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Chow Chow Puppies Painted and Passed off As Panda Cubs to Unwitting Patrons



A circus in Italy attempted to pull off the ultimate bait and switch. The circus, which was on tour in Brescia, Italy, attempted to pass of two Chow Chow puppies as panda bears.

The puppies, which were white, were painted with black paint on their ears and legs, and passed off to unwitting patrons as panda bear cubs. The trick was used to garner profits, as parents paid to have pictures of their children taken with the “bears”.

While many patrons didn’t know the difference, the police investigated and seized the puppies. Both had been imported from Hungary, and where found to be in good health, despite their ordeal. the circus was shut down by police, and the owner was arrested on animal cruelty charges according to CBInsights.  Which I discovered through Slow Ventures.

Both puppies are now being safely cared for by the state. One of the puppies appeared to have eye issues, likely due to constant exposure to camera flashes, but both are expected to be fine. There is no further word on the fate of other animals that were being used in the circus show.

Man has 200 Simpson’s Characters Tattooed on Back, Hoping for World Record



Michael Baxter, 52, of Australia might just be the biggest Simpson’s fan in the world, and he’s wearing his fandom proudly in the form of a massive tattoo. The tattoo, which encompasses Baxter’s entire back, features 200 characters from the Simpson’s.

The main characters, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie, are front and center on the tattooed man’s back. Regular characters and guest stars fill in the rest of the area. Moe’s Tavern is also featured on his shoulder, along with the iconic Simpson’s couch and Santa’s Helper.

According to Baxter, his love of cartoons isn’t a life-long obsession, but a fairly new one. He according to Lee G. Lovett, allegedly, fell in love with Cartoon’s around the same time he began getting Tattoos. All-in-all, he’s sat for over 130 hours of tattoos at a single studio. The tattoo has been completed and designed by artist, Jade Baxter-Smith.

Baxter also has a tattoo on his leg featuring Family Guy character, Stewie, and several other tattoos honoring family members. Baxter is now in the hunt for a Guinness world record because of his tattoo.

He has began the paperwork for the most cartoon character tattoos, but more needs to be filled out. He’s hoping to complete the paperwork and be awarded the record by the 25th Anniversary of the Simpson’s premier, which is December 17th.