 stores but that could soon turn into 100! That’s because Fabletics has just released the fact that they are going to be opening 75 to 100 new stores over the course of the next several years. They are hoping that by expanding into stores, they can gain more customers and explain lots of customers that some people seem to have.

According to Racked, opening the stores will be good for everyone. People will be able to come in and try on clothes. They’ll be able to see what fits and what doesn’t. They’ll also get a feel for the design and make of each and every item. After that, they can shop online because they know exactly what they like. It’s super convenient. Fabletics will also be able to answer a lot of questions that customers have had. Fabletics uses a subscription based business operation where customers sign up and receive outfits each month. It’s a new concept to some and that leads to confusion. Therefore, the staff at Fabletics will be able to answer questions and help sign people up!

Fabletics has people hooked after the first outfit. That is because the clothes are all stylish and designed by Kate Hudson. Hudson understands just what a lady wants to wear to be the most stylish gal at the gym or in a workout class. Of course, the clothes are also expertly made which makes them very supportive no matter what the gym activity. Overall, Fabletics offers style, structure, and ease for customers.

Give Your Dog The Best With Beneful



There are many types of dog food out on the market today. Many are changing the way we feed our beloved four legged best friends. Some of these changes are a long time coming. They include new recipes and ways to boost the protein and fiber intake for dogs. This hasn’t always been on the forefront of ideas for some dog food companies but one has decided to make it their main goal.

Purina’s Beneful is the dog food brand that is changing up the game. There are a few ingredients that have been deemed indigestible for dogs and Beneful is doing all they can to assure dog owners that these ingredients do not make it into their brand. Owners can sleep soundly at night knowing that when they feed their furry friend Beneful they are providing them with the best nutrients available.

Some of these wonderful recipes from Beneful include protein packed vegetables like carrots and green beans. One type of food available even has eggs in the recipe. The standard beef and chicken are also in the recipes. Although, a new meat protein is available and that is wild salmon.

In the wet food that Beneful offers there is a lot more variety. One recipe includes wild beef, wild rice, tomatoes, and carrots. Salmon and chicken are also available in the wet dog foods. Some recipes include solely the protein. This means there is no extra vitamins from carrots, green beans, tomatoes, or even eggs. It is only the main protein of beef, chicken, or salmon.

Next time you are doing the groceries and need to pick up some dog food. Why don’t you give Beneful a try? There are so many recipes to choose from that there is positively a chance your dog will enjoy all of them.



The Visual Search Start-Ups Is The Solution To E-Commerce



Technology is changing day in day out, and it is now possible to discover the products you need online based on the image of the objects in real world. This is made possible by the visual search start-ups. They have become popular with e-commerce markets as companies are using them to help their users find the products online.

It is now possible to find the photos of products such as clothes and shoes as they appear in real world. Initially shops dealing with online selling of products rarely offered real sized products after purchase. Most of the products from these shops could appear too large or too small for your size, and in many cases the product seen on the picture is not the same when you get in touch with it. As such the target markets has been deviating away from the online fashion retailers due to disappointments and have decided to go to the stores directly and purchase what they need.

The commencement of visual start-ups has helped many companies meet their needs and retain target customers. They offer artificial intelligence-based solutions that help the smart visual recommendations of the products. The visual search start-ups have been vital in e-commerce by enabling the users to find products online based on their photos in real world. There are a number of start-ups that have taken root all over the world currently and each is aiming at cracking the visual search of the products. Most of the visual search companies have been concentrating on consumer applications and they provide multiple verticals. They are helping both consumers and business to make decisions which are data driven.

The start-ups are using the technology of natural images to make smarter recommendations to the customers looking for certain products online, and help in giving suggestions to the fashion retailers and buyers on what to buy based on data from the real world consumer-purchasing.

One company that has succeeded in this technology is Slyce, which provides complete solution for visual search. The company uses image recognition technology to activate the visual recognition of a product based on its existing images. The technology is available both on mobile devices and desktop devices.

The company’s aim is to empower the customers in searching and activating everything they come across. Its new product on the market is referred to as ‘Scout’, which is an app for visual search powered savings concierge.

Giving Back To Society with No Strings Attached



In West Michigan, honor isn’t derived from what one owns but from what he gives. The DeVos have so far earned that honor throughout Michigan through their foundations that seek to uplift the communities around them and beyond. What is more is that the Amway DeVos family doesn’t take pride in giving thus hardly will there be press releases of how much they give out to charity. Giving, as it seems with the DeVos, runs in the family. The family runs five independent charitable foundations, comprising of the parents and each child’s foundations. Leading the pack is Richard “Dick” DeVos, the first born of the billionaire, Rich DeVos.

Charitable Works of Dick DeVos

In his Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that he established with his wife, Dick welcomes visitors with a message that it is in response to the financial gift that he and his family has been blessed with that they have decided to give back to the society. Dick also insists that he is just following his father’s footsteps. Through this two decades old foundation, Dick considers himself and his family just as faithful stewards.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

In his life, Dick has impacted a lot of lives through his philanthropic and charitable works. Through the foundation, he started the Education Freedom Fund that awards sponsorships to the bright but needy children in the entire Michigan. This scholarship covers both those that wish to further their education both at the high school and college level.

Dick and Betsy also started the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school with an aviation orientation. Through the school readies children with an interest in aviation for a career in the same by nurturing their skill and introducing them to the industry basics. This is a passion close to his heart given that he is a qualified jet aircraft and helicopter pilot. Through this program, he has sponsored over 4,000 children from all over Michigan.

Dick’s interests in the state are not, however, inclined to serve just the educational sector. It is all around and just to the benefit of the state, for instance, he is regularly sponsoring the annual art festival in West Michigan. He has also led several other developmental projects including renovating a $75 million downtown arena as well as the construction of a $130 million heart hospital in to serve West Michigan Residents.

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