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Llamas On The Run In Arizona



A pair of mischievous llamas escaped from their trailer cage today after they arrived at a rehabilitation center for a therapy session to work with some of the patients there. Their escape led to a dramatic chase all through Maricopa County and involved several members of law enforcement needing to get involved.

According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, the two animals got a little scared by the door when they arrived at the center. There was one black one and one white one, and helicopters even captured much of the event on video tape which is now spreading all over the internet like wildfire. Authorities even had to shut down many roads and highways systems to catch the llamas, who seemed to dodge just about every attempt someone made on them. They ran all through the streets while members of the fire department and police force tried to lasso them.

It took several tries to get the llamas back to their owners, and it only happened after the pair of them got split up. Officials were able to detain the black llama while the other one took off like a lightning bolt. Despite how much chaos these two creatures caused the city of Sun City, Arizona, viewers couldn’t help but watch them and crack a smile as eMobile reported. The llamas are beyond cute, and will be glad to get home later after their adventures.

Scientific Proof Refuting Cancer Causing Agents



A new study revealed by “The World Health Organization”, humorously titles their finding “Most types of cancer not due to ‘bad luck’. Not attempting to insult those impacted by this ravenous disease, but with intentions of disproving the statements of another scientific study, and the claims they make (link for other study found at

Refuting the claims made that “environmental and lifestyle factors account for less than one third of cancers), they continue to analyze the various sources of cancer stimulants. They present a sophisticated, and thorough study of the cells, and claim The latter category includes some of the most frequent cancers worldwide, for example those of the stomach, cervix, and breast, each known to be associated with infections or lifestyle and environmental factors.”

Bruce Karatz points out that, similar to the ADHD article made among the lesser known medical community, the overpowering authority trumps once more. This scientific analysis serves to prove the multitude of scientists that make these absurd claims.

Comedy Writer Marissa Ross Reviews Wines



Los Angeles based comedy writer Marissa Ross blogs about wine when she isn’t busy composing comedic writing for Mindy Kaling. Marissa talks about the challenges associated with being a comedy writer in the flooded market of Los Angeles and the way she turned to talking about wine and focusing her discussion on the younger generation and educating them on good wines on a budget. She also found that with a little bit of information it was easy to avoid the cheap sugary wines at grocery stores without having a bunch of money as many good wines can be purchased on a tight budget.

She blogs about wine and also has a video series in which she approaches viewer’s questions in a popular segment called, “Ask the Wino.” Her blog posts are a wonderful combination of her humor and insight into the world of wines and most of the bottles she reviews can be purchased for a low cost. The blog also contains her humorous writing and philosophies as she explains the challenges with being a writer in a city teeming with talent.
According to Beltyukov, her posts delve into topics for a younger generation and explore ideas like how to remain skinny while still drinking one bottle a day and the best box wine for your money. Her video series is very informative and funny and includes many segments in which Marissa interviews other comedians and wine lovers.