Malcolm CasSelle Blockchain Technologist



Malcolm CasSelle one of the leaders in game virtual assets sales and also the most significant the bitcoin merchant on the planet has recently stated that the gaming industry will add fuel to the flames of the world of cryptocurrency. They have recently announced the launch of a new virtual asset trading platform henceforth known as WAX or global asset exchange. This is a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables the trading of virtual assets, the underlying technology which allows this marketplace to exist is blockchain and smart contracts.

The new company WAX was initially launched with hopes of addressing two of the most significant issues in virtual asset markets, Those of fragmentation and fraud. It has tackled these dilemmas with a combined technology of blockchain and smart contract widgets that allow users the instantaneous ability to purchase and sell assets without ever leaving their virtual gaming world.

Malcolm CasSelle American entrepreneur and president of the company worldwide asset exchange has been an early stage investor in numerous companies such as Facebook and Zynga and a number of cryptocurrency related startups. He graduated with a bachelors degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and went on to obtain a Masters degree in Stanford and computer science. He is fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin as well as English.

Currently is the active president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins which is the number one marketplace for the trading of digital assets and online video games. Over the course of his career, he has enabled the raising of billions of dollars for Hong Kong-based telecom company PCCW among hunters and millions of other dollars raised in various private transactions. He displays an interest in the world of concurrency with a particular emphasis on the coin and the ability for blockchain technologies to change the way that current industries are operating in hopes to apply these new technologies to existing industries.

With vast experience in various media companies as well as digital asset management companies he has up the number of startups gain their foothold in the world of digital finance and is a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrency technology.


The Public Private Partnership Plan With Felipe Montoro Jens



When it is all said and done, this project that is underway for Rio’s Child Education Network is no small one by any means. It takes groups of all different kinds of individuals to ensure the process is completed in a timely, safe, prosperous fashion.

The Public-Private Partnerships were created by Law No. 11,079 in the year 2004 and was signed in 2004. It established many guidelines for the Public Private Partnership within this public administration and in regard to the Child Education Network. Felipe Monotoro Jens explains this and more with regard to the parties involved and the development of the public administration as well as the private partners.

The IFC is paid to the tune of R $2.3 million and as explained by Felipe Montoro Jens,is working closely to ensure every level of construction is done in accordance to set goals. The International Finance Corporation, is in charge of the services through a Public-Private Partnership.

A partnership between the IFC and Public-Private partnerships in Rio de Janeiro is very important to the current administration. Child care, construction workers, as well as children, would benefit greatly from a successful partnership such as this. Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in this field and has closely monitored the current developments.

A study was created for Rio de Janeiro. In thought a way to fulfill needs in the current setup was to construct, maintain, and provide services to increase each particular child care network development. Step two to this expansive network was the 20,000 new places in day-care centers and 40,000 new places in pre-schools.

The capital of Minas Gerais was even supported by the current mayor of Rio de Janeior Marcelo Crivella. The private sector created a project that involved the upgrading of the quality and quantity of child care places, and was completed in July 2012.

Sahm Adrangi Believes Kodak A Poor Buy



The market offers a great deal of opportunity. People who are able to see such opportunity are often vastly rewarded for their insights. Part of being able to harness the power of the market is being able to avoid companies that may not be doing so well. Investor Sahm Adrangi knows this principle well. His insights have been valued by those who appreciate those with a full understanding of the market. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Institutional Investor. As a Canadian originally born in Iran with a degree from prestigious Yale University, Sahm Adrangi knows well the world of international business first hand. He knows how international markets are capable of reacting to news. He also knows that is important to look closely at a company’s many business interests and see the overall picture. This is why and his staffers at Kerrisdale Capital watch the markets very closely in order to see where they are heading at any time. Even small developments can change the path of a company. It is that is leading them to suggest that it may not be a good idea to invest in Kodak stock right now. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

Not Recommended

Under Sahm Adrangi’s supervision, Kerrisdale Capital has vastly increased in value. What began as a small venture in the world of finance has quickly turned into a passion and a Wall Street player. It is, therefore, understandable that the markets are inclined to pay attention to Sahm Adrangi’s thoughts. People who know his track record in picking winners are not surprised to learn that he is of the opinion that it might be better to consider shorting Kodak stock. Sahm Adrangi and his staffers of the opinion that the company is not doing a good job in planning for the future. They believe that the company’s plans that include a partnership that is going to launch a technology that is known as a blockchain-enabled image licensing platform as well as a technology that is known as the photo-centric cryptocurrency is not a good idea. This is why officials at the company do not believe that investing in it is good in the long-term.


José Auriemo Neto Knows the Commercial Real Estate Market



Jose Auriemo Neto serves as CEO of JHSF Participacoes, SA. This company develops commercial and residential properties within Brazil. He oversees development of hotels, retail, office buildings, and public development.

Jose manages the large shopping center portfolio for JHSF. These shopping centers are Cidade Jardim located in San Paulo, Metro Tucuruv, Bela Vista in Salvador, and Ponta Negra in Manaus.

In 2009, managed the first retail development of a mall for JHSF. The Ciade Jardim shopping center brought several exclusive stores to Brazil. These stores were Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmi Choo. These store brought luxury brands to the Brazilian market. In 2012, the company formed a partnership with Valentino. This brought the first retail R.E.D. Valentino Stores to Brazil.

The Ciade Jarmin shopping center is a scenic upscale shopping mall with rooftop restaurants that overlook the city at night. Outside there are trees and gardens, and inside high end retail stores. Jose and his brother began their real estate company in 1972. They expected it to become one of the biggest real estate developers in Brazil.

Their company was responsible for bringing the mall revolution to Brazil. The first mall they developed was the Metro Santa Cruz Mall in Sao Paulo. This was one of the first malls connected to the local subway station. This provided transportation to many local customers.

Jose took over the company when he was 27 years old. He focused on the high end retail market that lead to the development of many shopping centers in Brazil. Currently, the Brazilian developer plans to build seven duplex apartments in New York City.

They will be a contemporary limestone and brick building with apartments that span 3,700 square feet each. These art deco buildings will be 14 stories in height. One building faces Central Park.

Richard Blair and Financial Preparations



Wealth Solutions is a business that has a reputation for supplying clients with services that enable them to flourish financially. People who need assistance with wealth management can trust the Wealth Solutions team. People who need help with asset protection and expansion can all the same. Richard Blair is the man who launched Wealth Solutions. He works as an advisor for the company, too. This seasoned professional is prepared to assist clients thanks to his numerous important qualifications. He has CFS, CAS, RICP and CES qualifications that can back his ample savvy. Wealth Solutions is a trustworthy investment advisory company that’s in Austin, Texas. It’s part of the RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) category.

People who take the time to work with Wealth Solutions learn so much about financial preparations of all kinds. If you want to go after all of your financial objectives, Wealth Solutions can provide you with an efficient and organized plan. Richard Blair knows exactly how to help people who want to get ready for upcoming retirement lifestyles. Wealth Solutions makes use of a financial concept that’s divided up into three sectors. The firm aids clients by assisting them with the pinpointing of growth openings, aims, possible risks and advantages. It aids clients by helping them put together extended practices that accommodate all of their specific investment requirements. It even aids clients by focusing on their insurance requests. Wealth Solutions takes all insurance facets into consideration as well. It delves into annuities, life insurance and even extended care matters.

Richard Blair has always had one major calling in life. That calling was to educate other people about all matters that involve the financial category. He revels in nothing more than providing people with sound financial guidance. He provides this form of guidance to big families, up-and-coming businesses and individuals. There was one massive factor that drew Blair to the worlds of finance and training. His beloved family consists of many professional teachers. His mom taught. His grandmother taught professionally as well. Young Blair had the ability to view the unparalleled value of strong education. Learning lets people become more self-assured. It supplies them with self-esteem that’s unequaled. Blair got Wealth Solutions off the ground in 1994. His aim then was to accommodate people who are in the Austin, Texas region. It still is that, too. Clients who want to savor security regularly seek Wealth Solutions’ clear advice.

GoBuyside: An Innovative Employment Platform Serving The Finacial Services Industry



GoBuyside is a recruitment platform founded by Arjun Kapur. The platform works with Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, private equity firms and other investment managers all over the world to connect them to well-trained and highly qualified employment candidates. The GoBuyside platform has a competitive advantage in that it uses proprietary technology combined with a diligent approach to identify, recruit and screen top candidates. The company has a talent network of over 10,000 that they can draw on to meet the needs of their clients in more than 500 cities worldwide for human capital. Read this article at Nasdaq.

Arjun Kapur and his team have the educational background and professional experiences that enables them to be capable of connecting ideally qualified candidates with the companies and employment situation for which they are best suited. This helps both the job candidate and the company to which they are connected to excel and prosper. Each year the staff of GoBuyside team recruits hundreds of new candidates for the consulting and investment banking industries using a variety of specific criteria. These candidates are identified well before they are needed to fill the positions.

After graduating from Johns Hopkins University Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in economics and earning an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Anjur Kapur began working in finance. He noticed the hedge fund and private equity industries had shortened hiring cycles and increased competition for talent. That gave him the idea to create a tech-enabled platform that would be a new hiring model for those industries. That is the origin of It is now the investment industry’s largest and most effective talent platform for finding excellent investment professionals. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

The network community that was created has been of great benefit to both investment companies and financial services professionals. For Anjur Kapur, exceptional client service is the key to the success and growth of GoBuyside. The company is continually innovating internally to better position itself to make the most of potential opportunities in the marketplace and provide improved services for their clients. They continue to do research, get feedback from customers, invest time and capital and improve the execution process to develop an employment platform that’s better able to meet the needs of businesses and financial serves professionals all around the world.

For the GoBuyside ream, each day is fun and challenging as they plan strategy and work to update their employment platform.

Malcolm CasSelle and his Path to WAX Leadership



Malcolm CasSelle is known for his role as Chief Information Officer of the global corporation OPSkins that is leading the sales market of in-game virtual assets. The company is also the top merchant of bitcoin in the world.


One of latest directions of OPSkins is to ignite the industry of cryptocurrency through their new project called WAX. It is a platform that will bring a lot of change to the virtual assets trading market. Over the years, there has been a strong fragmentation between players on the market. The WAX platform aims to bridge that gap through a blockchain modeled after eSports. It will allow buyers and sellers to come together and tokenize their assets and sell them in a setting that is proofed against fraud and establishes a frictionless and smooth operating market.


WAX will be headed by CIO Malcolm CasSelle who is going to be serving as the President of the platform. Malcolm CasSelle firmly believes that WAX has the power to change the gaming industry and the way virtual assets are traded among players. Brining cryptocurrency into the gaming asset market might seem daunting to some, but in reality, it is not far off from what gamers are able to do in trading skins already. WAX is going to make it more structured and make sure that gamers have a safe space to do that trading.


CIO and President Malcolm CasSelle has a degree from the Stanford University in Computer Science. He is also a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2016, Malcolm CasSellestarted operating as the President and CTO of the Tribune Publishing where he is responsible for the investment strategy and the digital P & L of the corporation.


Previously, Malcolm CasSellewas, a mentor at Plug and Pay Bitcoin and Advisor at the company of Sensey. Other advisory positions Malcolm CasSelle has had at companies such as Directech Labs, Votocast, Timeline Labs, Bringhub, Pretty Quick, as well as several other businesses.


Malcolm CasSelle has also worked at highly established corporations such as Groupon. In 1998, he established the PCCW where he worked until 2002, as Senior VP.

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Vijay Eswaran: Tips To Success In Life



Two Minutes from the Abyss is among the many inspirational publications by Vijay Eswaran. In the book, Vijay highlights pillars to self-development and living a purposeful life. He uses personal life experiences and philosophies that attribute to his success and prominence. Eswaran uses writing to reach out to the community. He is also a motivational speaker. According to the renowned motivational speaker and writer, minutes from the abyss means living in the present. Every second an opportunity goes by and life chances decrease. There is no promise of tomorrow hence the need to utilize the present fully. Vijay identifies this principle as the biggest lesson in his life.

Eswaran believes in a life of constant change. According to the author, the primary cause of failures in life is failing to recognize the need for change. Any kind of change, no matter how small is way better than redundancy. However, Vijay warns against losing values in the name of change. He refers to this as regression, a downfall. He believes somethings should never change. Values instilled in childhood should not be replaced by compromising habits. Additionally, Vijay despises comfort zone in life. He believes sacrifice whether in the form of time or money is vital in self-development. According to him, sense of security is an illusion that attributes to the downfall of human beings. Vijay believes in, no pain no gain. Acceptance and interest in learning are critical to growth. However, knowledge without application is useless because it only leaves one as an academic.

Besides, Vijay Eswaran believes in purpose finding a person rather than working towards a purpose in life. He explains that the sense of urgency that makes one wake up early to achieve daily goals place them in line with people with similar ambitions, for instance, a mentor that guides an individual in the journey. According to Vijay, nothing happens by mistake. No one encounters a wrong person at any point. Everything in life happens at the designated time, neither late nor early.

Vijay believes trying and failing is much better than not trying at all. He defines success from a missionary-mercenary perspective where one believes in the end justifies the means while the other focuses on the journey rather than the destination. According to Vijay, willingness to sacrifice for success defines the capability of a person.

Alex Pall – Teaming The Chainsmokers Duo



Born and raised in New York City, Alex Pall is a member of The Chainsmokers. Pall along with his partner, Andrew Taggart earned much of the fame from the group. They together released various popular singles and album for which they received various prestigious awards including Grammy Awards. Pall earned a good amount of net worth from the sales of their album and singles.


There isn’t much that the Chainsmokers can’t do. They have become a frequent presence on both the American and Global Pop charts, with most of their hits ending atop the Electro/EDM charts. The team has worked together with singer extraordinaire Halsey to produce the track “Closer”. To Andrew and Alex, the track represents a deeper look at their vast array of skills. The track features Andrew as a leading vocalist, which is something that is rather unheard of for a DJ. Most of their lives have been spent around turntables, sound equipment, and computerized sounds. This track helps remove the mask behind the talent that is the Chainsmokers. (See: Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)



Alex Pall divulged his passion for dance music when he met Andrew at an art gallery. The two dropped their current day-to-day fancies in pursuit of this big career. The rest is history. The ideas were bounced back and forth between the two, creating lasting discussions that both could take note of. This provided the duo the necessary insight they needed to succeed. Chit-chatting brought them to producing and creating tracks that really spoke to people. They never set out to produce a record and watch it grow, instead the put every ounce of fortitude and effort the track needed to host long-term success. They continue to help each other get better each day and that is something they credit to their success. Click Here to learn more.



They both understand one another’s skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. The idea to have Andrew sing on this new track came from a night of childhood revival. The pair sat around listening to tracks that they did as teenagers, helping to revive a spark in a generation that duo felt is lost in today’s music trends. They wanted to make a relatable track to middle-aged individuals who still had that teenage angst spurring holes in their body. “Closer” is not just a track to climb charts and break airwaves, it is the theme song that brings the listener closer to the duo than ever before.


The RealReal to open more Pop-ups this year



The director of marketing at The RealReal, Allison Sommer says that the brand intends to open more stores in 2018. The motivation to expand has generated from the tremendous success that the company got after officially opening a brick-and-mortar location in New York City. The company has already branded 2018 as the year of the pop-up. According to Ms. Sommer, stores are of essence since they help in attaching authenticity to the brand and at the same time give online brands a powerful street-level presence. In the year 2016, The RealReal held a pop-up in New York City and was able to make at least $2 million. The success registered during this time has motivated the store to open even more pop-ups. Sommer revealed that an order from a store is about six times more valuable than an online order.

There is a tendency of customers finding captivating features and value for the brand which result to customer loyalty. In San Francisco for instance, The RealReal opened a pop up that lasted for two months from November. After the pop up was gone, the new market created did not die. It lived on. After the closure of the San Francisco pop up, the number of online buyers from the area increased by a significant 500 percent a year. The brand is hopeful that it will register the same success when it opens a pop-up in Las Vegas and other locations in the entire United States of America. The primary objective of this store is to ensure that customers who love fashion and are not used to having a pop-up find a place to shop. It also wants to help the shoppers become more familiar with first brands.

Ms. Sommer notes that the modern day consumer is not intrigued by luxurious fashion, fine jewelry or home décor but are fascinated by getting a top-notch experience. The RealReal was officially launched in the year 2011 and was founded by Julie Wainwright. The company is the number one seller of some of the most sought designer pieces such as Chanel and Cartier watches.