Venezuelans get huge gas price increase, but still cheap



Earlier this year Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro announced higher gas prices. The state owns the oil companies in the socialist nation, and therefore controls prices. The increase was 6,000 percent, but Venezuelans still have the cheapest gas in the world.
Venezuela has the worlds largest proven oil reserves, and was flourishing when oil prices were high. Oil prices have fallen drastically and that has meant a crash for the Venezuelan economy. Under Hugo Chavez there were many social programs, and many things subsidized said expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. A tank of gas, for instance, used to cost just a few pennies.

A liter of gas used to cost the equivalent of one U.S. penny, but after the announcement of an increase, it will be about 60 U.S. cents.

It is just one way to get some money as the nation continues to struggle with low oil prices around the world. Oil exports account for 95 percent of export revenues, which is a huge part of the nation’s economy. Maduro said he wanted to have fair prices but also pay for the investment that turns crude oil into gasoline.

In the face of struggling economy, there is more political unrest. According to, there is a move to oust Maduro through a referendum that may be held after the halfway point of a president’ term. Maduro was elected to a six year term in 2013, and the opposition has the wheels in motion to try to oust him.



CCMP Loses One of Its Founders, Mr. Stephen Murray



On March 12, 2015 CCMP capital advisors lost one of it best employees, Mr. Stephen Murray to an illness, according to a Wikipedia article. Mr. Murray was the former chief executive officer and president, of the New York based investment firm. He had resigned a month earlier due to health reasons, leaving the company in the capable hands of Mr. Greg Brenneman. The news of his passing was confirmed by Alexandra LaManna, a company spokesman, thorough an email.

Stephen Murray was born in 1962 and was raised in the suburbs of Westchester county New York. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in economics. He later pursued a Master’s degree in business administration, from Columbia business school.

His career

Crunchbase reports that in 1984, Mr. Stephen Murray was part of the credit analyst training programme at Manufacturers Hanover Cooperation. In 1989 he went on to join Manufactures Hanover cooperation’s private equity group. Here he rose to the post of vice president of middle-market lending. After a number of buy outs and mergers involving various firms JP Morgan was established in 2000.

Stephen Murray stayed on thorough the changes and was appointed the head of the buyout business at JP Morgan, in 2005. The firm successfully bid for the publicly traded drug company Warner Chilcott, beating TPG, KKR and Blackstone.

This irritated TPG which finally led to the split that left CCMP capital, as an independent company. Mr. Murray was appointed CEO in 2007, and helped the firm navigate through the storm.

The firm specializes in middle-market buy outs and growth equity investments. CCMP normally invests up to $500 million, focusing on companies in consumer, healthcare and the energy sectors.

The 52 year old had been with the company for over two decades, and has been described as ‘terrific deal maker and a terrific investor’, by the current CEO Greg Brenneman. With him as the head of the company, they have managed to raise two multibillion dollar funds, with the latest closing at $3.6 billion.

His good deeds

Despite being a financial advisor, Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist. He supported various causes among them the Boston College, Columbia business school, the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York and the Stamford museum.

Stephen Murray was also the vice chair of the board of trustees at Boston college, as well as on the council for the Make a Wish Foundation. He is survived by his wife Tammy Murray and four sons.

Igor Cornelsen Helps People Get Around Brazilian Investments, Businesses And Properties



Someone who is trying to make sure that they are investing around the world the right way need some help when they get over the Brazil. Brazil is a great place to go to find new options for commerce, but there are a lot of people who are going to wonder how they will even get started. They can ask questions of Igor Cornelsen because he knows so much about Brazil, and they can ask him how he puts together his own portfolio.

A lot of people who are thinking about investing in Brazil will overlook the fact that they can invest in businesses instead of just investing in stocks. Investing in stocks on is just one way to make money, but it might not be the best way for some people. People who are willing to get on the ground and do some work can ask Igor Cornelsen which businesses are the best ones to invest in, and they will learn pretty fast how to pick out the right companies.

There are companies that are building huge complexes in the country, and they are going to start making a lot of money the more people that show up for all these companies. Every company is going to see a surge in dividends to its investors, and people who invest in multiple businesses will be able to make a lot of money from the people they invest in instead of just investing in one business.

The people who are putting their money in businesses might actually open their own businesses, and that will be something that can pay them back as part of a family business. Igor Cornelsen knows how to pick the right places to start a new business, and he also knows what it would be like to come in and start a new business. Foreign companies do this all the time, but it is harder when people do it privately. They need someone like Igor Cornelsen to help them, and he will make sure people start their companies the right way.

People who are ready to invest their money in Brazil will like to talk to Igor Cornelsen because he is going to give them insight into things that they have not thought of before. He will help people spend their money in the right way when they come down to Brazil, and he will show them how to get through the stock market or starting a new business on Brazil is a pretty complex economy, and having Igor Cornelsen on the team makes things a lot easier for everyone. There are just too many moving parts, and it helps to have an expert like Mr. Cornelsen on board to help.

Billionaire Investor George Soros Predicts Another Difficult Economic Year For China And The World



George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire and open society advocate on, has been stirring the economic pot lately. In Sri Lanka, Soros told an economic forum that China was in more economic trouble than they are admitting. In Davos Switzerland Soros said the same thing, according to an article published by Soros told both forums that the hard economic times that the Chinese will experience was practically unavoidable. Soros said he was not expecting that to happen; he is watching it happen. 

The slowdown in China has been going on for the last three years on, but when $16 trillion was wiped off global equities market in June 2015, there was little doubt that a global recession was brewing that would rival the 2008 meltdown.

It’s hard not the listen to Soros. His track record speaks for itself. He has made more than $22 billion betting on situations that are similar to the Chinese dilemma. In 1992, he made $1.2 billion when he shorted the pound sterling, and it was devalued by 20 percent. Mr. George Soros hedge fund Soros Fund Management is considered one of the most successful hedge funds in the world. The Hungarian-born octogenarian is a force to be reckoned when it comes investing, social causes and political campaigning. Soros has spent more than $6 billion trying to bring open societies to countries that disrespect human rights. 

The Soros Open Society Institute helps millions of people, and the former Nazi refugee spends most of his time and a lot of money trying to bring democracy to nations that have no understanding of that concept. But George is also committed to increasing the awareness that the world is tumbling into another economic meltdown, and it could be worse than the subprime mortgage debacle that started nine years ago. 

China is the main issue this time, but crashing oil prices, the refugee crisis, Middle Eastern wars and the possible collapse of the European Union are all playing a role in the new global recession, according to an article published about Soros by Not all economists agree with Mr. Soros, however. Some economists say China is going through a manageable transition, and there is a certain degree of volatility, but that volatility is normal given the nature of economic principles. Most of the economists that take that position are Chinese. 

China is still forecasting more than 6.5 percent GDP product growth in 2016, and that will continue every year for the next five years, but according to Soros, that forecast is not accurate. China’s economy may grow by less than 3.5 percent in 2016, according to Soros and other economists, and that is considered a recession even though China doesn’t admit it. 

White Shark Media Focuses on Fixing Complaints




White Shark Media is a firm that does a lot of work to help clients achieve their online marketing goals. The firm chooses to specialize in helping clients with Google and Bing AdWords campaigns. There are other tasks White Shark Media is capable of performing. SEO, logo, and website evaluation are among the services offered. The professionals who work for White Shark Media do want to see clients end up thrilled with the results of the campaign.

Customers do have honest and legitimate complaints to log. White Shark Media has listened to these complaints, and the company has made numerous clear decisions to fix things that may not be working out to the content of clients.

Concerns over staying on top of an AdWords campaign is probably the most cited complaint. Customers want to know what is going on with their campaigns. They want to see what is working and what isn’t. They need to know what their budget is. Effective communications is a must in order to convey information. A client may even have a really excellent and effective campaign taking place. Still, the clients may end up frustrated without direct communication conveyed in their direction.

White Shark Media has put forth scores of changes in policy and performance designed to help enhance internal communications. For one, direct extension to SEM specialists have been instituted. When a client wants to get in touch with a specialist, there is no need to go through the a front reception desk. Monthly webcam-streamed meetings are going to take place, and these meetings should help ensure any and all campaign updates are put forth.

SEM specialists will also work in a more structured and supervised environment. Since the SEM specialists have a direct supervisory to answer to, maximum efficiency in the office is more achievable. Accountability to a supervisor is going to have a very positive impact in many areas. This seemingly miniscule change in the internal structure of the business will have an extensive, and positive, ripple effect.

There are certain things White Shark Media is not going to do. The company is not offering an search engine optimization services. Clients would like White Shark Media to perform SEO tasks. SEO, however, does not reflect the direction the company is going in. SEO evaluation work is available but, beyond this consulting work, the firm is leaving SEO jobs to others.

White Shark Media is based in south Florida, and the firm seems to be doing well. Clients who signed up with the company have provided positive reviews. Not all reviews are perfect, and they shouldn’t be expected to be perfect. Improvements are expected and, yes, improvements are being made.

George Soros Says The Economy Is On The Brink Of Crisis



In 2008, stock markets around the globe declined very dramatically. The rapid and severe decline in markets around the globe led to serious losses of investors all over the world. There were many investors that lost millions of dollars in the crash. Additionally, the economic decline caused the housing bubble to burst. This led to drastic declines in home values, and it put many people “underwater”, owing more on their homes than their homes were worth. There were also many millions of people that were put out of work, due to the recession. Luckily, recent years have seen somewhat of a rebound in all of these things. Unemployment has gone down, the housing market is recovering, and stocks seem to be going back up again. Unfortunately, it appears that recovery might be very short lived. George Soros notices that there is still a danger of yet another economic catastrophe.

China went from being a country with a slow economy to one of the world’s biggest manufacturing nations in the world. Now, they appear to be losing their industrial backbone that made them such a powerful economy. Instead, China’s once powerful industrial sector looks like it’s on the decline. This decline seems like it could be the end of China’s growth. The economy of China seems to be more strongly consumerist oriented than industrial these days. However, the consumer economy of China lacks the size and strength that the industrial sector used to have.

There is some evidence of China’s weaker economy. The yuan is no longer increasing in value. Instead, the Chinese government was forced to lower the value of the yuan. This is very clearly a response to a weaker Chinese economy.

It may seem that a decline of the Chinese economy would only affect the Chinese. However, this simply isn’t the case. China has been a big player in the world economic system. Their economy taking a negative turn would put a strain on the entire world economic system. In fact, a crash of China’s economy could create a 2008-style crash throughout the world. It could mean numerous people being put out of work throughout the western world, in addition to the eastern world.

Economists and investors like George Soros make use of indexes to determine how unstable the economy is. These measurements are referred to as volatility indexes. One well known volatility index in the United States, the VIX, is showing more instability these days. This scale took an 13 percent swing upward. Another United States scale of instability also has risen, albeit by a smaller amount of less than six percent. In the eastern world, there is a scale of market volatility that is showing potentially dire changes in the economy. In Japan, a volatility scale has risen by 43 percent. This kind of sudden change warrants close attention and a high degree of caution.

New Study Indicates The Zika Virus May Cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome According To Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes



The Zika virus is turning out to be more than a bug that causes muscles aches, rash and fever. A study conducted by Professor Arnaud Fontanet, from the Institut Pasteur in Paris, said 42 patients who were infected during a previous outbreak of the Zika virus in French Polynesia were tested, and neurological problems surfaced around six days after they were infected. Sergio Cortes, the former Secretary of Health in Brazil said Professor Fontanet’s study is very compelling. Dr. Cortes has a great deal of information about the Zika virus on his website.
The Zika virus is a product of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Brazil has been dealing with an outbreak of the virus since April 2015. The rapid spreading virus has found it way to other South American countries, the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico and the United States. Isolated cases of the virus have also been reported in Europe and Australia. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency in February.
Zika has also been suspected of playing a role in microcephaly in newborn babies, but the scientific evidence hasn’t confirmed that connection. The Fontanet study adds more fuel to mysteries that surround the virus. The neurological problems described in the study are symptoms of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Guillain-Barré syndrome leads to chronic muscle weakness and in some cases breathing becomes so difficult that intensive care is required, according to Dr. Cortes. Dr. Cortes tweeted the virus actually attacks peripheral nerves. Patients in the study deteriorated faster than the other cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome that were studied in the past. Dr. Cortes has posted several articles about Zika virus complications on his LinkedIn page.
Dr. Cortes said none of the 42 patients in the study died. But Professor Fontanet thinks the countries that have a Zika virus outbreak should be prepared to see more cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Cortes recently posted an article on his Facebook page that talked about the number of cases of microcephaly that have been reported in the same area in Brazil where the Zika virus was first reported. Adding this second threat will only exacerbate the fear that is already moving to panic mode in several countries.
The scale and the speed of the Zika outbreak has surprised medical researchers, and most of them say more information about the effects of the virus is being uncovered on a daily basis. Dr. Cortes and other medical professions think the Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly are products of Zika, but not all infected people will get those diseases. But if researchers are right about the number of people that will be infected with the virus over the next six months, Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly cases will increase.

You can follow him on LinkedIn.

George Soros and Angela Merkel in Quest to Change Europe



George Soros feels that he’s got a lot in common with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. First, they both grew up under totalitarian regimes.

George Soros, as a Jewish boy, had hard time surviving in Nazi-occupied Hungary where he was born in 1930. Later on, he was able to move to the United Kingdom, where he finished the London School of Economics, and later to the United States where he became a multi-billionaire as a financial speculator and a hedge fund manager.

Merkel also experienced a totalitarian regime, but from a different perspective. She was raised in a Communist-run East Germany. That’s where she started her political career and eventually made it to the German political mainstream after the reunification, while staying true to her socialist background.

The second thing in common is the willingness to help the Middle Eastern refugees. More than a million migrants flocked to Germany in 2015, with more on the way, after encouraging statements from the Chancellor.

Meanwhile, Soros stated on that Europe needs to accept millions of migrants more. His foundations, indeed, encourage migration and seek to assist the migrants to get to Europe.

This has caused great controversies in Europe, with many blaming both Merkel and Soros for seeking to erode European culture and identity by letting culturally different migrants, some of whom don’t even come from Iraq or Syria, but rather present fake passports. What’s more, the terrorist state, ISIS, openly admitted it’s sending its fighters among the refugees.

The Hungarian leader, Victor Orban, openly criticized Soros. There’s also opposition coming from the Central European members of the EU when it comes to accepting the migrants. These countries refuse to accept migrant quotas that Merkel wanted to establish after more migrants than expects arrived in Germany.

Soros went on to criticize these formerly Communist countries and claimed that they’re not used to open societies. He went further to say that the European Union can collapse as a result of the crisis. With many countries closing borders and building fences, the Schengen Zone is about to become a history.

The other factor bringing on pressure is the potential Brexit. The UK voters will decide in June if they want their country to continue to be a member of the EU. In addition, there’s unresolved Greek debt crisis, which may weaken, or even destroy, then common currency, Euro.

With more migrants on the way, there surely will be more turmoil in Europe. No one knows for sure how the continent will look at the end of this year.

Fabletics Has A Big Announcement For Customers




Fabletics, the Kate Hudson inspired line, has just come out with a big announcement and it is surely turning a lot of heads. They have announced that Fabletics is expanding into brick and mortar stores! This is a huge announcement for everyone out there who loves fashionable workout clothes but don’t want to pay those high prices that can be found in other places. Fabletics offers everything a person would need to hit the gym, the outdoors, a class, and so much more all in style. Kate Hudson, the designer, has made a chic and affordable line of clothes that are sure to please many.

Fabletics operates off a subscription-based model. That means members sign up online and receive outfits each month. Of course, they can still shop around and decide which ones they want. It’s a great business idea that has gathered a lot of support behind it. Not everyone, however, feels comfortable shopping online or using a subscription-based model. Sometimes, customers have questions and Fabletics has come up with a way to help everyone while growing their customer base,

They are expanding into brick and mortar stores. Right now, Fabletics currently owns and operates 7 stores but that could soon turn into 100! That’s because Fabletics has just released the fact that they are going to be opening 75 to 100 new stores over the course of the next several years. They are hoping that by expanding into stores, they can gain more customers and explain lots of customers that some people seem to have.

According to Racked, opening the stores will be good for everyone. People will be able to come in and try on clothes. They’ll be able to see what fits and what doesn’t. They’ll also get a feel for the design and make of each and every item. After that, they can shop online because they know exactly what they like. It’s super convenient. Fabletics will also be able to answer a lot of questions that customers have had. Fabletics uses a subscription based business operation where customers sign up and receive outfits each month. It’s a new concept to some and that leads to confusion. Therefore, the staff at Fabletics will be able to answer questions and help sign people up!

Fabletics has people hooked after the first outfit. That is because the clothes are all stylish and designed by Kate Hudson. Hudson understands just what a lady wants to wear to be the most stylish gal at the gym or in a workout class. Of course, the clothes are also expertly made which makes them very supportive no matter what the gym activity. Overall, Fabletics offers style, structure, and ease for customers.

Give Your Dog The Best With Beneful



There are many types of dog food out on the market today. Many are changing the way we feed our beloved four legged best friends. Some of these changes are a long time coming. They include new recipes and ways to boost the protein and fiber intake for dogs. This hasn’t always been on the forefront of ideas for some dog food companies but one has decided to make it their main goal.

Purina’s Beneful is the dog food brand that is changing up the game. There are a few ingredients that have been deemed indigestible for dogs and Beneful is doing all they can to assure dog owners that these ingredients do not make it into their brand. Owners can sleep soundly at night knowing that when they feed their furry friend Beneful they are providing them with the best nutrients available.

Some of these wonderful recipes from Beneful include protein packed vegetables like carrots and green beans. One type of food available even has eggs in the recipe. The standard beef and chicken are also in the recipes. Although, a new meat protein is available and that is wild salmon.

In the wet food that Beneful offers there is a lot more variety. One recipe includes wild beef, wild rice, tomatoes, and carrots. Salmon and chicken are also available in the wet dog foods. Some recipes include solely the protein. This means there is no extra vitamins from carrots, green beans, tomatoes, or even eggs. It is only the main protein of beef, chicken, or salmon.

Next time you are doing the groceries and need to pick up some dog food. Why don’t you give Beneful a try? There are so many recipes to choose from that there is positively a chance your dog will enjoy all of them.