Giving Back To Society with No Strings Attached



In West Michigan, honor isn’t derived from what one owns but from what he gives. The DeVos have so far earned that honor throughout Michigan through their foundations that seek to uplift the communities around them and beyond. What is more is that the Amway DeVos family doesn’t take pride in giving thus hardly will there be press releases of how much they give out to charity. Giving, as it seems with the DeVos, runs in the family. The family runs five independent charitable foundations, comprising of the parents and each child’s foundations. Leading the pack is Richard “Dick” DeVos, the first born of the billionaire, Rich DeVos.

Charitable Works of Dick DeVos

In his Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that he established with his wife, Dick welcomes visitors with a message that it is in response to the financial gift that he and his family has been blessed with that they have decided to give back to the society. Dick also insists that he is just following his father’s footsteps. Through this two decades old foundation, Dick considers himself and his family just as faithful stewards.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

In his life, Dick has impacted a lot of lives through his philanthropic and charitable works. Through the foundation, he started the Education Freedom Fund that awards sponsorships to the bright but needy children in the entire Michigan. This scholarship covers both those that wish to further their education both at the high school and college level.

Dick and Betsy also started the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school with an aviation orientation. Through the school readies children with an interest in aviation for a career in the same by nurturing their skill and introducing them to the industry basics. This is a passion close to his heart given that he is a qualified jet aircraft and helicopter pilot. Through this program, he has sponsored over 4,000 children from all over Michigan.

Dick’s interests in the state are not, however, inclined to serve just the educational sector. It is all around and just to the benefit of the state, for instance, he is regularly sponsoring the annual art festival in West Michigan. He has also led several other developmental projects including renovating a $75 million downtown arena as well as the construction of a $130 million heart hospital in to serve West Michigan Residents.

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Sergio Cortes Excels As An Impersonator



Sergio Cortes has been an entertainer since he was a boy, and a recent article on the Dino Blog shows how Sergio has propelled himself to the forefront of the entertainment world. He is more than an entertainer. Sergio Cortes is a brilliant musician, dancer and performer who is able to take on the likeness of Michael Jackson when he performs, and this article explains how Sergio makes audiences go wild with his performance.

#1: Sergio’s Look Is Uncanny

Sergio looks so much like Michael Jackson that it is uncanny. People who get close to him are surprised that he looks so much like the king of pop, and there are those who swear that he must be MJ. Sergio is a brilliant impersonator who takes on that persona when he gets on stage, and his voice is very much like Michael’s naturally.

#2: The Dance Moves Are Still There

The dance moves perfected by Michael in his music videos and concert performances are present in shows given by Sergio Cortes. Sergio has practiced these moves for his shows, and he uses his dance moves to make each song seem as authentic as possible. There are many people who would swear he must have been a backup dancer on the videos, but Sergio is someone who is so gifted that he can learn the moves from the videos himself.

#3: The Performances Are Electric

The performances given by Sergio are some of the most electric anyone will ever see. Sergio gets energy from performing for, and he believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to see a perfect performance. Sergio strives for perfection because he wants the crowd to see the best of Michael Jackson when they visit him. Sergio wants to perform as Michael Jackson, and he wants everyone to feel as though they are in the presence of Michael Jackson when they come to each concert.

The finest entertainers in the world are perfectionists who will not go on stage until it is just right, and Sergio Cortes is an entertainer who works from that mindset. He wants each performance to be unique, and he wants his customers to walk away happy. Only the best songs of the Michael Jackson catalog are used in each show, and the dance moves to match each song are used to make the experience that much more fun for everyone who sees Sergio perform.

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How To Solve The Euro Crisis According To George Soros



George Soros firmly believes Angela Merkel can help solve the current Euro crisis. Her current approach though appraisable is half measured and has not brought the needed results. It is an approach that has seen Germany adopt an open-door policy towards refugees and today has over 1 million refugees in its borders.

George Soros says on FX Street the current crisis were caused by a policy that didn’t benefit all equally. It is a policy that has seen creditors and debtors take a different stance on issues. Debt-ridden countries like Greece and Portugal have been feeling the heat from Creditors like Germany.

The Eurozone was created with equality in mind, but the reality has proved difficult to enforce that condition. Countries like Greece enjoyed increased spending and borrowing immediately after its creation thanks to standardized interest rates. These prices meant that the country experienced an artificial economic boom at the expense of Germany. Now that Germany is asking what is owed to them, Greece has stagnated.

George Soros says the interest’s rates Greece has been charged will prove difficult to develop the country. The solution is to have a consensus as to what should be fair for all. It will reduce the current division that has seen the states adopt a nationalistic approach.

George Soros says that the current migrant crisis is a result of countries failing to take responsibilities for their mistakes. Every country in the Eurozone has taken an isolationist nationalist approach to the crisis. It has seen states neighbouring the Mediterranean get the most refugees, and its citizens adopt xenophobic attitudes.

George Soros says the migrant crisis will be solved when the Eurozone takes a unified approach to the crisis. European countries will have to accept that there will be 1 million refugees annually in the foreseeable future, and they need to provide funding for that. George Soros recommends $ 16800 per refugee for two years to provide them with housing, health care, and education.

The money Soros says can be raised through the issuance of bonds in the stock market, The European long-term bonds are already AAA rated. The European Union also needs to lead the funding for 4 million refugees currently living in Turkey and Lebanon.

Soros recommends the European countries build a single asylum centre instead of the current 28 centres. These patchwork of centres are ineffective, expensive and serve no purpose. It will be significant to provide the refugees with safe passage to Europe and for European countries to create many different avenues for the refugees to destination countries. Soros has suggested that all countries take responsibility for the current crisis through a UN mandate.

George Soros bemoans the recent rise of right-wing governments in Hungary and Poland. It has led to a behaviour of kicking the can uphill and ignoring many problems current besetting Europe.

George Soros is also against the Brexit. He says Britain is better off politically and economically part of Europe.

Possible Buyer’s Market in Manhattan



According to the latest quarterly report released by TOWN Residential the real estate market may slowly be shifting back to a buyer’s market. The report, originally seen on Virtual Strategy Marketing shows that although prices have continued to experience impressive year-over-year growth there is an explanation which will be great news to many buyers.

Year-over-year the final quarter of 2015 has posted some impressive gains across all sectors and price points. The average sale price has gone up 5.2%, while the median has shot up 16% to $1,150,000. This is supported with continued record highs of square foot price which have soared to a median of $1,365 and an average of $1,505.

The largest increase in the NYC Apartments for rent market has easily been in condos. Over the year they increased a staggering 20% to new highs over $1.7 million. Median price per square foot went up 7.6% from the third quarter alone.

However the biggest surprise came in the co-op market. Currently co-op prices are up 15% year-over-year and surpassed a $3,000,000 median price for a three bedroom.

All of these increases and record highs may not seem like good news for buyers, but according to TOWN Residential it is nothing to worry about. A majority of the price increases have been due to the recent closings of high dollar listings in new developments. For buyers looking to purchase in the resale market there has actually been recent price stabilization. Informed buyers are taking more time to make their decisions which is evident with the rise in median days on the market for new listings. No longer are people content to pay any price they see on a listing which could be a sign of the cooling Manhattan real estate market.

Learning More About The BMG Bank In Brazil



Banking in Brazil has continually grown over the years, making it easier and simpler for residents to bank and maintain their finances. With the large amount of banks available in the Brazilian market, it is no wonder that there are some that are better than others. The BMG bank is one of the top financial firms in the area and is currently being used by millions who are looking for accounts, loans, mortgages and anything else associated with their finances. The BMG bank is a reliable source for anyone who is going to be looking for a great bank.

The owner and president of the BMG bank is known as Marcio Alaor. Marcio Alaor has years of experience with finances and banking and has grown the company to what you see today. His whole passion for life is to create a happier banking experience for anyone who chooses to use his services. Marcio Alaor has a lot of education behind him concerning banking so that you can feel confident when doing anything concerning your banking. Whether you want to bank online or have a loan taken out in your name, Marcio Alaor and his company make it much easier for you to do these things.

According to, Marcio Alaor has been the president of the BMG bank for many years and was just recently mentioned by Abril in an article about banks and financial institutions. Because of this, many people are just now becoming used to the idea of Marcio Alaor and his firm. For anyone who is living in or around Brazil, the BMG bank is a wonderful option for you and can provide you with the financial accounts that you need to keep better track of all of your money and funds. This is ideal for loans and accounts that you might want to take out at some point in the future.

The BMG bank is a wonderful place to do anything relating and revolving around your finances. Between its president, Marcio Alaor, and the fact that they are continually growing to make room for more clients, it is easy to see why so many individuals and business owners in Brazil are using the company for their own needs. Be sure to either visit a local BMG bank in the area or go online to begin creating an account that is perfect for each of your financial needs at home.

No One Does Micheal Quite Like Him



Sergio Cortes is known as the best impersonator of Michael Jackson, and there is little wonder why. Cortes was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain and he is an impersonator that goes far and beyond just looking like the original performer. Sergio Cortes began impersonating Michael Jackson when he was still very little. His mother used to tell him that he looked like Michael Jackson. At the time the Jackson five were very popular in the United States. Cortes used to love watching Michael Jackson dance and sing. He would try to mimic his moves and attitude. After a while, he started to show his Michael Jackson moves in public and he would draw crowds. One day in Barcelona there was a local reported that recorded the young Cortes while he was performing. The reporter ended up posting videos and pictures of Cortes dancing online. After that, Cortes became famous in Spain. He started getting different requests to perform Michael Jackson impersonations at different shows all throughout the country.

Later, when he became a teenager, people started to watch Cortes. He was a hit not only because he looked so much like Jackson, but also because he did an amazing job at dancing like the pop star as well. Soon Cortex began to realize that maybe he would have a future as an impersonator. Cortes wanted to do more to be able to refine his voice and his dance moves to sound and move just like Michael Jackson, and that is exactly what he did. He got training, and with much dedication and hard work, he was able to become the entertainer that he is today. Cortes is now 44 years of age, and he still has the capacity to move and sound just like Jackson. Cortes has performances that have left thousands of people speechless. Cortes lives in Brazil and still performs around the world.

Sergio Cortes is a very well-known name all around Brazil and South America and his Facebook page has over 17,000 likes. On the Brazilian website called Noticiasr7, Cortes is spoken about because he is the most popular Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. Cortes speaks of being very upset when he learned of Jackson’s passing in 2009. Cortes’s deep appreciation for the popstar and his continued performances have helped him and many fans to be able to get over the pain of Jackson’s loss.

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There is a new Michael in town, not the old American king of pop, but the Spanish look alike and impersonator Sergio Cortes. Cortes is the perfect of all Michael’s impersonators to fit in his shoes. Being his fan since childhood, he has a great artist talent that ultimately distinguishes him from other impersonators. Sergio met Michael during his childhood. His mother and taken him to the Jackson 5 show and he thoroughly admired the king of pop. Since then, his desire to be Michael started. Michael has the best voice resemblance to the king of pop. His dancing styles, choreography and sound are the best. During his teenage,
Michael’s fans must have noticed how close this man was to the real pop star. They invited him to a photo session dressed like Michael. From then his morale got a huge booster. With the appreciation of others, Sergio knew he was headed in the right direction to achieve his dreams.

At least, Michael’s fans have someone to fill his space. The death of the star in loss Angeles in 2009 triggered a massive grief from his fans. Sergio notes that the death of his greatest hero was a blow to him. Nevertheless, he put on more effort to inherit the late stars fun. Currently, Sergio has enormous following throughout the world. His Facebook page commands more than 16000 followers. Many of course are Michael’s fans with some who have grown to like Sergio’s great talent.
The clothes, dancing style and the look alike far exceed imitation. Sergio has a great talent and passion for what he does. The latest time he was interviewed, he admitted to loving his work. Sergio also puts a lot of effort to give his fans the greatest desire. Though he admits it was not easy to live to the expectation of Michael’s fans, he has tried. He also has a huge follow up on Twitter.
The Spanish-born star has so the best rating among other impersonators of the late king of pop. He is a humble man who likes to entertain his fan with his best. Through practice and great talent, the world can now enjoy the songs of the late pop icon. Sergio has won the heart of many and with such an outstanding voice, he will win more.

One Life To Lives Amazing Run



In the heyday of the afternoon soaps one of the most popular was One Life to Live. The characters were well developed, the story lines, while at time outlandish, were relatable and enjoyable for it’s fans. One Life to Live enjoyed a long fun of over forty years of wild affairs, love crossed storylines and drama. The soap premiered in 1968 and concluded January 13, 2012.

One Life to Live was centered around the Woleks and the Rileys and featured an eclectic blend of working class and privileged residents of the sleepy town of scenic Llanview, Pennsylvania. Heady topics such as split personality, time travel, espionage and drug addiction kept viewers turning in where they formed favorites form the long cast list that included several long standing actors.

Landing a role of some of the most popular soaps while at the height of their run was a lucky break. Many of the soaps created the stars we enjoy watching today. The character of Stacey Morasco on One Life to Live was played by Crystal Hunt. She began her career when she was just two years old by participating in pageants. She won roles in a number of commercials, including a role in a Walt Disney ad with the band NSYNC, who was popular at the time. In 2005 she starred in a film called The Derby Stallion, and also played in a Universal Pictures film called Sydney White as Demetria “Dinky” Rosemead Hodgekiss. After joining One Life to Live as a regular in 2009, she remained with the soap until 2010 and then returned for brief visits as a ghost in 2010 and 2012, highlights of which can be seen on her Vimeo account.

Hunt has continued to act as well as produce and had roles in Magic Mike XXL and Queens of Drama and serves as executive producer of Talbot County.

Beneful Dog Snacks



Beneful has been a leader in dog food for many years. They offer delicious meals as well as some delicious snacks. Below are some of the most popular snacks that Beneful has to offer. Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Ridges in Mini: These treats are mini so that small dogs and puppies will be able to snack on them. They are also available in medium size as well as large size for bigger dogs. The dental ridges can help to reduce plaque and tarter build up which both cause bad breath and tooth decay. The ridges also help strengthen teeth and bones as well as freshen breath. They are made with tasty meat and seasoned with parsley. The mini variety is available in an 8.4 oz pouch. Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists Large: The large dental twists are made for larger adult dogs. They do come in smaller sizes for medium and small dogs to enjoy. The dental twists help keep dogs teeth healthy and clean. They reduce plaque as well as tarter build up. They also help to make teeth fresher and stronger. They are made with peanut butter which dogs love as well as parsley for a tasty snack. The large variety is available in an 8.4 ounce pouch as well as a 20 ounce pouch. Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Heartfuls: The heartfuls variety of snack is a delicious snack made with apple flavored filling as well as real bacon which dogs love. They are baked in the oven and have a soft delicious texture that dogs love to snack on. Dogs of all shapes and sizes will love snack time even more with the delights heartfuls oven baked snack. They are available in an 8.5 ounce pouch. Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Snackers: These tasty treats are made with peanut butter & cheese flavors two of the things dogs love the most. They are baked in the oven and have a soft tasty texture for a quick, easy and delicious snack. They are available in a 9.5 ounce pouch for simple and easy snacking.

The Amazing New Fashion of the Steelers



The NFL is a great organization on that adds to the world of professional sports more than many professional leagues. The economic contribution of the NFL is a great asset to the marketplace today. There is a lot more revenue than just ticket sales and TV airtime. The merch that is associated with each NFL team accounts for a great deal of the revenue that is a part of each team. The steelers have taken a whole new approach to their merch, making it much more fashionable than in years past. This is making the merch much more sought after by those who are not only just football fans but fans of high fashion too.

Susan McGalla is an individual who is really moving this fashion project forward with the Steelers. She has created a whole new type of marketing that is focusing on higher-end fashion for the Steelers. This is something that is quite groundbreaking for the Steelers franchise as it has never been done before. Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn suggests that with her new emphasis on fashion there will be a broader audience for the merch that is coming out each season.

Susan McGalla has a great deal of knowledge in not only the world of fashion but also the world of business. Susan McGalla has been a leader in great corporations such as Wet Seal and American Eagle. These different positions that she has held high up in these companies allows her to have a much broader perspective on the ways to move fashion forward. Susan McGalla has a great position now to move the Steelers franchise further on in both the NFL and fashion markets.