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The Most Famous Authors in Brazil



Brazil is filled with famous individuals of the literary world. Brazil’s literary history is vibrant and exciting. The country’s multicultural makeup provides for amazing stories that are told by some of the land’s favorite writers. There are many authors from Brazil that made the transition from budding writer to famous literary giant. Individuals such as, Machado de Assis, Eclides da Cunha and Jorge Amada are regarded as some of the top authors of Brazil. Many of these authors became famous by creating stories that truly had meanings and being true to themselves. Their passion for writing allowed them to share their experiences with the readers and the world.

Jamie Garcia Dias is Brazilian author, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Dias’ literary journey started when he was young, at only 15 years old. He learned the majority about writing and creativity from his father, author Arnaldo Dias and his mother, architect Garcia Dulce Dias. His father was his mentor. He would peer through the countless books that his father purchased and learned from that. In his 20’s, Jamie Garcia Dias began teaching at an academy in Brazil to students who intended to study literature upon graduation. At the tender age of 30, Jamie Garcia Dias already had 10 published books under his belt. In 2001, Jamie won the prestigious literary award, The White Crane. The White Crane is an award known for exposing new talented writers to the Brazilian community. Upon winning the award, Jamie Garcia Dias was able to published his most major work throughout South America. In 2007, Dias was named the president of the Carioca Literature Academy, the institution that he was teaching for many years.

Many famous authors in Brazil are a collection of seasoned and new individuals. The new authors take inspiration from their predecessors and create works that speak to the people of Brazil. Authors in the South American country use their own experiences in their published works, blending tales of joy, love and despair on every page. Writing takes a certain love and a certain pain and authors become famous because they are not afraid to address it. These attributes are within some of the most famous authors in Brazil.

Purina PetCare: Only the Best for Our Friends



Purina has a worldwide and long term (over 80 years) reputation for providing the best food and supplements for our pets.Developing formulas that guarantee the nutritional needs of dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes is no easy task and Purina collaborates with world famous institutions of higher learning to produce the research that leads to the foods that make our pets lives happier and healthier.

Purina is a leader in animal welfare as well. Pets are companions are their unique personalities enable humans to relate to others in situations where that was difficult and even impossible before. Elders react positively to animal contact, pets keep seniors healthy and provide companionship in times when it is not available. They are never lonely with a pet around.

Purina news coverage supports innovative programs for autistic children like the Virginia Beach SPCA’s Autistic Bridges program.Children learn to accept the pet’s affection. Often times even the pets themselves have special needs and caring for them opens up doors hat were once closed to both.Pets are interpreters of feelings that are not easily expressed in autistic children and even difficulties with other senses can be breached through pet contact.

Adopting a pet can often be a connection that benefits the child, the family and of course, the pet. Purina’s support for this and other innovative therapeutic programs is a service from the heart.

Purina also supports through its philanthropic giving animal shelters and adption agencies through grants and gifts in kind. Donations of pet food and other nutrition products helps these agencies keep their doors open and pets healthy and safe while waiting for their forever family.

Purina’s dedication to pets health and the happiness of owners and pets keeps the company involved and engaged in promoting the welfare of pets and those who enjoy their companionship.

FreedomPop Brings a New Way to Access Data On The Go



It is indisputable that smartphones have revolutionised our lives in the last decade by allowing us to take the internet in our pockets and purses wherever we go, yet the process of being able to use them is still an unpleasant experience. One of the most important aspects of being able to use your shiny new device is purchasing a data plan to access the internet. However, there is a stunning amount of unanimity in how unpleasant purchasing and using a mobile carrier’s services can be. Common complaints cover nearly all aspects of using a mobile service, from billing and setting up a line to complaints about data overages and carriers overcharging for data to not being able to use data you paid for if you want to use a hotspot to link up your laptop or tablet.

FreedomPop is a startup that, as the name suggests, aims to bring freedom from this arcane set of rules, regulations, and fees that the major carriers have created. Their innovative network is comprised of two components, which when combined create a great service available for just a few dollars a month, an order of magnitude lower than the services provided by the main competitors.

The first part of FreedomPop’s service is a nationwide WiFi network available in population centres, which users get unlimited use of for only $5 a month. This allows quick, low latency internet use that’s in many cases faster than any mobile data plan, and obviously much, much cheaper. A clever use of VoiP and related services allows users to call and text on WiFi as well.

The second part of FreedomPop’s network uses mobile data bought in wholesale quantities from the major carriers. Thanks to clever negotiations, FreedomPop able to resell this data to the consumer for much lower prices than even other MVNOs who are also in the business of reselling mobile services can afford. This one-two punch of amazingly cheap yet effective and reliable service means that if you’re looking to switch carriers, FreedomPop is undisputedly the best possible value for your money.

Gold Drops to 5 Year Low



Monday saw the price of gold drop to below $1,100 an ounce, its lowest price since February 2010. Reuters reports that over 33 tons of gold traded hands in less than 2 minutes on the Shanghai exchange early Monday morning, resulting in a low of $1,088 per ounce.
Analysts Bruce Levenson is attributing the sudden sell-out to a number of causes, including the strength of the U.S. dollar, which is at an all-time high. Impending interest rate hikes in the U.S. and a record 2013 import of gold by China, which caused a market surplus, have also been cited as possible reasons for the drop in gold price.
Whatever the reason, the decline was swift and sudden, causing two separate trade halts in U.S. gold futures. Most technical analysts believe this rate may hold, but others caution that the markets could see a further drop in the worth of gold in the near future. Analyst Christopher Hine is quoted by Yahoo News as stating, “What today’s move does is kick off the bigger bear trend … $1,000 is where we’re gunning for.”

FreedomPop Stays Independent



Recode reports that FreedomPop, a mobile carrier, has decided to remain independent instead of selling itself to another company. They then raised $30 million dollars from Partech Ventures, DCM Capital, Mangrove Capital, and an undisclosed investor to help them break into the European market. FreedomPop projects that they will be worth about four times as much as they are now in about a year.

They are planning on having their product retail in an undisclosed store soon, but are not sure how much that will improve their business. They are an online only retailer at this point. They give away a certain amount of product for free and charge when a customer exceeds the free amount or uses add on services. For example, they may allow a certain amount of talk-time for free, a certain number of texts, and some data for free, but anything used in excess of that amount will be billed for.

FreedomPop’s customer service is lacking, and so CEO Stephen Stokols stated that they will be stepping up that department as well. They are hiring more customer service representatives as well as upgrading their computer system in an effort to improve their customer service experience for consumers.

FreedomPop’s Recode article can be read here.

Jeb Bush In Hot Water Over Economy Comments



The presidential elections are right around the corner. The economy is in a rut. The people are not making ends meet and they want to know, what it is that each candidate plans to do about it. After the candidates announce their ideas they find that not everyone is receptive to them.

Jeb Bush has found himself in hot water after a comment in which he stated, that people need to work more hours and be more productive in order to stimulate the economy. The people responded rather quickly to Lime Crime idea. Many of them say they are working two jobs already. People are finding it harder and harder to get full time work that pays well. So instead they take on two part time jobs that pay as minimal as possible. Or one full time job at minimum wage. The problem, they say is simple; they need better wages, and not longer hours.

Many people believe that Jeb Bush is out of touch with the average person. He has lived his life in the top one percent. He has never known what it means to struggle to put food on the table for his family.

It is hard to tell yet how this will affect Bush on the campaign trail, but the prognosis is so far is not good.

The New Age of Product Recognition



With the advancement of technology, comes new products that are unheard of. One product in particular that is currently offered is the product of image recognition. How this works is that one must take a picture of a product that is on the market. The product will then be connected to the mobile apps that are available to other app users with relevant information of this product.

This new piece of technology helps with the shopping process by providing relative information of any item being sold. For any user looking for products online, all you have to do is snap a shot of the product and apply it to the photo recognition technology. By doing so, this new app will give you similar products that are offered on other websites such as eBay. This new apps, thanks to Swedish researchers, has become fully functional to those looking to purchase products without having to leave the house.

As eCommerce increases, this new app has drastically changed the way people can shop. Any item that is desired can be purchased of found by using the photo recognition technology. One of the best sites to use for visual recognition is the Slyce website. This particular company is working with 6 of the top 20 retailers in North America.

Through image recognition, the Slyce app captures high quality photos that quickly register and show information. The accuracy in matching items through this app is unbelievable. What the Slyce company does is incorporate some of the world’s leading brands into the recognition app which in turn helps customers find the desired product quickly and efficiently. All a user of this product has to do is to snap a quick photo on their smartphone, and the product along with the information will quickly register.

The products offered by Slyce are some of the best product recognition apps offered. There are so many uses for this new product. One of the uses is for purchasing reasons. All one has to do is snap a photo of the product they are looking for and the product will register on the site. Another use of image recognition is for the visual relevancy engine. This attributes to products which are then used to provide similar results. Other uses of this product include being able to identify products through social media as well being able to digitally enable print materials and billboards within the mobile app.

Beneful as a Delicous Benefit for Your Dog



With more people wanting to eat healthier and choosing food that is less processed, it is not surprising that the trend is extending to our dog food. Beneful Dog Food has answered the call for a tasty, nutritiously sound dog food that dogs love. Plus, the price is budget-friendly for almost any family.

Beneful is a division of Purina Dog Food, a brand that has been trusted for generations by dog and other pet owners. Its main branch is in St. Louis, with other divisions across the nation. People are finding that Beneful has a perfect blend of nutrition and a rich, meaty taste that appeals to even the pickiest dogs.

Like humans, dogs enjoy a variety of tastes and textures. This is why the makers of Beneful have developed twenty different varieties of dog food, both dry and wet. When reading the ingredient labels, the dog owner will find fresh sources of protein such as beef, chicken, pork, turkey or lamb. There are also fresh vegetables such as peas, carrots, green beans and potatoes. They also use rice instead of fillers that are not in a dog’s natural diet. It is not a list of synthetic ingredients that are hard to pronounce and unfamiliar. The ingredients of Beneful are things we would have in our own pantry.

The developers of the Beneful dog food brand are dog lovers and owners themselves. The company is comprised of a large team of veterinarians and dog nutritionists that have come up with tasty blends of meats, grains and vegetables that includes the vitamins and minerals for optimal canine health. It is impressive to open a container of Beneful and actually seeing fresh, whole ingredients that are recognizable.

It is assuring to know that the people who developed Beneful continue to research dog health and the different tastes that dogs crave. One of the reasons this company is so successful is that they actually love dogs and want the very best for them. Purina, parent company of Beneful, initiated an annual “Bring your Dog to Work Day”. The dogs get to be with their owners and sample some of the tasty treats that Beneful offers. Purina has encouraged other dog food companies to implement this program to remind their workers of their true purpose: healthy and happy dogs.

The variety offered by the Beneful brand is quite impressive and meets the needs of different sizes of dogs as well as life stages. There are the varieties with crunchy kibbles and meaty pieces as well as smaller bits for puppies or small breeds. In the wet varieties, there is smooth blends and chunky, meaty options. Dog owners can buy three ounce cans or multipacks.

Not only does Beneful make delicious food for dogs, but they offer five varieties of savory snacks and treats that make dogs happy to be obedient. Some of our dogs’ favorite flavors, like peanut butter, cheese, bacon and turkey are available. There are savory crackers and baked biscuit types with flavorful centers that will make dogs stand up and beg.

Beneful dog food has a large consumer base and is trusted in America and internationally as a nutritionally fit diet and snack line. Dogs truly are our best friends and deserve to have healthy food that they enjoy eating. They can also enjoy the variety of treats that owners can feel good about giving their pet. One of the key components of a dog having quality of life into senior years is nutrition. With Beneful brand dog food, owners can meet these needs.