How Juan “OG” Perez Famously Celebrated His 50th Birthday



Juan “OG” Perez recently celebrated his birthday with his wife and a close group of friends. It is said that his friend, Jay Z spent about $113,000 for celebration which included $13,000 on the dinner, $9,000 on drinks, and another $91,000 spent at a club they went to.

Along with Jay Z and Juan “OG” Perez, his wife Desiree Perez was along for the ridge as well as other ROC Nation people. They started the night out in Midtown where they ate at Zuma, a highly popular Japanese restaurant, which both Jay Z and his wife Beyonce are big fans of. They dined on steak, lobster, and sushi which resulted in a $13,000 bill. They followed this by going to a restaurant-nightclub named Made in Mexico. They spent $9,000 here on D’USSE’ which is a high-end cognac.

Taking everything to the next level, Juan “OG” Perez and his party moved to Playroom Nightclub. This was attended by just Juan “OG” Perez, Jay Z, Desiree Perez, and four friends of theirs. This is where they legendarily spent $91,000 on 40 bottles of champagne. This included 20 bottles of champagne, Ace of Spades Gold, and 20 bottles Ace of Spades Rosé. One of the servers took a picture of the receipt and posted it on Snapchat which is how word of this expense got out to the public.

Juan “OG” Perez grew up in Harlem and graduated from high school in 1985. He first met Jay Z in 1996 through a mutual professional contact, Kareem “Biggs” Burke who co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records. They ended up becoming big friends and have now worked together for a number of years. They are both involved in leading ROC Nation and have opened a number of lounges and sports bars together. They now have five locations of the 40/40 Club around the nation.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Weight Loss Process



Ryan Seacrest from Dunwoody is rarely known as the hard worker, who was once huge but committed himself to keeping fit which resulted in him being slim. Though currently a producer in American television and radio shows and hosts the American Idol, Ryan Seacrest as included fitness in his life as a strategy to relieve stress. He achieves to exercise daily through schedules of his activities and ensures not to miss any of the events since through exercise he feels most productive.

Ryan Seacrest during his television and radio shows utilizes the commercial breaks to do some exercise like push-ups and weightlifting. To ensure efficient utilization of all free time he has got some lockers in his two hotel rooms nearby his working premises where he puts his clothes for a change and work out gears. Ryan aims at utilizing five hours in the gym but if not possible to access the gym Ryan uses his hotel rooms. At the gym, he uses different trainers and likes circuit and core workouts which help in breaking the sweat. During the week Ryan performs different exercises which include sit-ups, sprints on and pushups. Ryan Seacrest also uses swimming as an exercise activity which he believes apart from keeping the body fit helps to relax.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has the love for crunch snacks which he likes using together with vegetable juice either pulpy or not depending on days. Almonds and cashews are his preferable as well, especially during journeys. Allowed to change the meal he would, however, love to use Tacos and penne pasta. When he went swimming during his young age, Ryan Seacrest could get off his shirts after he was in the pool. People could tease him about his overweight especially if they were meeting for the first time at school or shopping. He did not forget the encounters, and that pushed him to not only sharing his story but also drives him to work hard not to go back to the same experiences.

Getting fit has enabled Ryan Seacrest to gain more confidence and satisfaction, for now, he feels comfortable in his clothes. He encourages people to balance their lives. The body responds to change and to maintain all he has to do is getting dedicated. Though he is keeping fit, he also has some time for fun which he utilizes by playing Ping-Pong. Host Ryan Seacrest is the accurate illustration of the magic determination, dedication and focus can achieve. To work and exercise at the same time is not easily practical unless with the characteristics mentioned above.


Peter Briger Helps Entrepreneurs Understand The Power Of Success Through Giving



Peter Briger is one of the five principle co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group and the current Co-chairman to the board of directors. He has seen the investment company through thick and thin and held on to see it grow into one of the most accomplished private and public equity management company in the country. Apart from chairing several other boards and presiding over the operation of different Fortress Group subsidiaries, Peter Briger serves as the overall head of the investment giant’s credit management division.

How the recent economic recess strengthened his resolve to philanthropy

Before joining Fortress group, Peter Briger worked as a partner at Goldman Sachs managing their distressed debt division. He continued with this line of work even after joining and Fortress and helped the institutional investor achieve immeasurable success managing distressed debts, mortgages for the banks and distressed debts for the rest of the industry. In the periods leading to the recession, the company specialized in subprime mortgages, making a direct casualty of the real estate recession.

Peter Briger’s Investment Company was one of the worst-hit companies at the time. But through sheer determination and pure devotion to their original dream, the partners helped the company get back on its knees and speed on to becoming the leading alternative investment company. This experience reignited Peters resolve to giving to charity and helping uplift the society in general.

Peter Brigers commitment to charity

Success is best enjoyed when shared, especially with the less fortunate in the society. That has become Peter Brigers driving motto in the recent past and has prompted him to not only donate more to charity but also fashion himself into a philanthropic symbol whose deeds inspire more successful entrepreneurs into giving back to the communities.

One such act of leadership through philanthropy is evidenced by the fact that Peter Briger sits on the board of governors for the Silicon Valley philanthropic community. The board is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of the donor funds in alleviation of poverty and improvement of life for the children.

The successful entrepreneur is, however, best known for his active role towards the maintenance and conservation of New York City’s Central Park. Peter undertook this project with the aim of not just ensuring the longevity of central park but also with the intent of improving the lives of the numerous individuals that depend on the parks survival for their livelihood, either directly or indirectly.

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Milan Kordestani – Top Equestrian and Founder of Milan Farms



Milan Kordestani is a top equestrian rider, and he is also the founder of Milan Farms. As the founder of the company, he got the inspiration for the concept as a result of his horse riding experience from his childhood in London, England. At the age of 10, he was thrown off a horse, but he reacted by getting back up from the experience. He began working with racehorses, winning 3 different titles at horse shows.

Milan Kordestani is also the founder of Milan farms, a farm that produces poultry, saffron, and eggs. The aim of Milan Farms is to provide an honest option for food consumers whom are conscious about what they eat. The company aims to be transparent when they are working with animals, and seeks to provide a pure and honest option for their customers whom have a wide variety of needs.

Safron widely known as being one of the most expensive spices on the earth. The reason is that Saffron is such a difficult spice to grow in only the proper growing conditions such as rich environment and warm climate. Milan Farms takes an entirely different approach to growing Saffron, since he is able to replicate the nutrient-rich environment that saffron grows in.

Milan Farms is committed to their customers – they aim to provide the best products at the best prices possible. The reason for the company’s commitment to the consumer is that they are aiming to focus on being a small business that serves a wide range of people. This serves to be a honest option to a wide range of agricultural needs.

Milan Farms also recognizes the benefit that forests bring to us. As major players, the destruction of forests can cause a series of changes to the environment that is ultimately somewhat destructive. For every one dozen of eggs sold, Milan Farms is planting a tree to help prevent the destruction of the forests.


Willis Towers Watson Ties Down The Experienced Michael Burwell



Recently, Willis Towers Watson named Michael Burwell as its new Chief Financial Officer. Michael replaced Roger Millay who retired in October 2017. Michael, also known as Mike, has over three decades of professional and financial experience all from Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He previously held some key positions in the firm such as CFO and COO in the US, Head of Transaction Services in the US and the Head of Global Transformation. Mike also has more than a decade of experience in auditing and Transaction Services advisory which includes working on valuation and pre-merger due diligence.


Words from the CEO


Willis Tower Watson CEO, Mr. John Haley, said that the firm was excited to have Burwell on the leader board at that critical time of the firm’s evolution. He praised Michael Burwell as a leader who comprehends leading, managing, and a person who knows how to get results in a sophisticated, international firm with the firm focusing on its customers. He also said that he does not doubt that Mike’s experience in transformation, transactions, and finance is well suited to lead the firm’s long-term growth and allow it to realize its potential fully.


John Haley also thanked Roger Millay for his contribution and great leadership he showed in Willis Towers Watson. He also thanked him for leaving the company better than the way he found it which will serve as a platform for the future success.


Michael Burwell on joining Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell said that he was honored to have a chance to work at Willis Towers Watson. He said that he was impressed by the firm’s inclusive and collaborative culture, the company’s commitment to its customers and the strength of the firm’s leadership. The Michigan State University graduate also said that he was looking forward to taking part in the future company’s success.


About Willis Towers Watson


It is a universal solution, advisory, and brokerage firm that assist clients all over the globe to turn their risks into growth. Established in 1828, the company has its operations in more than 140 nations and has more than 40,000 workers. The company designs and delivers solutions that cultivate talent, optimize benefits, manages risks and expand the power of capital to strengthen and safeguard individuals and institutions. Willis Towers Watson unique perspective allows the firm to see the crucial intersections between assets, ideas, and talents which are the dynamic elements that push the performance of a business. Read This Article to learn more.




Speculation Of The Next Release Of Venus 3 palette By Lime Crime



I think there is nothing that can be compared to getting us through the week like a fun guessing game. Lime Crime posted an update on the new products which the brands are set to launch on April 24, and there is an overdrive of speculation that they will be fun. For most there hope is that the new product is the next iteration of the Venus eyeshadow palette. Is there a chance that we will be witnessing the upcoming birth of Venus 3?

That’s an obvious thing, because of the feature of a palette on the update, the palette is seen floating in the sun rays, that in fact, means that it’s a palette. It’s expected to be the best when compared with previous versions of the brands like the Venus, Venus II, and Venus XL. The component that makes up the palette are vibrant and versatile and as applied its super silky. Let’s have a look at some of the previous launch of Lime Crime.


What someone should expect from the palette is a mash of Botticelli’s painting with a touch of a rebellion of the early 90s. The palette is made of nude sea colors that are of 8 different shades. The shades are rust red, unconventional neutrals, brick brown, and burgundy. To the liking of the person, the eyeshadow recklessly pigmented will be worn alone, or match it flawlessly to get the new look, painterly finish. The box has an eye-catching kitschy artwork.


The palette is made of eight rebelliously shades that are pigmented for the user that needs to take make up to the next level. For people that want the banging eyeshadow trends the VENUS II will have the user wielding the makeup brush. The palette is safely stored in a beautiful marbled box that on the outside it has kitschy artwork.


The Venus XL changed the whole thing when lime water first launched it. Because it consists of 18 long-wearing shades, designed for the eye, it’s the one swipe coverage, for the cheek and face, and four unique finishes. The packaging is a beautiful mirrored gilded box.

End Citizens United Trying To Propel The Blue Wave, But Without Dark Money



As the calendar moves closer to the warm summer months, the United States congressional races ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, are already heating up. End Citizens United is a progressive based support system for candidates that are either walking away from corporately slanted funding, or at the very least advocating for campaign finance reform.

The Washington D.C. based organization is now in its third year, formed to endorse candidates who reject special interest group manipulation of legislators. End Citizens United takes its name as a counterpunch against Citizens United. The organization blossomed as a result of a single court ruling in 2010.

Supporters contend that the Citizens United vs. FEC decision was wrong, and opened the floodgates of what they refer to as dark money to flood unbridled into the nation’s political process. ECU president Tiffany Muller and supporters believe that too many politicians accept massive campaign donations from the nefarious sources.

Because of the influence of this funding, they end up legislating with an allegiance to these massive interest groups instead of in the best interest of the local constituents. The progressive organization believes it to be at the core of corrupt politics in Washington D.C. and is fighting to push candidates who denounce the old ways into office.

One of their most visible candidates, Beto O’Rourke is beginning to make headway against former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Texas. O’Rourke has served six years representing the 16th congressional district in Texas and has his eyes on the state’s senatorial seat come November.

Another big target for the campaign reform march is aimed at soon-to-retire Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Randy Bryce is now trying to accomplish what many felt was impossible. Bryce, a former military veteran and ironworker, has outraised his competition by nearly $2 million just in the first quarter of 2018.

Collectively, ECU hopes to generate over $35 million for candidates they endorse. All of his funding has come even though he has denounced any stream of donations from special interest groups. There target is what they call the “Big Money 20“, deemed the biggest abusers of special interest campaign contributions.

Early last month the door for Bryce swung wide open with Ryan’s announcement he would not be seeking reelection. The objective of the Democratic Party is to ride a blue wave into November in an attempt to secure control of both houses of Congress.

While wave of Democratic congressional control is also the goal of every End Citizens United supporter, they want that wave to be devoid of the campaign money they deem compromises elected officials’ ability to legislate with integrity. End Citizens United is working to propel the blue wave, but without the need for dark money contributions.

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How To Effectively Complete Your To-Do List As Shared On Upwork



To-Do lists are helpful, if only we can get through them. Luckily, I came across some helpful tips to ensure you can effectively conceive and excecute your list each and every time.


  1. Make it exhaustive

The best way to concentrate on tasks at hand, is to create an exhaustive list of everything you have to do.

  1. Make it in Advanced

Many spend the early morning of their day preparng their list of to-do, instead, do it before bed or the night before. That way you can use the early morning to get a head start on your tasks versus still contemplating what they are.

  1. One Centralized List

Over time we tend to collect different lists across different platforms or mediums. The key is to centralized so you’re less worried about where a task was documented or let it slip all together.

  1. Keep Time In Mind

With each item is good to have an indication of when it will be started or completed. Why not also include and estimation on how long it will take to finish, this will work wonders for the next tip.

  1. Keep Priorities In Check

Prioritize your list based on time attributes to improve efficiency. For example, why not start with the most difficult or start that long-term project first, you don’t have to finish, but at least it’s atarted.

  1. Always Re-evaluate Your List

Stay vigilant on what items you’ve completed, it helps to encourage you, but also be away of items that no longer need to be on the list, which can help speed along the process.

  1. Delegate When You Can

Self-explanatory, but an important one, especially if you have a team to work with.

  1. Stay Aware of Small Detials and The Grand Scheme

With larger tasks broken into smaller ones, be flexible in your perspective while going through your list.

  1. Do Similar Tasks One After The Next

Batch process can help you move through your list quickly, for example, if you have a bunch of calls to make, try doing them all in sequence.

  1. How Much Energy Is Required

Some tasks require a little more energy than others, tag tasks with a low, medium and high energy scale grade to better focus on the high at the beginning of the day and low towards the end.

$4 billion dollar investment guru Chris Linkas



Chris affirms that when it time comes to invest in your retirement, It’s always best to start in your youth. Here is an example to show how starting in your youth or starting later can affect your investment when it comes to your retirement. Madison began investing early and earning an interest of $225,000. This is more than another investor named Cooper who does not have that much to spend during his retirement. Those who begin to invest late in life are often riddled with how they will invest their money in the present and future. When you start investing early, you have a great advantage because of when you began. Well-informed investors understand the benefits of investing early.


Investing Tips

Is always best to hear from a well-seasoned advisor. Chris Linkas is the Managing Director and European Head of Credit with a London based investment firm and is frequently asked about the best time to start investing in one’s future. He stated that the earlier you begin planning for retirement, the sooner you will begin to see the potential of your ROI(Return on Investment). The best way to explain the correlation between early planning and compound interest is with another example using Madison. The mid 20-year-old Madison invests around $2,000 annually over 10 years in her 401k that is matched by her company, with a 10% interest growth. The earlier you begin investing, the less stress you will endure and the more financially stabled you will be in the future ( Early investing can play a part in how you will approach your finances in the future and can lead to making less irresponsible mistakes.


About Chris LInkas

Chris created his financial career in 1993 and combined it with his Philosophy degree that he received from Bowdoin College. He has been in finances for over 25 years and began his success in New York. His affluent knowledge involving finances makes him a desirable candidate to w3ork with for top companies. Chris was also am to keep account of $4 billion of book balance within 18 months. This led to a career-changing opportunity in New York City with Goldman Sachs.


IC Systems, most secure collections in the industry.



Nominated for the Better Business Bureau torch award for ethics in 2013, 2014 and 2015 IC Systems is based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. IC System is a family-owned accounts receivable company that was founded in 1938, and ever since they have been a top collections company and considered one of the most secure collection agencies in the industry (Glassdoor).

IC System takes their core values extremely seriously. Taking care to make sure that every employee agrees and stands by treating people with Integrity, respect and dignity. As well as always making sure they do the right thing, being proud of what they do, and encouraging employees to find better ways to get the things done that need to be done.

IC Systems is also licensed to collect debt in not only all 50 states but also Guam and Puerto Rico ( Making it possible and safe to collect debt from those 15% of consumers that live either hundreds of miles or in a completely different state from where the original service occurred.

As well as collecting debts IC System is conscious about conservation of energy and renewable sources. Always taking into consideration the maintenance and management of our infrastructure and lands.

IC Systems also contributes to many charities including Toys for Tots, arming Heroes, st. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Relay For life and the Ronald McDonald House as well as many many more. And not to forget ECHO. The in house charity for IC System, we’re both employees and IC system themselves contribute to their community and fellow employees who are facing difficulties in both their health and personal life.

Indeed has given IC System of 3.6 stars out of five with six reviews out of 16 being a five-star ratings and three out of 16 a four-star rating from current and previous employees. With several of the comments stating that IC Systems is a productive place to work and a great company to work for.