Can All Air Conditioning Companies Be This Good?



After already suffering from heat stroke in the past, Jean Jackson was in desperate need of a solution when her window air conditioners gave out on her. At the age of 94, Jackson needed to figure out her next move quick due to the elderly being at a higher risk of health problems with extreme temperature changes. Knowing that Jackson relied completely on her Social Security check, Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber came to her rescue. They fixed her water lines, and made it to where she can both heat and cool her home, something Jackson would have never been able to afford on her own at the cost of $14,000.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Goettl Air Conditioning is owned by Ken Goodrich, a giving individual who sponsors students, gives scholarships, helps veterans and supports his community. He is completely focused on helping anyone who needs the help and is determined to bring that kind of attitude back into the air conditioning industry. Based in Arizona, his company just celebrated its 75th anniversary and have a lot more good years ahead of them. People depend on Goettl Air Conditioning and their valued support.

If Goettl Air Conditioning was offered in my community, I know that I would be utilizing their services because they put their customers first every single time. Not only do they respond quickly to your needs but they also offer tips and instructions on checking your own HVAC system before having someone come to your home. They have been featured on the news to offer their tips and are notorious for donating their time, parts and services to their community. If all air conditioning companies were this good, then maybe we could all stay more cool through the summers.

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Securus Inmate Technology is Helping Inmates and Families During the Christmas Season



Christmas time is a special moment in the lives of many people. Especially, for children who really look forward to this holiday every year. Young children enjoy the Christmas season with their parents. As a matter of fact, if a parent was incarcerated during this time of the year it would be tough. However, this does not have to be their reality.

I have discovered that a technology company called Securus provides video visitation equipment for inmates. This technology is truly a blessing for inmates. Why? Because it allows them to communicate w their families through the use of video technology.

I watched a promotional video about an inmate visiting with their child during Christmas time and discovered how video visitation equipment keeps families united.
During the video, a child who was talking to his incarcerated father.

The child went down the steps and was able to open Christmas gifts while his father watched him through a mobile phone. This was great. It was almost the same as his father being there with his young son.

Securus video visitation technology is an outstanding service for inmates because it allows them to keep in touch with their families, while they are serving time. That is an important part of keeping prisoners from returning back to jail.

The company Securus specializes in communications solutions and equipment for various members of the law enforcement community and the criminal justice system. They provide practical technologies that facilitate communication among various entities within these communities. They are especially committed to helping inmates and their families.

This is why many of Securus’s communication technologies are being used for this purpose. They truly want prisoners to be able to stay out of jail and more importantly, for children to know their dads and moms. Securus technologies got it right with their video visitation technology. You can find out more about Securus and the technologies they offer on their website

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Sanjay Shah’s Career and Philanthropy



Sanjay Shah Denmark was originally from Africa, Kenya specifically. However, he moved to London with his family. While there, he got his start in the financial sector working as an account. However, after he did this for a while, he decided that he wanted to go into business for himself. When he did, he started a very successful financial institution, called Solo Capital. This company served a variety of different types of clients. They have helped investors to use various strategies to grow their wealth. He truly started this company from scratch in the late 2000s, during one of the worst recessions. This company was very profitable for him, but the company is currently in the process of closing down.

In addition to successfully running Solo Capital, he has also been a very well known philanthropist. He has started a major philanthropic organization, called Autism Rocks. He set up this organization in response to a child of his suffering from the condition. Autism Rocks is an organization that is set up to help kids that suffer from the condition, by raising awareness. In addition to helping promote autism awareness, the organization also raises funds for research into the condition. The organization raises funds by having fundraising concerts. There have been many successful fundraising events held by this organization, and they have had well known music artists play at their events. Autism Rocks has also been quite successful. In fact, it has raised several hundred thousand Euros of funding for the purpose of autism awareness and research. Furthermore, the events hosted by the organization have greatly helped to raise awareness of the condition. Their events tend to be quite well attended.

There was an event to start Autism Awareness month that was conducted by Sanjay Shah’s organization. This event was held on April 1st, and it was quite successful. There were two very well known music artists at the event, FloRida and Tyga. In addition to having excellent music artists at the event, there also were other things to do at the event. For the kids, there was a bouncy house and other activities well suited for kids, such as laser tag, a petting zoo, face painting, a zip line, and crazy golf. The event was quite affordable, it attracted a sizable crowd. Many tickets were sold, which resulted in a lot of funds being raised for the organization.


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Dallas-Based Securus Technologies Is Offers New Concepts In Inmate Communication



Securus CEO Rick Smith had a lot to say about the inmate communications when he was interviewed about the alleged wrongdoings of Globe Tel Link, a service provider that handles calls to and from prisoners. Smith said on a PR Newswire post that Globe Tel Link was crossing the line of integrity if the company was padding the time inmate spent on phone calls. In Smith’s words that alleged practice is purely an act of greed. Smith also said Securus is dedicated to providing inmates with real-time communications, and the company is also an agent for exposing companies that use technology to fleece inmates, their friends, and loved ones. Smith said Securus will report its findings in a series of press releases.
Globe Tel Link is accused of advancing the time on prison calls by at least 15 seconds. But Smith also said GTL could be manipulating the clock by 36 seconds, so the calls are shorter. The friends and loved ones still pay for the time advertised by GTL. Smith calls that practice an updated version of the old bait and switch game that has been used by con artists for decades. And to make matters worse, Globe Tel Link is also adding fees to calls that have been completed and rated. But those allegations are just two in a series of allegations that include billing the same call twice, and artificially inflated rates for inmate calls. According to Louisiana PSC investigation, Globe Tel Link is costing Louisiana taxpayers more than $1, 243,000 a year.

Mr. Smith said Securus America uses a special prison telephone number that saves customers money when calls are made to and from a Securus facility. Securus offers unlimited calls, no hidden fees, and no extra charges. When inmates use the special Securus programmed telephone number everybody involved in the prison communication system saves money.

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Bilking The Disenfranchised At The Taxpayers Expense



Incarceration is likely a horrible situation for anyone to endure. One of the only things most inmates likely look forward to is visits and phone calls. When a carrier is allowed to service an industry, near exclusively, it is an absolute travesty that they would take advantage of such exclusivity, and take advantage of their customers by abusing their position of power. This, however, is exactly what Securus Technologies has revealed about Global Tel Link (GTL) has done.
Securus ( is one of the premiere providers of oversight and monitoring, including investigations, into civil technology solutions in the criminal justice system. Recently according to PR Newswire’s article, they concluded their findings on purported wrongdoings by GTL, and the findings were startling. They found numerous incidents of what appear to be contrived wrongdoings, and unethical practices, on the part of GTL. The first of their reports include an investigation into GTL’s actions when they were providing outbound telecommunication services to inmates throughout the Louisiana prison system.

The report by Securus reveals that GTL was adding time to inmates outbound calls, and in some cases that add-on was over 1/2 a minute. This, of course, would cause the inmate less talk time, and would artificially inseminate the bottom-line of GTL, which of course is an unlawful practice. It appears GTL also programmed their phones to charge the highest rate at all times, regardless of rate-caps that were in place. This unauthorized practice was discovered by Securus and was reported in their findings.

Inflating charges by adding money to the cost of calls, after the calls were rated, is completely without merit, and an unauthorized practice that it has been discovered Securus was involved in doing. Securus states that there is virtually no chance these actions were the result of happenstance, but were rather quite deliberate, and lacking in any intent other than that of bilking customers of money they were absolutely not entitled to. The costs of these overcharges amounted to nearly one and a quarter million dollars that the Louisiana taxpayers suffered the loss on.

Visit Securus’ Crunchbase page for more information.

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George Soros Supports Financial Aid for Ukraine



George Soros, a multi-billionaire investor, likes to give advice about foreign policy. In a recent article posted by The New York Review of Books, Soros talks about Ukraine. First, he states that sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine are a necessary evil. According to him, Russia already suffers from decline in oil prices, and sanctions bite even more.

In addition to sanctions, the Western countries should provide aid to Ukraine. Financial assistance would stabilize Ukrainian economy. The country already had a weak economy, even prior to Russian mingling in eastern Ukraine that has led to a war in that part of the country.

George Soros Ukraine also states that helping Ukraine defend itself from the aggression would help the European Union countries, as that effectively would increase their own security from Russian assertiveness. Such countries as Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have sizeable Russian minorities, just like eastern Ukraine does. This could lead to Russian sponsorship of separatist movements and potential new wars.

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A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

As a successful investor, Soros understands the economy well. He believes that Ukraine would be able to repay financial aid once its economy stabilized. He thinks the current problems are only temporary.

What has happened in Ukraine is of historic proportions, Soros writes. And “the European Union is confronted by a resurgent Russia that has turned from strategic partner into strategic rival,” according to him.

In addition to financial aid, the European Union should also provide technical assistance, so Ukraine can reform itself. And the reforms need to be radical, he states.

George Soros Ukraine made billions as a financial markets speculator. With his vast wealth, this 86-years-old financier likes to support liberal causes, and is among those who support millions of migrants flowing into Europe. Soros himself was born in Hungary to a Jewish family, and then got educated in Britain.

As a young man he moved to the United States and founded his hedge fund. Over the decades, he has proven to be among the top investors in the world.

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Fine-Haired Beauty Blogger Decides: Why Not Try WEN System



Whenever we’re having a good hair day, it helps our self-esteem and general outlook on life. However, toss in a few bad hair days with limp, unmanageable locks, and it’s easy to become frustrated.
Emily McClure was tired of battling her fine, frizzy, do nothing type of hair, so she decided to try the famous WEN no-shampoo hair care system to see if the brand could transform her sorry strands.

She began a 7-day WEN hair challenge for Bustle by writing a daily hair log and posting hair selfies for her readers.

Chaz Dean invented the WEN system, so people could have a choice over regular shampoos that featured sulfate formulas. His cleansing conditioners were designed to “take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner.”

Chaz Dean and his celebrity clientele love his gentle formula so much, that he and his clients haven’t used a lather shampoo since 1993. Fans around the world enjoy the WEN system, because it delivers shine, strength and manageability.

Emily McClure loved Sephora hair care products when she hopped into the shower, noticing the thick conditioner created strands with extreme volume. When she blow-dried and styled her hair, she was impressed, and her selfies showed the proof. Even her close friends noticed the shiny difference in Emily’s mane.

Emily got lazy and began going off the WEN routine, so her hair became limp and greasy quickly. She either skipped the morning Wen cleanse or tried to use the system at night, and her tresses did not like the disruption.

When Emily returned to her daily AM WEN washes in the shower and took the time to blow-dry and style her hair, the result were gorgeous. Emily admits to being lazy, and for WEN to work well, a routine must be followed.

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I Use Securus To Check On My Son



My son is in a rehab program that is going on in a jail that is across town. The only way for me to get over there and not be in traffic would be to miss work. I cannot afford to miss work, but I can call over to the prison using the Securus app on my phone. I was so thankful the first time I read on PR Newswire about Securus, and I immediately asked the jail what I had to do.
They helped me get set up with Securus, and now I can schedule video calls to my son that I do on my phone. This means I can check on him to make sure he is on track to get out on time, and it also means that he knows that I am thinking of him. I would feel terrible is I was not able to get over to the prison, but now I can make the video call without doing that terrible drive.

My sister has the same problem with one of our distant cousins, and she is finally able to check on him using Securus. I downloaded the app from a Youtube video link in a couple seconds, and then I was able to sign up so that I could get the secure connection I needed to talk to my son. I believe that all family members should be able to visit loved ones in jail, but I know a lot of us cannot get there. My sister can talk to our cousin who is in jail in North Carolina, and I can talk to my son who is across a traffic filled city. We all get to stay in touch, and we do not have to worry about missing visitation every again. This does our hearts good to check on our boys.

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Qnet is a Great Company because of its Great Service



Qnet is a direct marketing company that has been around for nearly 20 years. This organization is known within different parts of Asia, parts of Africa and in various regions of the Middle East. Many people who do business with Qnet enjoy their products and services and the company’s commitment to health and wellness.

So who exactly is Qnet and what type of products do they offer? Qnet is a company that is all about helping consumers to live the best life possible. This organization creates a variety of products that are aligned with this philosophy. They market makeup products that are made from natural ingredients. Animal products are not included in any items at all.

The company also sells air and water purification systems. These units are cost effective for consumers and they help to get rid of air and water pollutants. They even have products that can help a person to fine tune their energy levels to become more relaxed and peaceful. Qnet does not stop at health and wellness products. They also sell watches, educational services and vacation packages. That’s right a person can take their next holiday by using Qnet’s leisure and business travel packages.

One of the best things about Qnet is their willingness to help other people who are less fortunate. They perform this type of work by supporting communities with funding after a disaster strikes and they also help people through charitable organizations. Qnet empowers women to be independent. Most of the sellers on Qnet’s payroll are females. These women are trying to change their lives for the better and Qnet helps them to acquire the financial means to carry this process out.

Qnet cares about consumer health and they work hard to inform people about conditions pertaining to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Qnet wants to make sure that people have the knowledge and products they need to combat these conditions. This is another reason why they sell the type of products that they promote. Qnet is a company that is about helping people and it is one of the reasons why they are a very successful business. An article about Qnet on the Venture Beat news site will provide more information about Qnet and their achievements.

Venezuelans get huge gas price increase, but still cheap



Earlier this year Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro announced higher gas prices. The state owns the oil companies in the socialist nation, and therefore controls prices. The increase was 6,000 percent, but Venezuelans still have the cheapest gas in the world.
Venezuela has the worlds largest proven oil reserves, and was flourishing when oil prices were high. Oil prices have fallen drastically and that has meant a crash for the Venezuelan economy. Under Hugo Chavez there were many social programs, and many things subsidized said expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. A tank of gas, for instance, used to cost just a few pennies.

A liter of gas used to cost the equivalent of one U.S. penny, but after the announcement of an increase, it will be about 60 U.S. cents.

It is just one way to get some money as the nation continues to struggle with low oil prices around the world. Oil exports account for 95 percent of export revenues, which is a huge part of the nation’s economy. Maduro said he wanted to have fair prices but also pay for the investment that turns crude oil into gasoline.

In the face of struggling economy, there is more political unrest. According to, there is a move to oust Maduro through a referendum that may be held after the halfway point of a president’ term. Maduro was elected to a six year term in 2013, and the opposition has the wheels in motion to try to oust him.