Dr. Mark McKenna: Caring Physician And Successful Entrepreneur



Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor, licensed surgeon and successful businessman. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, McKenna earned his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School. He then joined his father’s medical practice. But Mark McKenna also had an interest in business, so he also founded boutique real estate development company McKenna Venture Investments. He also went on to create Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. While Dr. McKenna was serving as a dedicated community servant and a passionate patient advocate, his real estate staff grew to more than 50 and began offering financing, closing and turnkey design-build services.

When Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005, Dr. McKenna lost a lot of his business interests. Still, he stayed and helped with rebuilding efforts and even worked to redevelop low-moderate income housing and offer it to displaced people needing new homes. Dr. Mark McKenna then moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 and founded a medical practice focused on wellness and aesthetics called ShapeMed. In 2014 he sold ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness Inc. and served as the company’s national medical director until 2016.

In 2017, Dr. McKenna founded and became Chief Executive Officer of OVME, a technology enabled, consumer facing medical aesthetics company. The company is currently reinventing elective healthcare. Dr. Mark McKenna has worked in medical aesthetics for more than a decade. That experience has enabled him to start and grow OVME into a successful business. Plus, the husband and father is an Entrepreneurs Organization member. He also remains well-known and beloved in New Orleans because he’s a former member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival board.

With such a busy life, Dr. Mark McKenna carefully structures his day to be as productive as possible. He has breakfast with his daughters and dinner with his entire family. In between, he’s at the office. Dr. McKenna also makes time for daily meditation, visualization, goal setting, reading and Jiu Jitsu training. He surrounds himself with smart people and reminds himself not to move too fast and to make time to enjoy his family.

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Why should you contact Barbara Stokes for your steel home and wood frames?



Barbara Stokes is the current Chief Executive Officer of the world’s number one Design and Construction Company, the Green Structure Homes LLC. Alabama, North America. Since she joined Green Structure Homes, LLC. in 2008 as the first leader, Barbara Stokes has made great progress both in her role and in the function that GSH performs in the daily lives of the Americans. Read more at Business Insider.

The Alabama based Green Structure Homes LLC is a state-of-art design and construction company that serves both the government and private customers. The firm specializes in utilizing the wood and steel in making homes and beautiful frames both to the national and international clients. Based in Alabama, North America, GSH has witnessed a change in its structure and operation due to the influence of the CEO Barbara Stokes, and her assistant who is also the Chief Operations Officer, Scott Stokes. Originally Huntsville based Disaster Relief Construction company changed its name to Green Structure Homes of Alabama under the leadership of Barbara Stokes. It currently designs, constructs, delivers and even offers on-site construction of modular and mobile structures both for commercial and residential purposes. Barbara Stokes has also ensured that the company meets the international standards through service delivery and availability in the world’s market. It has an online platform where the clients can leave feedback on the quality of services they receive from GSH for improvement. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes has management skills that she has gained over the years beginning from her education to her job experience. Before joining Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC, Barbara Stokes worked at Pisces Corporation and Boeing where she gained skills in management and construction. Her passion for design and construction began before she received her primary education and upon getting to the university, she perfected on it. Barbara Stokes graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science (Medical Engineering) from Mercer University in 2001. Besides the bachelor’s course, Barbara Stokes studied management and manufacturing skills, technical communication, thermodynamics and the properties of materials at the same time. Apart from her educational and job experience, Barbara Stokes believes in the uplifting of the less fortunate in the society. She donates to charity organizations regularly and she also a volunteer in the Huntsville Community. Most great leaders tend to have very little, or no time for their families due to commitments, however, Barbara Stokes is different; she is a responsible mother with three children.


Louis Chênervert’s Legacy and Success



Mr Louis Chênevert was born in Quebec who has achieved apt accomplishments over the past years of his life. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in production management from HEC Montreal. He has also contributed o the impressive financial results of various companies that he has managed to work with.

Career Path

His career life has been quite successful and he started with working for General Motors for about 14 years. Mr. Louis was elected as a President to UTC as well as the Chief Operating Officer but before then, he had been the President of Pratt and Whiney since 1999. He has also served as a Vice-Chairman of the executive committee of The Business Council. He was then elected president and CEO at UTC. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Chênevert’s Contributions and Journey to UTC

An admirable and unique quality of Louis Chênevert’s style of leadership was that he always adopted a forward-thinking ability to select projects that have the greatest potential of furthering the organisation’s set goals.

He always ensured that t was his personal mission to use his vast experience and knowledge to achieve huge achievements so that he could leave it better than he found it. The Forbes magazine reported that since the time he got signed up to Pratt & Whitney engine business, he was always at the front line in the championing for improvements that have since then led to the consistency in growth of UTC. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

Under his reign, the company was able to achieve success even through the treacherous economic times. He is further described by Forbes as a subtle thinker who is always steeped in the dynamics of his business.

Without his efforts, United Technologies Corporation would not be wherever it is currently. He however left UTC in 2014 after he opted to resign as CEO and Chairman of the company. He was however later appointed an Exclusive Advisor at the Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Chêneverts success and legacy left an indelible land mark and will continue to drive UTC towards more success. His foundation has also made the company to continue dominating the market in this highly competitive environment. His efforts were not futile and will always be recognised and appreciated by many.


Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Improves Oncology Data Research Recent News About Cancer Treatment Centers Of America



Allscripts and Nanthealth have worked in combination with the Cancer Treatment Centers Of America to improve oncology, research, and clinical pathways designed with the patients in mind. You will get help with your treatment process without the interruption of the clinical flow of your physician. Their is a comprehensive list of evolving cancer treatment data with oncologists. Chief Medical Officer of CTCA, George Daneker, says the lives of his patients is dependent on reducing the paper flow so the focus can be completely on their patients and their recovery.

Who Is Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America is a superior network of five hospitals nationwide. Each hospital is designed to give their patients personalized care in cancer research, oncology, and treatment. They service patients from around the world from their hospital locations including Chicago, Phoenix, and Philadelphia to name a few. Their award winning clinic has been voted number one for treatment and care. Cancer Treatment Centers Of America encourages their customers to take part in their recovery with ideas and suggestions for treatment. You can get treatment to help you live a productive life with less evasive treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Treatments

– Cancer treatment
– Surgery
– Genome testing
– Support therapies
– Immunotherapy/Chemotherapy
– Evidence informed treatment
– Radiation
– and more…

You’re invited to learn more about how Cancer Center Treatments Of America can help you with your cancer treatment. Their goal is to put the needs of their customers first and continue to be the industries trusted source for medical recovery for thousands of cancer patients each year. You’re invited to visit the exclusive Cancer Treatment Centers Of America website for more details.

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Talos Energy: The Search for Oil



The Gulf of Mexico is believed to be rich in oil and other petroleum resources, however, players from foreign countries have limitations when exploring the country’s water bodies. However, it all changed in 2017 when the government of Mexico finally allowed foreign companies to explore their waters, after 80 years. A group of three foreign oil companies decided to team up and explore the Gulf of Mexico to search for oil. They are trying to search for the location deep within the waters of the gulf that is believed to contain hundreds of millions of oil barrels. Premier Oil PLC, Talos Energy LLC and Sierra Oil & Gas decided to commence the search for oil as soon as possible. They stated that the search will last for more than 90 days, and they are hoping that the search will be successful. The search will take place several kilometers off the coast of the city of Tabasco and the team will have a number of equipment on board that will help them with the exploration. Talos Energy LLC is an American Oil Company which specializes in oil exploration and research. They have been in the business for so many years, and they have a high success rate because of their experiences. Talos Energy LLC agreed that they will be given a 35% participation interest to hold up, and if there will be any oil found, the company will also be given a share for the revenue that will be made.

To help them with the oil exploration, Talos Energy LLC created a well called the Zama-1 Exploration Well. This well is crucial in locating the oil deep within the Gulf of Mexico, and in a matter of weeks, they managed to locate the oil. The team successfully found the oil on July 12, 2017, and contrary to earlier beliefs, the resource down under can create billions of oil barrels. This is another triumph for Talos Energy LLC, and this success will surely be added to their portfolio. The team behind the exploration will drill the well as soon as possible, and they thanked Talos Energy LLC for their expertise in the field of oil exploration.

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Why AGORA Financial is a go-to Financial Adviser



Nowadays, getting quality/ effective financial advice can be a hassle. This situation is owed to the bombarding information coming from different sources, especially on the Internet. Hence, figuring out how, when and where to build wealth in preparation for your retirement years can cause you a headache. Nonetheless, Agora Financial has proven to be the ideal solution for this problem thanks to its vast experience in financial advice industry.

Over the years, AGORA Publication has assisted its clients to grow and protect their hard-earned wealth. The company has achieved this feat through its online publications, documentaries, seminars, and books. Currently, AGORA Financial boasts over 1,000,000 readers who utilize the company’s effective and unique techniques for creating wealth and managing money.

With over 20 publications, AGORA Financial offers insight into tips for generating income, companies set for rapid growth and wealth protection techniques. The company takes pride it in its research, as it is independent and unbiased.

AGORA Financial in Brief

AGORA Financial is a foremost innovator in the financial advice segment. For more than 25 years, the company has been helping its customers execute successful investments by leveraging its combined resources. In fact, AGORA Financial’s objective includes assisting clients in overcoming everyday bad ideas and conflicting advice. Furthermore, the company boasts of more than 14 publications touching on various topics including speculative option trading, buy and hold value, penny stock recommendations and natural resources.

AGORA Financial offers independent economic commentary via print and e-books, online and print publications, as well as international conferences and films. The publication of paid and free publications allows the company to deliver unbiased market news and market commentary. AGORA’s independent and unbiased financial predictions have garnered recognition from leading media platforms including Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and many others.

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Cameron Clokie A Specialist From Toronto Provides Insight



The idea behind stem cell treatment is sometimes simplified. The concept of stem cell treatment is to take cells that have been donated and put the donated cells into a patient. The purpose of stem cell treatment is to treat an individual’s current illness and/or injury. Regenerative treatment uses developed cells, particles, and biomaterials to fix structures that have been impaired. These impaired structures typically are due to damage and/or illness that causes an individual’s body to not function correctly.

Numerous breakthroughs associated with regenerative treatment have been mentioned in several journals. However, even with the numerous breakthroughs regenerative treatment is still considered low. Not all the breakthroughs have been able to make it to patients. There are still unproven treatments being used before any breakthroughs are being used.

There has been initial success associated with regenerative treatment. Blood transfusion is the earliest type of cell treatment. Blood transfusion is still used in a majority of medical locations. The next type of cell treatment that came along was bone marrow transplantation. Bone marrow transplantation provided healthy blood cells by using bone substance from a donor. Despite the development of regenerative treatment it has not become a typical therapeutic practice. This type of treatment can rise life probability and increase the well-being of patients with ailments. A substantial number of scientists worldwide are working on innovative elucidations that will help injuries and ailments be controlled through the means of regenerative treatment.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an oral and teeth/gum specialist, expert, and sequential industrialist. Dr. Cameron Clokie is a CEO for Indulge Biologics Inc. This company focuses on regenerative treatment that is geared towards groundbreaking resolutions for musculoskeletal restoration. He has been involved in theoretical industry, medical practice, and methodical advisory panels. He has published several documents and done numerous expositions associated with bone restoration and regenerative treatment. Through the years he has been able to cultivate tactical coalitions with companies and handover his substantial expertise into commercially sustainable initiatives.

In conclusion, Dr. Cameron Clokie has provided substantial knowledge on regenerative medicine during his successful career.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, Brazil’s Legal Wizard



Lawyers have an integral role to play in the Brazilian society, and the country in general has recognized this role. That is why you should not be surprised by the high number of law schools in the country, neither should be surprised by the fact that the country has more than one million law graduates. While it’s no problem to attend law school and get admitted to the Brazilian law society, it is definitely a big issue building your own niche in a country with more than eight hundred thousand licensed practitioners. It is in the backdrop of this competitive environment that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has successfully build one of the largest law firms.

Having graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho opted work in a business litigation office whereas times moved by and by his hard work he gained the necessary confidence and contacts to start his own law firm. It did not surprise many of those who knew him well, when in 1991 he opted to join with three other partners in establishing Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados law firm.

It is in this firm that much of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho success has happened. With his witty approach to legal matters Mr. Ricardo Tosto has gone ahead to build a law firm known for successful litigation of highly complex cases. His knowledge of financial matters has also made him an attraction in the corporate world with many of corporate restructuring cases being handled by his office. Mergers and acquisitions that occurred in the past few decades did have Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s name behind them.

To date, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s law firm maintains a rich list of not only Brazilian but also international clients. While he on most occasions deals with corporate law, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s office is also well known for mass litigation in Brazil. He is a member of the International Bar Association and serves as the chief administrator of Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies.

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Susan McGalla successful career and empowerment of women in the society



Susan McGalla was born in the year 1964 and grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up together with her two siblings. Susan’s father was an ambitious man working in a local football club as the coach. Susan’s parents were incredibly supportive in making sure she achieved her goals as a businesswoman. After completing her high school course, she enrolled for a degree course of Business and Marketing at Mount Union College located in Alliance, Ohio. She now serves as an active member of Board of Advisors at Mount Union College. After graduating from the college, she decided to relocate from Ohio to Pittsburgh. She was hired in various marketing positions at regional department store chain and also served in various managerial positions. She worked there up to the year 1994.

In the year 1994, Susan was hired to work at American Eagle Outfitters as the merchandise buyer for women clothes. She was later promoted to work as a manager in various departments at American Eagle Outfitters. Susan’s handwork and experience made her to be promoted to be the President and at the same time serve as the chief merchandising officer of the company.In the year 2009, McGalla quit her job at American Eagle to chase her dreams and goals of becoming a private consultant and establishing her own company that will provide relevant information to retailers and private investors. McGalla acquired her exceptional communication skills as she grew with her supportive parents and her brothers.

Susan McGalla is an ambitious woman with high hopes for the future generations of women venturing into the business world regardless of how the society views them but instead they should maintain an open mind and believe in themselves. With such a mindset, many women will rise to become successful in business in the future and many years to come. That will break the stereotype of the society viewing women as homemakers and should not be working. She argues that the only way to break gender discrimination cycle within the organization is the creation of sponsorship opportunities. Susan Mcgalla wants to see a world where women have equal opportunities with men.

Igor Cornelsen Is A Brazilian International Banker That Knows How To Work The System



Igor Cornelsen is a very successful and prominent Brazilian expert in the stock market, banking, and investment. He has been a financial advisor as an investment banker with forty years of experience. He organized investment firms, trade investments on the international playing field and discretionary accounts. Igor Cornelsen has worked as an executive with prominent Brazilian banks, and after retiring, he has an ownership interest in Bainbridge Inc.

Igor Cornelsen advised the Brazilian Ministry of Economics. He provided investing advice in commodities as an author of articles in well-known journals and magazines. Bainbridge’s expertise is in strategic counseling. Bainbridge customizes is business strategies and provides tactical and affordable solutions.

Cornelsen advocates long-term investing as a retirement tool and to avoid the stock market if you are ignorant about how it operates. He has three tips for ensuring a successful investment based on a sophisticated economic understanding of how to part with your money intelligently:

  1. Understand the culture where you’re investing

Dynamic investing requires an understanding and connecting with the culture, the business environment and financial habits of its residences. It is essential to form networking connections and study their financial habits. For instance, twenty-five percent of Brazilians, between the ages of eighteen and sixty-four are practicing entrepreneurs. One should listen to conversations about their values and their experiences.

  1. Know how to work through the system

There may be roadblocks to your business success if you have not studied the rules and regulations of how to legally structure your business such as the complexity of regulations, taxes, and the rigidity of labor. It is Igor Cornelsen’s view that the Brazilian economic system in recovery and controls are barriers to growth.

  1. Understand currency exchange rates

It is critical that the business owner knows how to conduct business beyond Brazil’s borders or it will be impossible to do business. There is a possibility of a significant loss of financial assets, based on using the wrong currency exchange rate, especially in Brazil where its Central Bank can, at will, change the rate used for commercial transactions.