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Lime Crime’s Fashion Forward Trend in Makeup



When founder Doe Deere started her makeup company, she had a different vision in mind for what her line would enable people to do. Not only can the products from Lime Crime on be used to enhance a person’s facial features, they can also be used to enhance a person’s fashion statement. These cosmetics allow people to express their individual personalities by creating their own unique looks.

Expressions for the Darker Side of Fashion

People who like creating fashion statements with a darker side to them will find the products from Lime Crime suitable for enhancing their image. A Goth look incorporates colors of black, deep red and white, which can all be enhanced with the rich shades found in the Lime Crime line of cosmetics. Their line of unicorn lipsticks includes deep shades of burgundy, chocolate, forest green and black. These colors could be used individually to enhance a Goth look or combined to accentuate upper and lower lip areas.

Eye colors available from Lime Crime can also be used to make a fashion statement on the darker side. There are several rich tones in the Grunge line of shadows, which can be used to create depth while adding an air of mystery. The dark shade of Icon could be used on the lid, while the lighter shade of Aura could be placed under the brow. These colors could also be enhanced using one of the deeper shades of eye glitter.

Adding the finishing touch to a Goth look could be accomplished using one of the more expressive shades of eye liners. Lime Crime offers a traditional shade of black as well as a more vivid lime green and a sensual cool blue.

Going Bohemian

People who want to make a bolder, brighter fashion statement will also find suitable colors in the line of cosmetics from Lime Crime. Any bohemian style could be easily accented by adding a splash of color to lips, eyes and nails. The brighter side of lipsticks in this line includes shades of yellow, blue, pink, mint and orange. Bright colors are available in both the solid and liquid lipsticks. Multiple lip colors could be combined to create a truly expressive fashion statement.

A bold fashion statement could be accented using one of the brighter shades of eye colors. The Grunge palette includes the brighter shades of Rebirth and Shell, which could be used on either lids or under brows. The Zodiac glitter colors allow for artistic expression by applying them to the eye area or over a lip color.

Enhancing nails with Lime Crime nail polish will complete any bohemian look. These bright colors range from the sunny yellow to the girly pink. Nails could be embellished by adding swirls of multiple shades or by alternating the colors on each nail. These polishes will go well with all the bright, bold patterns used to create the fun, playful bohemian fashion statement.

Baritone Brian Mulligan – The Extraordinary Opera Performer



Brian Mulligan is an American Baritone Opera singer who started his career in high school musicals. He auditioned at age 17 as he was doing various tenor roles like Motel Kamazoil in Fiddler on the Roof by Bock and Bernstein’s West Side Story where he played Tony. He grew up in Endicott in South Central New York State with a family that emigrated from the Irish County of Leitrin. Brian Mulligan went to Yale University for his studies and later joined the Juilliard School.
Brian got interested with opera after his high school teacher Gloria Richardson motivated him to get vocal training. She introduced him to Todd Geer who at the time worked with Tri-Cities Opera in Binghamton in New York. Todd also happened to be a San Francisco Opera Adler Fellow. He introduced him to the massive world of opera by giving him many videotapes and CD’s of opera. After watching them, Brian Mulligan was hooked and became more interested in learning the languages and history that appealed to him intellectually. With a series of practices, Brian gained confidence in his opera performances and was soon ready to hit the ground running.
Brian Mulligan made his debut in Die Frau ohne Scatten at the Metropolitan Opera in December 2003 while he was still a student at the prestigious Juilliard School. From there, he has performed at a number of important opera houses across the world that includes the San Francisco Opera where he debuted as Marcello in La Boheme. While performing at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Brian debuted in Lucia di Lammermoor as Enrico, Opernhaus Zurich in Pique Dame debuting as Yeletsky and Los Angeles Opera where he debuted in Die Vogel as Parametheus. Apart from the above opera houses, he has also been featured in New York City Opera, Oper Frankfurt, and Houston Grand Opera.
Brian Mulligan has won many accolades in his career. In 2008, the Irish American Magazine listed him as one of the Finest in Dance, Music and Acting. He was ranked as the Top 100 Irish Americans in Music, Dance and Acting. It is important to point out that he has also received critical acclaim in his performance in Nixon in China as Richard Nixon, which he performed with the San Francisco Opera. In addition, Brian Mulligan received positive reviews from critics in his role as Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor, which was produced by David Alden at the Canadian Opera Company.

Slyce Is Looking at a Way to Revolutionize Computer Vision



The tech industry is almost synonymous with innovation. When companies catch the public eye it’s usually because they’ve managed to create something that’s right out of science fiction. And that’s a sentiment which many people have expressed after hearing about Slyce.

Slyce is a company which is focusing on achieving what’s mostly been a dream up until this point. Most people have never heard of visual search and product recognition technologies. And there’s a good reason for that fact. Visual search has mostly come with pretty severe limitations. In theory it can be an amazing feature. Visual search is intended to be like using a normal search engine. Except that instead of words it’s focused on using images. For example, if one sees someone wearing a great dress than finding it on sale should be as easy as sending a picture to visual search. In practice the reality has been far less impressive. Even the offerings by the largest companies have needed shortcuts which basically kept them on the same level as a normal text search. For example, visual search implementations might need to read barcodes or the labels on a package. Things that a person could easily just toss into a normal search engine on their own. Slyce was as aware of these limitations as anyone and knew that the technology needed to be pushed further in order to be useful.

Simply deciding to revolutionize an entire field of technology is an ambitious prospect. But Slyce has managed to do it. One of the big reasons is that they looked at the industry from a more modern perspective. Visual search techniques can be very hardware intensive. It needs great cameras, powerful processors, and huge databases of visual data to reference. One of the big stumbling blocks is that the needed hardware doesn’t really exist in a single popular form. Slyce realized that it doesn’t really need to be in a single package though. Modern smartphones necessitate a good data connection. This means that a modern smartphone with a great camera and good Internet connection can essentially remotely pair up with powerful supercomputers in a remote location to handle the heavy processing. The end result has been amazingly effective. It’s allowed Slyce to create visual search implementations which can actually perform real visual searches. Unlike competitors, Slyce’s offerings are actually working with the visual data in a picture. Not just picking up on names or barcodes.

Slyce has taken this one step further though. They’ve managed to compartmentalize their search techniques into something that can be easily integrated with other software. So a company who sells shoes, or example, could easily license out Slyce’s technology and allow their app to recognize pictures of people’s shoes.

Yeonmi Park Is an Inspiration to Generations of Individuals



If a person thinks about what it must be like to live in a country while constantly being oppressed by one’s own government, it would become easier to understand what some people have to go through when they are not capable of leading their own lives or even of making their own decisions, largely because someone else has already made those decisions for them. People that live under this type of rule have very little say in anything that they do. Furthermore, when those decisions are made by someone else they are expected to be carried out. If they are not followed to the letter, individuals run the risk of being thrown out of the country, thrown in jail or even killed. Yeonmi Park on youtube knows exactly what it is like to live in that type of environment. In fact, she has dedicated her entire life to letting other people know about the atrocities that went on in her native country of North Korea, all in hopes that she can prevent it from happening to someone else.

When Yeonmi Park was a small child, she was living in North Korea with her family. Even though they were under extremely harsh rule from the North Korean government, things were relatively stable until her father became ill. As a result of his illness, he lost his job. This forced the entire family into poverty and eventually, her father made the agonizing decision to steal just enough so that he could feed his family. Unfortunately, the Korean government found out about it and he was thrown into jail, only to be released later because of his progressing illness. It was then that Park’s father realized that the family’s only hope for survival was to get out of the country.

Make no mistake about it, getting out of North Korea was anything but easy. The entire family ended up being fragmented. Park’s father died and she and her mother were separated from her sister for a very long time. Eventually, the family did reunite and they made it to America. This is where Park was truly allowed to flourish. She has dedicated her entire life to teaching other individuals what it is like to grow up in a place where there are very few, if any options. She gives public lectures, mostly to universities, about her experiences growing up in North Korea, as well as what it was like to escape from there and come to a new country where she was truly in charge of her future.

Park has also written a book about her experiences. She has made these sacrifices in order to accomplish her goals so that she could teach other people about the dangers of oppression. She wants to get the point across that just because she got out of North Korea, that does not mean that the atrocities that happen there are no longer occurring. They are still happening to other people each and every day. She fully understands that it is only when people are able to comprehend what is going on and then take a stand against it will there be any change. As a result, she has dedicated her life to helping other people who find themselves in a situation where they have no options for a good future ahead of them.

CCMP Capital: Choosing A Private Equity Investment Firm



Are you looking for a private equity firm? Wondering why many people and businesses choose CCMP Capital? Trying to find a reputable private equity firm can be daunting and very confusing if you don’t know where to look. Some private equity firms on manage a vast range of funds such as investment trusts and limited partnerships.

CCMP Capital is the most recommended Private Equity Investment Firm. There are many Private Equity Investment Firms out there but not all of them have the quality resources and industry expertise to provide the level of service you desire. That is why many smart people choose Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a reliable New York-based private equity investment firm.

When it comes to selecting a private equity firm you need to consider certain companies that are well known to provide beneficial services to businesses. CCMP Capital is a reputable private equity firm and the company has been around for many years. Many business owners and companies have relied on the expert services of CCMP Capital to achieve outstanding results.

You should only choose a private equity company that meets all of your requirements for investment. Most companies will publicly announce or list what their investment requirements or preferences are and how to contact them. CCMP Capital makes it easy to contact them and review your situation. Once you have selected a private equity firm you will start the investment process where the investment firm states exactly what they’re looking for. A business plan is always required at this stage.

CCMP Capital has a team of well trained and experienced professionals who can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. These professionals have great expertise in private equity investing and are highly dedicated to ensuring your success. When you contact CCMP Capital, their professionals will set up a consultation to discuss your needs and evaluate your current situation, and then develop a plan for reaching your goal.

Many businesspeople and companies all over the world have benefited immensely from the excellent services of CCMP Capital. If you truly want to learn more about private equity investment and how you can take advantage of this proven strategy to accomplish your objectives, CCMP Capital is the right company to contact.

Stephen Murray was the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was a private equity investor as well as a philanthropist. CCMP Capital is a private equity firm which specializes in buyout and growth equity transactions. Murray earned his bachelor’s degree in economics, and a master’s degree in business administration. Mr Murray was a founding partner of CCMP. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

Why do Women Wear Lipstick?



Lipstick is a commonly used cosmetic and in many cases is even the first makeup a girl tries out. As she gets older, the girl evolves into a woman who may love lipstick so much she considers it part of her very being and wouldn’t be caught without it on her lips. It is the only makeup some women use. But why do they wear it?

One of the reasons women like lipstick is because it makes them look more sexy and beautiful and desirable. Some say older women want their lips to be colorful because young girls’ lips are brighter than older, so they make their lips look better with lipstick. Some claim lipstick is a subconscious way for women to attract men because the lipstick stands for the lips of their vagina. Others just want to stand out in a crowd and get people of both sexes to notice them.

Women First Wore Lipstick to Defy Normal Behavior

When women first started to wear lipstick in public it was meant to defy what was considered normal since it was believed in the 1900s that nice girls didn’t wear lipstick, only actors and whores. But the women felt empowered so they kept wearing it until it was accepted by society.

Some women these days are always on the lookout for different products to add to their makeup table and that includes all different kinds of lipstick. There are the traditional reds and pinks all the way to gothic blacks or even neutral shades that are worn over or under other colors. Every woman has her own idea of what kind of lipstick she loves if she uses it. Some may want to match their clothing, while others may just want to be noticed or to try to get a trend started.

Modern Lipstick Allows Women to Be Different, Inventive

In the 21st century women who wear lipstick do it for all of the above reasons and also for reasons of their own. Today there are dozens or more kinds of lipstick and many different colors and shades. A lipstick made by one iconic company is bucking the norm again by putting out vegan, cruelty free made lipstick that is all pastel and odd shades. This is Lime Crime, owned and operated by business woman Doe Deere from Los Angeles, California.

Lime Crime on pinterest is popular as a brand to help women express themselves. This lipstick brand comes in colors like lime green, pastel pinks, light and dark blues, light orange, purple, different shades of red and an opaque shade. It can be worn with or without lip gloss to make it stand out better.

So, why do women wear lipstick? It all depends on the woman and today’s women likes special choices like Lime Crime.

FreedomPop Has The Mobile Wireless Services That People Love



Cell phone plans may be the best thing ever to happen to cell phone service over all the years that cell phones have been available. Most cell phones had no plans back in the days, and a person had to purchase minutes individually. It could cost as much as $.25 or more to purchase a single minute of cell phone talk time, especially back when plans were non-existent. At the time when cell phone plans weren’t really heard of, most people were just coming into getting cell phones. Although everyone wanted a cell phone when they realized that they could take it everywhere with them, most people couldn’t afford a cell phone.

Even if a person could afford to pay for cell phone, the cell phone companies made the service so expensive that most people still used home phones, and some people continued to make phone calls on pay phones. Home phones were very popular for many years until cell phones became lower in price. When cell phones started going down in price, then more people started using cell phones, and they got rid of their pagers and their home phones altogether. Although some people would keep their home phones along with their cell phones, most people these days are able to rely strictly on their cell phones alone.

Cell phone plans have shrunk a lot in price, and most people choose to get an unlimited cell phone plan. In the past, when there were no cell phone plans, there were no Internet plans either because the Internet did not use to exist on cell phones. Cell phones used to make phone calls and send text messages, and that was it. Fast-forward to today when cell phones do everything, including phone calls, text messages, and browsing the Internet. A cell phone plan can be very low in cost, especially for those who have joined FreedomPop services. Since cell phone plans came into play, many people can save a lot of money signing up for a cell phone plan.

The FreedomPop cell phone plan is only $20 a month for the unlimited service, and a person can pay little or nothing if they choose other plans from FreedomPop. It’s no longer necessary to pay a lot of money for a single minute of cell phone service because low-cost cell phone plans are now more popular than ever. Those who don’t want to calculate the number of minutes, text messages, or data they use should choose FreedomPop’s unlimited cell phone service plan. Those who know they can stay under 200 minutes of talk time can choose the free plan from FreedomPop. Anyone needing additional minutes on their prepaid plan can add it as necessary to their plan.

CCMP Focuses On Financial Gains



Many investors today have concerns about finding acceptable vehicles to invest their capital. With markets in flux, and economies on shaky ground, many investors are looking for safe havens to store their hard earned money. While some are looking to turn a profit, others are seeking a place where they can preserve their hard earned wins.

There are many different equity firms and money management houses on that excel in making big gains. Unfortunately these gains are realized for only a short time. What can be a successful investment at one point can be quickly wiped out by any one of a number of factors.

With the fluctuations from world financial economies such as Russia and China, a more diversified play is the more prudent strategy for consistent gains, albeit small ones. There are still plays where a savvy investor can make a killing in a short time. These will always exist in the market. But as investors react more reactively than proactively, it is hard to determine what big plays can be made with minimal risk.

It is now more important than ever to find seasoned investment firms and equity funds that have a history of true investment and considerable growth.

Companies like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital have a history of bringing their various investors growth. The firm was originally conceived as a branch of JP Morgan Chase in 2006. Over the years, CCMP has gone on to become one of the largest equity investment firms in America. In its short life span it has invested nearly $12 billion in liberty buyouts and growth capital place. In 2007, it was ranked as the world’s 17th largest private equity fund. CCMP’s global reach now includes offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London. It places major emphasis upon leveraged buyout opportunities, as well as growth capital and equity investments.

CCMP was birthed from the Chemical Bank’s private equity firm, Chemical Venture Partners back in 1984. Chase purchased the firm from Chemical Bank in 1996 and renamed Chase Capital Partners.

When J.P. Morgan Chase reorganized in the year 2000, the company its name to JP Morgan Partners to reflect its new ownership, and acquisition of other investment houses such as The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming & Co., Chase Manhattan and others.

Over the years the firm has managed to continue growing and serving their various investments with ongoing growth, as well as establishing a strong foothold in the financial community. The former president of CCMP, Stephen Murray, has a lot to do with the growth of the company.

Murray, who led the company through its most prosperous time after taking the reins in 2007, utilized his vast experience to bring the company to its current prominence. Murray held numerous positions on the boards of highly prominent companies, including AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott and Aramark.

It is this continued quest for excellence that has driven Murray and CCMP to the top of the financial world. With a history of substantial investment success, it continues to be one of the most prominent and lucrative financial equity firms in the world.

No one can tell the future of the financial markets. But with the vast experience of companies like CCMP, investors can be assured that they are in the best financial hands possible.